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I'm still at home dealing with HVAC tune up.

256-361-9375 should ring my cell and office.

Warning: I haven't been in the office since the 11th so am not sure what
the day brings once I get here.


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> Can I call you later this morning?  What is your number?
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> On Oct 23, 2019, at 09:18, Joel Sherrill <joel at rtems.org> wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 23, 2019 at 8:26 AM Mathew Benson <mbenson at windhoverlabs.com>
> wrote:
>> Is there a version of RTEMS that is FACE compliant?  Possibly certified?
>> If so, how do we get it and which official version from the mainline did it
>> come from?
> It's almost like I asked you to give me that question. :)
> In September, Deos/RTEMS was verified to meet FACE conformance and given a
> conformance certificate from the FACE Consortium. The combination meets the
> FACE Safety Base profile for FACE Technical Standard Edition 3.0. Safety
> Base requires that the environment provide both ARINC 653 and a subset of
> POSIX services. Deos provides the ARINC 653 environment and a
> paravirtualized RTEMS provides the POSIX APIs. The conformance certificate
> was done for the PowerPC. This was a joint effort between OAR and DDC-I
> with DDC-I being the customer facing side of the partnership for this
> product.
> The version was off the git master and a few months old. We are in the
> process of updating to the git master and conforming an updated version for
> PowerPC, ARM, and x86. It already supports all three architectures, we just
> didn't do the conformance process on all three in that first pass.
> Deos has DO-178 Level A certification. RTEMS does not yet have
> certification but hopefully that will change based on user requests and
> funding.
> I must say that I am quite proud of us having achieved this. The process
> of doing this has improved the RTEMS POSIX support. All of the
> cross-platform improvements are upstream.
> I don't want this to be more of a marketing spiel than needed on the Users
> list so you can email privately or call me.  I am happy to answer technical
> questions about the integration. The environments integrated nicely IMO.
> There are a couple of papers that were presented at FACE TIMs while we
> were working and I can pass them along as well as the marketing contact
> information.
> --joel
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