[ANN] GRiSP 2 Kickstarter

Peer Stritzinger peer at stritzinger.com
Thu Apr 18 15:09:04 UTC 2019

Hi RTEMS users!

We are making a new version of our evaluation board for our RTEMS based 
software stack which allows to run the Erlang VM (in the sense of byte code 
not virtualization) almost directly on hardware.  For details see  https://www.grisp.org

Short list of features:  iM6ULL CPU, 128MB RAM, eMMC, micro SD, Wifi + Ethernet
Also we have PMOD connectors for which there are hundreds of different sensor and actuator boards.

Posting this here because both GRiSP 1 and GRiSP 2 is also a interesting platform for
any other RTEMS development and we provide a BSP containing all necessary drivers
*including* a working Wifi.

Of course you could also get started with Erlang or Elixir and build fault tolerant distributed embedded applications too.

To get started making this we are running a Kickstarter:


Its fully funded already but we have nice stretch goals like a case and battery management
still to reach.

Disclaimer: we run this as a de facto non profit project so all funding (and quite some of
our own) goes directly into the project which is fully open source.

BTW: Soon we will also provide downloadable RTEMS cross toolchains and GRiSP BSPs for all major host OS
so you don’thave to build it yourself.

Best wishes and Happy Easter,
Peer Stritzinger 

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