wrong behavior binary semaphore

Arturo Perez Garcia arturo.perez at upm.es
Fri Nov 30 10:24:27 UTC 2018

Here are the source files. I created a README file explaining the 
intended goal of the semaphore under text. Under this context, I 
developed the test. I also put the output obtained.

I hope these tests help you to find the root of the problems I'm 
currently facing.


El 2018-11-30 09:56, Sebastian Huber escribió:
> On 30/11/2018 09:50, Arturo Perez Garcia wrote:
>> I reproduced the problem in a simple test. And I run it in the 
>> zedboard and in the zcu102 obtaining the same results.
>> Where/how can I deliver it??
> This is great, can you attach the test sources to an e-mail to this
> mailing list?

Arturo Perez Garcia - arturo.perez at upm.es

Center of Industrial Electronics
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
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