Format flash chip with FAT

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Tue Jun 5 11:03:48 UTC 2018

> Why do you want to use a FAT file system on a flash instead of JFFS2? 
> With the functions you have, you have all what you need to use JFFS2.

Because the file system should be compatible with RTEMS, VxWorks and in the best case PikeOS.
I know that FAT is not the best choice for flash but I am afraid FAT is the only file system that is integrated in all three of them.
We are also discussing a custom file system but that would involve a bigger amount of work.
Features like wear-leveling  are not very important because most of the time data will only be read and not written.

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On 29/05/18 18:18, LINDOW, Phil wrote:
> I want to format a flash chip (S29GL01GP) with a FAT filesystem. I've 
> tried the following approach:
> 1. I've implemented IO functions for my chip
>         int flash_init(void* start_addr, flash_device_t* handle);
>         int flash_erase_block(flash_device_t* handle, void* blk_addr);
>         int flash_program(flash_device_t* handle, void* dst, void* 
> data, unsigned long size);
>         (These functions are tested and they work...)
>         I must use these functions since the CPU and the flash chip 
> are connected through an FPGA in order to expand the addressable memory.
>         We have only 8 address lines available. But to make a long 
> story short: I can’t use generic program and erase functions.

Why do you want to use a FAT file system on a flash instead of JFFS2? 
With the functions you have, you have all what you need to use JFFS2.

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