Task sync problems related with binary semaphore and cache memories

Arturo Perez Garcia arturo.perez at upm.es
Tue Nov 27 12:23:56 UTC 2018

Hi, I have been facing thread synchronization problems.

I was trying to synchronize two threads using a binary semaphore to 
protect critical parts of the code. Today I realized that the semaphore 
was been acquired sequentially by both threads before It was released by 
any of them. This behavior has been fixed when I have disabled the cache 
memories, either the data cache or instruction cache. Could you give me 
some hint about this??

I'm using our own BSP for the zcu102, which was generated by modifying 
the xilinx-zynq bsp for the RTEMS release 4.11.3. This behavior can be 
related to a wrong implementation of the BSP??

Thanks in advance.
Arturo Perez Garcia - arturo.perez at upm.es

Center of Industrial Electronics
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

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