Versal VCK190 hardware test results

Chris Johns chrisj at
Thu Jul 1 08:56:47 UTC 2021


I ran a build of rtems.git master today on a Versal VCK190 eval board. The first
time we have run RTEMS on Versal silicon and an A72. Hello World worked first time.

I would like to thank Kinsey for the awesome aarch64 support and Gedare for the
fantastic effort getting the Versal and A72 support integrated.

I do not have a networked power switch connected to the eval board so these
results are really good:

Passed:        568
Failed:          3
User Input:      5
Expected Fail:   0
Indeterminate:   0
Benchmark:       3
Timeout:         4
Test too long:   0
Invalid:         0
Wrong Version:   0
Wrong Build:     0
Wrong Tools:     1
Total:         584

I will try and get a test run posted to build @


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