Raspberry Pi Rtems-Graphical-Toolkit

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Mon May 21 13:10:27 UTC 2018

On Mon, May 21, 2018, 7:52 AM Kirspel, Kevin <Kevin-Kirspel at idexx.com>

> RTEMS LIBBSD has support for EVDEV which is a standard API for keyboard,
> mouse, and touchscreen.  Is it the best choice, I don't know.  Maybe a
> better question is "What standard input system should RTEMS support?".

That's the question.

Using the FreeBSD support has a number of advantages but I admit that I
didn't know that support was in place. I have no idea what minimum
footprint using that implies even if you don't use the TCP IP stack.

In the cpukit there has long been support for a frame buffer device
framework and a mouse input parsing library. I expect the FreeBSD support
comes with specific device support that this is weak on.

But footprint is important. Any idea how large a simple non-networked
example would be with the FreeBSD code as a base?

And we need examples and howtos. If I didn't know about it, it isn't
reasonable to expect someone new to find it. :(


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> > I think it will be very good if RTEMS has some kind of input subsystem
> > (keyboards,  mouse, touchscreen) with standard API.
> >
> Do you have an example standard API what would be suitable?
> Chris
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