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Sat Jan 4 20:48:33 UTC 2020

Thanks a lot!
Maybe you know a way how I can connect RTEMS on one core and Linux on the other core.
Can I use MPCI for it or there is another way?
>Четверг, 2 января 2020, 13:37 +03:00 от Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber at>:
>On 27/12/2019 10:57, Sebastian Huber wrote:
>> Hello Pavel,
>> sorry, this is a bug I introduced with the work to use a constructor based initialization. I didn't take into account that global objects can be created on other nodes in MPCI configurations. I will fix this after my holidays in early January.
>I checked in a fix for this initialization bug and two other MPCI
>related bugs. Please try this commit:
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