Getting version of rtems, and writing files

Shane Thomas codejoy at
Mon Oct 21 21:59:49 UTC 2019

I am suspect it is running cexp, it says to type that but typing that gives
me a cexp error, though typing help() works and gives this for a help
command, which seems to be missing the mount method :(
(also Peter Dufault recommended using ikup("mount") but that yielded no
command either).  cexpr() failed as a command too.  The login showed:



Connected to

Escape character is '^]'.


[Telnet:] starting cexp on /dev/pty0

Type '' for help (no quotes) though is a lie, but help() produces the following:
(Somewhere the source code has to be abound but not sure where, we got no
documentation from outgoing IT).


Module commands:

    mod = ld("filename") - load filename object and return handle for unld()

    lsmod() - list loaded modules and their handle

    unld(mod) - unload inactive module by its handle

Files and directories:

    cat(filename) - copy file to screen


    copy(filename,filename) - usually used to install files from /rtems to


    home() - change directory to $HOME.  Right now /apo












    icmpShow - display ICMP packet statistics

    ifShow - display statistics gathered by network interfaces

    ipShow - display IP packet statistics

    mbufShow - display mbuf statistics

    routeShow - display the routing table

    tcpShow - display TCP packet statistics

    udpShow - display UdP packet statistics

On Thu, Oct 17, 2019 at 12:07 AM Chris Johns <chrisj at> wrote:

> On 17/10/19 4:20 am, Shane Thomas wrote:
> > I had a question, I inherited a system that uses rtems
> Welcome.
> > and I am not sure how to
> > edit files on that system.   There is no vim or vi.  I telnet into them
> and then
> > get a message right away that says:
> >
> > for help (which does't work) but help() does show some
> commands like
> > cat, pwd, home, mod = ld("filename")
> The cexp shell is a 3rd party shell package that is not formally part of
> A lot of people use it however I do not and do not know anything about it.
> Sorry.
> > etc...
> > but nothing that would let me edit files that are on that system.  Also
> no
> > ftp/sftp to let me edit locally and then move them to that system.   I
> am not
> > sure the version of rtems this is running even (not sure how to get
> that).
> >
> > Signed up to this mailing list just to ask this question, not sure what
> > else/where else to look.
> I use the shell RTEMS provides in the cpukit/libmisc/shell directory and
> we have
> documented, see and click on the shell documents.
> To transfer files on to and off boards I set up a machine in the lab as an
> server and then mount it in RTEMS using the mount command:
>  $ cd /
>  $ mkdir net
>  $ mount -t nfs foo:/bar /net
> If I need to edit text files on a target I add the `edit` shell command.
> It is
> OK at performing small editing tasks on the target. Saving, exiting etc are
> mapped to function keys.
> I hope this helps.
> Chris
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