MPCI problem

Павел Трошин troshinp at
Thu Dec 26 11:28:05 UTC 2019

I started using RTEMS for multiprocessing applications and faced the following problem.
On the first processor I want to generate and send a message and on the second processor only received this message.
On the first processor I called rtems_message_queue_create() and rtems_message_queue_send() but on the second only rtems_message_queue_receive(). It doesn’t work. Because MPCI on the second processor doesn’t know how to process MP_PACKET_MESSAGE_QUEUE packet. Then I found that on the second processor  _Message_queue_Manager_initialization() wasn’t called and it will be called only if I call rtems_message_queue_create().
Can I force to call Message_queue_Manager_initialization()  without calling rtems_message_queue_create()?
Pavel Troshin
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