RTEMS not booting with Qemu PREP larger than 256Mb

Éric Tremblay e.tremblay at axis-canada.com
Fri Mar 2 20:59:03 UTC 2018

I am a new user of RTEMS and I have a weird issue using it with Qemu.

I am using RTEMS release 4.11.3.
I am using Qemu v 2.5.0
I am running in a Linux Ubuntu VM (64 bits)

I can successfully launch various applications (.ralf) with
qemu-system-ppc, like so for example:

qemu-system-ppc  -M prep -kernel ./hello.ralf  -bios
/home/qemu_fakerom/qemu_fakerom.bin -cpu 750cxe -nographic -no-reboot

but if I specify an amount of available memory larger than 256Mb to Qemu
(with the -m option) then the RTEMS kernel will not boot and I will have
the following output (stuck at 'Now booting'):

Processor/Bus frequencies (Hz): 300000000/100000000
Time Base Divisor: 1000
Memory Size: 18000000
Residual: 102afd4 (length 27148)

PCI: Probing PCI hardware

RTEMS 4.x/PPC load:
Uncompressing the kernel...
Kernel at 0x00000000, size=0x495b0
Initrd at 0x00000000, size=0x0
Residual data at 0x0004a000
Command line at 0x00051000
Now booting...

I am wondering if I am hitting some sort of limit with the PowerPc PREP or
is this an issue with the bootloader provided with RTEMS.  Anyone ever has
this kind of behavior?

Any help will be greatly appreciated,
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