RTEMS Release Snapshot: 5.0.0-m1912 (05 Dec 2019)

Heinz P. Junkes junkes at fhi-berlin.mpg.de
Thu Dec 19 12:33:27 UTC 2019

Hi Chris, another issue with the Release Snapshot and powerpc (qoriq_e500):

libbsd :

./waf configure --prefix=/home/epics/MVME2500/RTEMS/5.0.0-m1912 
--rtems-bsps=powerpc/qoriq_e500 --buildset=buildset/default.ini



[1850/1940] Linking build/powerpc-rtems5-qoriq_e500-default/debugger01.exe
cannot find -ldebugger
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

Waf: Leaving directory 
Build failed
  -> task in 'debugger01.exe' failed with exit status 1 (run with -v to 
display more information)

 From Sebastian Huber I got already the info to remove 
debugger01:epics at epics:~/MVME2500/RTEMS_DEV/rtems-

libbsd-5.0.0-m1912$ diff libbsd.py libbsd.py.fix
< self.addTest(mm.generator['test-if-header']('debugger01', 
< ['test_main'], runTest = False, netTest = True,
<                                                     extraLibs = 

which does it it.


On 12/18/19 11:26 AM, Chris Johns wrote:
>> On 18 Dec 2019, at 6:52 pm, Heinz Junkes <junkes at fhi-berlin.mpg.de> wrote:
>> I can confirm that this one quickly solved the problem.
> Thanks for letting me know.
>> Sorry I didn't look for a fix.
> No need to apologize, I welcome the feedback from the testing.
> Chris

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