Link errors with an install using quick-start guide

Chris Johns chrisj at
Fri Jul 26 06:08:19 UTC 2019

On 26/7/19 3:14 pm, Sebastian Huber wrote:
>>> 1. which Autoconf stuff you need to build a multilib based configuration, and
>> I do not follow what this means. A 3rd party library can only be built for a BSP
>> as this is the only installed instance of an RTEMS kernel you can have.
> I thought this is the reason why we have this stub crt0.o in Newlib?

Ah yes, I had forgotten your efforts to move things into newlib. Thanks for
reminding me.

> You can build libraries without a BSP, e.g.

Do link tests work for networking?


Nice. I look forward to your cmake doco for the User manual when we get to
various build systems ;)

>>> 2. which Autoconf stuff you need to build a BSP based configuration.
>> It is complicated and delicate because autoconf packages are not always
>> consistent in the their handling of flags and options and if libtool is used it
>> can be another layer of complexity.
>> The RSB contains all you need to get going and is the best example we currently
>> have. Here is a summary ...
>> Building a 3rd party library requires you set the host using --host, eg
>> --host=arm-rtems5. You need to set the build *and* host flags. The target can be
>> ignored as this is only used for compilers and the RTEMS kernel.
>> A working fragment of shell logic is in the RSB ...
> [...]
> Ok, this looks complicated. What is the conclusion, build everything with RSB?
No, that was not the intention of the post. We need to document what we can and
it can be improved over time as we find new things. I only referenced the RSB
because it exists and covers most things. Having said that adding packages to
the RSB is very welcome. Vertical integration adds value to a BSP for our users. :)


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