RTEMS / Zynq (microZed) - Writing data to a file on removable media (SD card)

Jonathan Brandmeyer jbrandmeyer at planetiq.com
Fri Jul 19 17:25:52 UTC 2019

I haven't actually seen an SDCard driver for the Zynq BSP in RTEMS.
That said, FreeBSD does support this device via the sdhci driver.  So
it might be possible to adapt the sdhci driver support in rtems-libbsd
to the RTEMS Zynq BSP.  Take a look at how the beagleboard and IMX
BSPs do it.  rtemsbsp/include/bsp/nexus-devices.h is one of the entry
points I use when source-diving into rtems-libbsd.

Jonathan Brandmeyer

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