how add a custom driver to RTEMS

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Tue Sep 17 09:57:42 UTC 2019

Hi Mojtaba,

I believe the BSP guide (
might help you.
You can check which target (board) you are using
For UART-like drivers, you may refer to the console part
Work that needs to be done is to understand the interfaces and write
minimum glue code for them.
As for libbsd:
I would recommend reading more code samples just to warm up.

Hope this helps.


mojtaba nadi <mojtabanadi1376 at> 于2019年9月17日周二 下午1:08写道:

> hello
> I want to add a custom driver (I added two uartlite IP in PL) to RTEMS
> using libbsd but i can't find any documentation that explain it step by
> step. I wonder if any body could help me to explain how can I add a
> custom driver step by step.
> regards,
> Mojtaba
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