Device driver initialization sequence

Ярослав Лещинский midniwalker at
Fri Nov 9 10:25:49 UTC 2018


I read the documentation about I/O Manager, found different source codes
where mentioning not only rtems_io_* functionality but also drvmgr*,
rtems_libio* and another mechanisms which are referred to device driver
topic and I have a feeling that I'm missing something.

Could you please correct me if I'm wrong in the following steps of
initialization of device driver:

1. Create *rtems_driver_address_table *and register it via
2. Write all necessary functions for *rtems_io_initialize, rtems_io_open,
3. Associate name with major:minor pair using *rtems_register_name*

As I understood there are can be a lot of different device drivers tables
and I should somehow get the right major:minor driver from the right table.
How I can do this?

Kind regards,
*Yaroslav Leshchinsky*
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