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Wed Mar 20 13:58:04 UTC 2019

Am 19.03.19 um 14:54 schrieb Omar Shafik:
> Hello,
> I am interested in Contributing to RTEMS project, specifically adding
> example uses to the User's Guide for the Classic API (small projects
> section).
> I have completed the Hello World proof, read many materials on RTEMS
> website and made myself somewhat familiar with RTEMS environment.
> I have begun writing my proposal and it would be helpful if anyone
> could give me advice or hints related to the project I have chosen or
> RTEMS in general.

Hello Omar,

please send the Hello World proof to Joel, Gedare or (I think) Chris.

Regarding Projects: Normally you should have a look at the Open Projects
page and the SoC tickets in Track. You then reach out to the (devel)
mailing list with your ideas and selected tickets to start discussing
whether someone would be interested to mentor that project.
Alternatively you can also suggest your own projects.

Note that the "Small Projects" page most likely contains projects that
are too small for a GSoC project. GSoC projects should be - according to
Google - 30+ hours per week. See

Best regards

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