Shell bug(?)

Mathew Benson mbenson at
Fri Nov 1 16:24:24 UTC 2019

My shell task is set to priority 250.  I have another task that I've set to
a priority of 235.  When I have the shell in the build, that priority 235
task appears to pend indefinitely with the shell reporting state = "TIME"
and I don't know where it would be pending.  The task is accessing NOR
drivers.  But just by running the shell command, releases that priority 235
task.  In fact, any command releases it.  Whether its a valid command or
not.  But if I remove the shell from the build, everything is fine.  The
task doesn't pend.  It executes as it should.  Did I miss something in the
documentation regarding integration of the shell?  Is there something we
are or are not supposed to do when the shell is integrated?

*Mathew Benson*
CEO | Chief Engineer
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