Eu:CROPIS launch November 19

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Mon Nov 12 12:52:53 UTC 2018

Hello everyone,

Next Monday is the launch date for DLR's Eu:CROPIS satellite. Currently the launch is scheduled for 18:48 UTC.
Its main task is to test a new  life-support system in space which processes (artificial) urine to create fertilizer and water for growing tomatoes.
You can find more information here: 
We will launch with SpaceX from Vandenberg with more than 60 other small and nano satellites (

In Eu:CROPIS, the main computer of the satellite bus is based on the GR712RC from Gaisler and uses the corresponding 4.10 version of RTEMS.
Also one of the payload computers is Leon3 based running RTEMS.
The onboard software is mainly written in C++. 
Thanks to the open source nature of RTEMS we could even upgrade our toolchain to a more modern version of gcc as 4.4.x from Gaisler did not provide some wanted C++11 features.

We wanted to thank the community for its support when we encountered problems during the past couple of years.
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So, fingers crossed on Monday ;-)

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