Waf's dependency on Python3

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Tue Feb 26 00:33:04 UTC 2019

On 26/2/19 10:18 am, Jonathan Brandmeyer wrote:
> I attempted to follow the directions in rtems-libbsd's README.md and
> run into the following error: "Could not create the directory ///h",
> right after configuring the build.  On a wild guess I tried again
> using python3 as the interpreter explicitly and that succeeded.
> My host is Debian Stretch, AMD64.
> /usr/bin/python is 2.7.13
> /usr/bin/python3 is 3.5.3
> Tested on rtems-libbsd current master
> (5432c6bed37fa26a27c2730e34343d4c507902a9 as of this writing).
> Its not entirely clear to me if waf is supposed to be dual-mode
> compatible right now or not.  Maybe the waf shebang line should be
> updated?

Waf _should_ be fine, well that is the latest releases should be.

We have our own support in the rtems_waf directory and that could be a source of
what you are seeing so we cannot just assume waf.

The weird thing is the path you posted '///h' looks like a Windows path but I
cannot be sure.

I suggest you raise a bug with as much detail as you think we need, eg commands
lines and outputs.


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