Undefined reference using Gaisler's rcc-1.3-rc6-gcc GR712RC SMP BSP library

Pete Cunningham pete.cunningham at astrobotic.com
Tue May 21 19:00:11 UTC 2019

Folks, I'm using Gaisler's pre-compiled rcc-1.3-rc6-gcc GR712RC SMP BSP
library (rtemsbsp.a in the gr712rc_smp/lib directory).  I'm trying to
integrate the SMP compatible version of the greth ethernet driver that is
built into the gr712rc BSP library.  When I use the code listed in
rtems_net.c and rtems_net_config.h, I get a linker error "rtems_net.c:198:
undefined reference to greth_interface_driver_attach" even though
greth_interface_driver_attach is listed as a local symbol in the symbol
table within the text segment.  Is there some reference code that I can
follow that shows how to leverage the driver manager to install the SMP
version greth driver.  Or can someone point out the error in my ways?  Code
attached below.


Pete Cunningham
Astrobotic Technology

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