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GR740 has two on-chip GRETH MAC's, the board has no external SMC91C111 device. Contact Cobham for the correct defines for GRETH and RCC ...

On 8/23/20 5:41 PM, Diego Benavides wrote:
> I'm new to rtems and the leon in general. I've managed to build the samples provided by Gaisler and load (some) on my dev board:  https://www.gaisler.com/anonftp/rcc/rcc-1.2/1.2.25/
> The board is the GR-CPCI-GR740. However I'm trying to understand the network interface and can't seem to get it going. When I run the samples rtems-ttcp and rtems-ttcpw (for read/write respectively) the board configuration seems to fail.
> Checking the uart debug output shows the following:
> Activating Leon3 io port for smsc_lan91cxx (pio:FF902000 mctrl:FF903000)
> Failed to initialize grpci2 driver -2
> Initializing network
> Can't bring smc1 up: No such device or address
> greth1: mii read[1] failed to 2.0 (0x9e004000,0x00001004)
> greth1: mii read[2] failed to 2.0 (0x9e004000,0x00001004)
> greth1: mii read[3] failed to 2.0 (0x9e004000,0x00001004)
> In rtems-ttcp.c I have tried swapping the #define statements:
> /* Define this is a SMC91C111 CHIP is available on the I/O bus */
> However I'm not entirely clear on the configuration. Would anyone have insight into this?
> Cheers,
> Diego
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