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Date: Tue, Nov 6, 2018 at 5:14 PM
Subject: RTEMS error codes
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I'm trying to integrate a USB device stack in 4.11.3 for STM32H7 and
after I called my USB initialization function just before initializing the
shell RTEMS
task I get an exception and _Terminate is called.

void _Terminate(

  Internal_errors_Source  the_source,

  bool                    is_internal,

  Internal_errors_t       the_error



  ISR_Level level;

  _ISR_Disable_without_giant( level );

  (void) level;


  _User_extensions_Fatal( the_source, is_internal, the_error );

  _Internal_errors_What_happened.the_source  = the_source;

  _Internal_errors_What_happened.is_internal = is_internal;

  _Internal_errors_What_happened.the_error   = the_error;

  _System_state_Set( SYSTEM_STATE_TERMINATED );

  _CPU_Fatal_halt( the_source, the_error );

  /* will not return from this routine */

  while (true);


by printing _Internal_errors_What_happened in debugger I get this
p /x _Internal_errors_What_happened

$2 = {the_source = 0x9, is_internal = 0x0, the_error = 0x20001100}

how should I interpret the value 0x20001100 ?

I would like to understand what is the nature of the error I'm having.

How is this value composed ? maybe 0x1100 is added over 0x20000000 ?

I couldn't find in the code so far .. a pointer to the piece of code where
this is done

would be helpful.

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