symbol resolve between the two RAP files

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Fri Sep 20 01:06:33 UTC 2019

when use  dynamic load, RAP module should have unresolved symbol most time, 
And maybe unresolved symbols scatter over 2 or more files,  one BaseImage is not enough.
So I suggest rtems-ld just throw a warning not a error.

Another suggestion is  option -e(--entry) is not essential.  We just use dlsym to find a entry.(or there is another way to run entry?)

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Subject: Re: symbol resolve between the two RAP files

On 10/9/19 10:23 am, jaeho jo wrote:
> I wonder if I can resolve the symbol between the two RAP files for dynamic load.
> ex)
> a.c. / b.c. / main.c.
> a.c. -> a.rap
> - define 'a_test_func()'
> b.c. -> b.rap
> - use 'a_test_func()'
> main.c -> BaseImage
> Attempting to generate b.c. as b.rap using rtems-ld, an error occurs 
>    $ rtems-ld -b BaseImage -e b_main b.o -o b.rap
>    => error: b.o: symbol not found: a_test_func
> I already know why this problem occurs, since BaseImage does not have a symbol
> for 'a_test_func'>
> Is there a way to solve this? Or is it impossible at all?

Have you tried ...

$ rtems-ld -b BaseImage -e b_main a.o b.o -o z.rap


You should be able to load modules with an unresolved error and when the module
with the symbol is loaded it is resolved.

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