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Thu May 10 10:58:36 UTC 2018

hi everyone

i want to use mongoose 

i find the follows in the internet

Mongoose uses the POSIX API and its mutex and condition variable features and thus resources must be allocated for it in the application's configuration.
It uses:
One POSIX "master" thread
A number of POSIX worker threads, depending on the number requested when starting Mongoose
Two libio file descriptors for each worker thread
Three POSIX condition variables
One POSIX mutex
and moogoose library must be pulled in for linking


i do not understand what the how to config the "master" thread? 

i just config #define CONFIGURE_MAXIMUM_POSIX_THREADS 8  ,

is this include the "master" thread?


should i add the mghttpd lib into my project link config? but i do not find the libmghttpd.a in the rtems intall directory ? i think moogoose is just a part of libbsd ,so ,is libbsd.a include this function ? at
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