after add rtc.c

Jython googcheng at
Fri Apr 19 01:48:34 UTC 2019

according to
i add a rtc.c file for stm32f4

have added below two lines at

libbsp_a_SOURCES += rtc.c
libbsp_a_SOURCES += ../../shared/tod.c

x - libi2cio_a-i2c-sc620.o
x - libi2cio_a-spi-memdrv.o
x - libi2cio_a-spi-flash-m25p40.o
x - libi2cio_a-spi-fram-fm25l256.o
x - libi2cio_a-spi-sd-card.o
x - libdisplay_a-disp_hcms29xx.o
x - libdisplay_a-font_hcms29xx.o
ls o-optimize/*.o > o-optimize/librtemsbsp.a-list
ls o-optimize/*.rel >> o-optimize/librtemsbsp.a-list
ls: cannot access o-optimize/*.rel: No such file or directory
make[3]: [o-optimize/librtemsbsp.a] Error 2 (ignored)
arm-rtems4.11-ar rc o-optimize/librtemsbsp.a @o-optimize/librtemsbsp.a-list
rm -f o-optimize/librtemsbsp.a-list o-optimize/*.o o-optimize/*.rel
arm-rtems4.11-ranlib o-optimize/librtemsbsp.a

but the build have some ignored errors, so does it matter
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