DMA to Ramdisk area on Zynq RTEMS

Andy James A.James at
Mon Sep 2 14:29:20 UTC 2019

I have created a RAM disk on Zynq RTEMS and I'd like to set up (for the time being) a 'baremetal ' type DMA transferTo the ramdisk .

I have set up the RAM Disk as follows, and have no problem reading or writing to it. How do I find the physical address in memory where the
RAM Disk has been created?  I think I may be better off allocating a static memory region for this; my RAMDISK size is 384Mbytes

rtems_status_code create_ramdisk(
  const char *device,
  uint32_t media_block_size,
  rtems_blkdev_bnum media_block_count
  rtems_status_code sc;
  ramdisk *rd;
  rd = ramdisk_allocate(NULL, media_block_size, media_block_count, false);
  if (rd != NULL) {
    sc = rtems_blkdev_create(
  } else {

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