LEON3 RTEMS rc7 Tool Issue

Richard.Glossop at L3Harris.com Richard.Glossop at L3Harris.com
Thu Jan 16 14:44:08 UTC 2020

Gaisler just told me the version of gdb (sparc-gaisler-rtems5-gdb) delivered with rc7 was linked incorrectly.  Sent me a new version which runs correctly.

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Sent: Thursday, January 16, 2020 9:40 AM
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Subject: [EXT] AW: LEON3 RTEMS rc7 Tool Issue

The rc7 change log talks about DWARF v2 versus v4 incompatibilities:

1.3-rc7 (20191129)
- released LLVM/Clang 8.0 toolchain built on stable LLVM branch
   * UT700/UT699E support with errata work-arounds
   * REX support: LEON-REX backend (16-bit ISA) added
   * various LEON optimizations included
- Toolchains (GCC and LLVM/Clang) now defaults to DWARF4 debug information,
   previously DWARF2 was used. GDB-6.8 used with older tools (GRMON2, TSIM2)
   was not capable of always reading the GCC-7 generated DWARF2 codes and had no
   support for DWARF4. Enabling DWARF4 makes it possible to perform source level
   debugging with GDB-8.2.1 which is supported by the newer tools (GRMON3,
   To use RCC-1.3-rc7 with older tools and GDB-6.8, the binaries should either
   1) be stripped, or 2) rebuilt forcing DWARF2 debug format (-gdwarf-2). Build-
   scripts for Newlib and RTEMS kernel are available in /src directory.
- Updated RCC to RTEMS kernel to 20191023:
   * Updated RTEMS kernel to commit d2efc968e2f644512062de1e06fab20abd2e6854
   * Updated Newlib to commit 6661a67747c14cfa7ac91458914037ee296fcd1e
   * Updated rtems-tools to commit 12bd8f77bad4779319039fd7be33d006e10f5618
- Fixed samples build issues on GCC
- GRCANFD IP support: extended GRCAN driver with support for new IP and added
   new sample in rtems-grcanfd.c.
- Restructured GRCAN and OCCAN drivers to depend on a new common CAN
   baud-rate calculator that includes support for CANFD can standard CAN
   baud-rate generation.
- RTEMS fix for SMP start-up race condition seen when booting from ROM.
- Support for having custom GPTIMER pre-scaler setting (was fixed to 1MHz)
- Fixed boot issue on LEON3 where GPTIMER initialization depends on previous
   GRMON initialization.
- Support for variable GRETH DMA table size (latest GRETH IP required).
- Removed some dependency
 - Old GRSPW driver: fix for SET_PACKET_SIZE (driver is depreacted and will
   be removed in the future)
- Added precompiled leon3v7 BSP for FPGA designs.



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