RTEMS 5 RC1 Available

Michael Davidsaver mdavidsaver at gmail.com
Sun Jun 28 03:17:31 UTC 2020

On 6/25/20 11:17 PM, Chris Johns wrote:
> Hello,
> RTEMS 5 RC1 is available for testing. You can find the release at:
>  https://ftp.rtems.org/pub/rtems/releases/5/rc/5.1.0-rc1
> Please report your successes or problems here. You can also raise a ticket if you prefer. Please select the 5.1 milestone.

The pc686 bsp continues to build successfully.

The mvme3100 bsp still fails in libbsd

> In file included from /home/mdavidsaver/source/rtems/usr/powerpc-rtems5/mvme3100/lib/include/bsp.h:27:0,
>                  from ../../rtemsbsd/sys/dev/dw_mmc/dw_mmc.c:68:
> /home/mdavidsaver/source/rtems/usr/powerpc-rtems5/mvme3100/lib/include/libcpu/io.h:53:20: error: redefinition of 'eieio'
>  static inline void eieio(void)
>                     ^~~~~
> In file included from ../../freebsd/sys/sys/systm.h:45:0,
>                  from ../../rtemsbsd/sys/dev/dw_mmc/dw_mmc.c:32:
> ../../freebsd/sys/powerpc/include/machine/cpufunc.h:168:1: note: previous definition of 'eieio' was here
>  eieio(void)
>  ^~~~~

For this iteration I tried some of the other powerpc bsps, which also fail.
The beatnik and mvme2100 kernel builds do not appear to install
a .pc file needed by libbsd build, while the mvme3100 build does.

> config: tools/rtems-libbsd-5.cfg
> error: config error: rtems-bsp.cfg:115: RTEMS BSP not found (powerpc-rtems5-mvme2100.pc); Please check the --with-rtems option or --prefix.

Comparing the build logs for mvme3100 and beatnik does show a relevant difference

> $ grep 'powerpc-rtems5-mvme3100.pc' powerpc-mvme3100.txt
> ./config.status --file=powerpc-rtems5-mvme3100.pc:../../../../rtems-5.1.0-rc1/c/src/bsp.pc.in
> config.status: creating powerpc-rtems5-mvme3100.pc
>  /usr/bin/install -c -m 644 powerpc-rtems5-mvme3100.pc '/home/mdavidsaver/source/rtems/rtems-source-builder-5.1.0-rc1/rtems/build/tmp/powerpc-rtems5-kernel-mvme3100-1-1000/home/mdavidsaver/source/rtems/usr/lib/pkgconfig'
> load: powerpc-rtems5-mvme3100 (/home/mdavidsaver/source/rtems/usr/lib/pkgconfig/powerpc-rtems5-mvme3100.pc)

This last 'load: ' line is not present in the log for the beatnik bsp

> $ grep 'powerpc-rtems5-beatnik.pc' powerpc-beatnik.txt 
> ./config.status --file=powerpc-rtems5-beatnik.pc:../../../../rtems-5.1.0-rc1/c/src/bsp.pc.in
> config.status: creating powerpc-rtems5-beatnik.pc
>  /usr/bin/install -c -m 644 powerpc-rtems5-beatnik.pc '/home/mdavidsaver/source/rtems/rtems-source-builder-5.1.0-rc1/rtems/build/tmp/powerpc-rtems5-kernel-beatnik-1-1000/home/mdavidsaver/source/rtems/usr/lib/pkgconfig'

Invocations I'm using.  Corrections welcomed.

../source-builder/sb-set-builder \
   --prefix=$HOME/source/rtems/usr --log=i386-pc.txt \

../source-builder/sb-set-builder \
   --prefix=$HOME/source/rtems/usr --log=powerpc.txt \

../source-builder/sb-set-builder \
   --prefix=$HOME/source/rtems/usr --log=powerpc-mvme3100.txt \
   --host=powerpc-rtems5 --target=powerpc-rtems5 --with-rtems-bsp=mvme3100 \
   5/rtems-kernel 5/rtems-libbsd

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