rtems_region_create() returning error code

Francesco Nuzzolo francesco.nuzzolo at spaceapplications.com
Wed May 30 14:20:50 UTC 2018

Thanks for the answer.

Do you know if there is a clean way to force allocation of an array to 
an 8-byte boundary in LEON?

Maybe defining the array as double, since sizeof(double) is 8 on LEON ?

Or should I stop using the region manager altogether?

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On 5/30/2018 10:48 AM, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> On 30/05/18 10:19, Francesco Nuzzolo wrote:
>> - starting address is not on a four byte boundary. 
> This is a bug in the documentation and in the 4.10 region 
> implementation. The starting address must be aligned to the 
> CPU_ALIGNMENT which is 8 on SPARC.
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