Beaglebone help needed

Sarvesh Patkar psarvesh314 at
Wed Mar 6 07:07:45 UTC 2019

Hey everyone,

I went through the quick start guide and could build the Hello World for
the sparc/erc32 target.

I would like to contribute to RTEMS in adding functionality and maybe,
writing BSPs for some development boards that I have. I started with
Beaglebone Black.

There are a few questions that I have as follows.

   1. There is a build set called beagle.bset that is defined in Ben Gras's
   Github repository (, that
   hasn't been merged into the main rtems-source-builder git repository. Is
   there a way to know if that will happen?
   2. The instructions given in the blog link mentioned on the ticket do not seem to work because the link
   for fetching the mpc library is broken/wrong. (I corrected the link locally
   and the sb-set-builder seems to go beyond that error) I think this change
   was made already in all branches in the official repository but not Ben's.
   I see another error while running sb-set-builder during compilation of
   ubsan.c (gcc-6.3.0) as follows. Is there a patch for this that I can apply
   to fix my local clone of the rsb ?

../../gcc-6.3.0/gcc/ubsan.c: In function 'bool
../../gcc-6.3.0/gcc/ubsan.c:1474:23: error: ISO C++ forbids comparison
between pointer and integer [-fpermissive]
       || xloc.file == '\0' || xloc.file[0] == '\xff'

Any help in this matter is highly appreciated. If not the Beaglebone black,
I have some ARM Cortex-M boards that I would like to work towards.

Thank you for the help.

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