register access

Chris Johns chrisj at
Wed Nov 13 05:26:54 UTC 2019

On 13/11/19 4:10 pm, mojtaba nadi wrote:
> hello
> I have written a GPIO driver for xilinx-zedboard attached below. but when I try
> to write in register of GPIO that gave me SDK it doesn't work.
> Does RTEMS use the same register address as SDK? 
> Is there any memory mapping in RTEMS? 
> Or is there any extra thing that I have to do to access the register?

Is the register address mapped to an AXI port for logic in the PL?

If it is this may help ...

Note, the table entry ...

  }, {
    .begin = 0x40000000U,
    .end   = 0xc0000000U,
    .flags = ARMV7_MMU_DEVICE
  }, {

... maps to your LED address base.


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