RaspberryPi with U-Boot and FDT

Jan.Sommer at dlr.de Jan.Sommer at dlr.de
Tue Jun 9 13:01:03 UTC 2020


I recently updated my RaspberryPi2-Setup to a more recent version.
So far we used u-boot and ran the ELF-binary directly using the "bootelf" command.
Now with the commit "362cf319d4 - bsp/raspberrypi: Updated the console API" it seems the console driver has been changed to require a FDT to be available.
I assume, I now need to build an u-boot image with mkimg and then pass the FDT address to it.
So far, I had no success. I created the image file with:

arm-rtems5-objcopy -R -S --strip-debug -O binary ticker.exe ticker-fdt.bin
cat ticker-fdt.bin | gzip -9
mkimage -A arm -O rtems -T kernel -a 0x00200000 -e 0x00200000 -n RTEMS -d ticker-fdt.gz ticker-fdt.img

And tried to run it with 

bootm ${loadaddr} - ${fdt_addr}

Has someone experience how to get it working with u-boot?
Do I need to configure something additionally in the rtems configuration?

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