Problem with rtems5 on mvme2100 - hard-float/soft-float confusion

Joachim Rahn Joachim.Rahn at
Mon Apr 1 07:45:28 UTC 2019

Hello all,

I've build rtems5-tools and rtesm5-system using rsb with enabled testsuites for target powerpc and rtemsbsp=mvme2100.
The build works fine so far but the testsuites are not running on mvme2100!

The first thing I recognized was, that unfortunately only the ELF-Files (.exe) from testsuites were
build but not the BIN-Files (.ralf). So it seems to me, that the bsp-post-link from make/custom/mvme2100.cfg wasn't

I then took and build it with the rtems5 tool chain.
In this case the rtems tool-chain builds both, the ELF and BIN files fine.

Trying out the hello_world.ralf on mvme2100 unfortunately gaves an error with stack and register dump!

Looking into the the produced binary hello_world.ralf one can see, that there is still the ELF magic at the
beginning of the binary file so it seems to me something goes wrong during link/load.

As a test and to get more warnings I then removed the "--no-warn-mismatch" option in "make/custom/mvme2100.cfg".

Now the make of hello_world breaks with error message:

powerpc-rtems5-ld: o-optimize/hello_world.exe uses hard float, /rtems/5/powerpc-rtems5/mvme2100/lib/bootloader.o uses
soft float

Seems to me, that unfortunately some rtems system code for mvme2100 was build with gcc option "-msoft-float" ???

Any hints are welcome...

Cheers, Joachim

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