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> Hello everyone,
Hello Utkarsh!

> Through your assistance, I have been able to get RTEMS up and running on
> the BeagleBone Black.

> I am interested in contributing to the BegleBone BSPs , it would be very
> kind of you if I could get a few indicators on the features of the BSP that
> need developing/improvement.
> This ticket:

This is an interesting project and we would really like to see this happen.
The ticket has a very nice description and also notes the requirements at

If you want to do relatively smaller projects: There had been some
work in Framebuffer and PRU drivers, you can add to them if that interests
The PRU driver has not been merged I guess and would involve some testing
and debugging to get it merged, you can help with that :). For Framebuffer,
you can add/work on adding a console, mouse, cursor...

PRU ticket:
Framebuffer doesn't have a separate ticket now and it's totally supported
in BBB through libbsd, so if you want to add some feature, we can create
a ticket for that.

You can pick up an area of your interest and start by asking about it in
devel at Hope this helps!

Best Regards,

> Thank You. Regards.
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