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Fri Jan 15 16:59:15 UTC 2021


I'm trying to add jff2 to my current project. I have qspi NAND flash
w25q128. Currently it works through the SPI(not QSPI). Operations Write,
Read and Erase Sector are working well.

control struct is:

*static rtems_jffs2_flash_control spiflash_control ={    .block_size =
SPIFLASH_BLOCK_SIZE,    .flash_size = SPIFLASH_SIZE,    .read =
flash_read,    .write = flash_write,    .erase = flash_erase};*


*#define SPIFLASH_BLOCK_SIZE 0x1000#define SPIFLASH_SIZE (16 *
When I'm trying to mount I see the following sequence:
1. read sequence for a addresses from 0x1000 to 0xF000
2. trying to erase on 0xE000
3. drop to loop with a message:
*<4>JFFS2: Failed to allocate page buffer for verifying erase at
0x0000e000. Refiling*

Behavior can be different if I start playing with *SPIFLASH_BLOCK_SIZE
*but in any cases by the meaning of time I see "Failed to allocate page
buffer..." message.

Could someone suggest what I'm doing wrong?

Kind regards,
*Yaroslav Leshchinsky*
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