jtag access for zybo zynq board

Kent Dorfman kent.dorfman766 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 2 23:21:07 UTC 2019

>> I need to know if there is
>> necessary magic that is being supplied by those tools, or if bootgen
>> is all I need.
> There is the open tool ...
> https://github.com/antmicro/zynq-mkbootimage
> ... that I use for clear or non-encrypted FSBL generation and while
> locating
> this I see Xilinx uploaded the bootgen sources to github about a month ago
> ...
> https://github.com/Xilinx/bootgen
> This is significant because there is a bit being used in this code to
> handle
> encrypted loading via the PCAP that is or was under NDA. The side effect of
> this
> is a subtle change where the PCAP and AES logic based on the eFuse key can
> be
> used to decrypt files. Up to now you had to encrypt these files using a
> complicated bootgen sequence.

My whole point of contention in this process is the seeming or
implicit requirement to use xilinx tools and I'm not seeing ANYWHERE
that provides needed fsbl.elf other than generated through the use of
those xilinx tools.

I've got bootgen and have built the arm version of u-boot, but it's
apparently not going to be loadable unless I understand how/where to
get fsbl.elf to "bootstrap" the process.  Is this elf file the (insert
bad word here) that forces you to use xilinx tools and accept their
intrusive licensing terms?

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