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On Wed, Mar 10, 2021 at 5:26 AM Mingyu Li <lmy2010lmy at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Eduardo,
> You may refer to the https://github.com/RTEMS/rtems/tree/master/testsuites
> ,
> and search for keywords like mutex for some simple demos.

There are lots of programs in the test suites but they tend to make
demos or even examples of how one would do things since many are
contorted to test specific paths and return values.

That said, testsuites/samples has some I like to show people but fileio
is by far the most interesting but it isn't a concurrency demo, it shows
off the shell.

For what I think you are doing, I think
is a better source of examples. There are a variety of programs more geared
to showing off a way of doing something. The hello and ticker variants are
just examples of how the same functional thing can be achieved differently
and have different footprints. led is a collection of ways to setup a 1
periodic activity to blink an LED. Some are reasonable, some are strictly
examples and not how to do a periodic activity in a real system. The POSIX
examples are just that -- examples of some POSIX thread services. There
are others in there.

libbsd has netshell which is cool if you are on a BSP with libbsd support
and that's what you want to show.

If you have some similar examples from the net that you want comparables,
point us to them. Good examples are hard to come by.

> Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Examples are hard. Please feel free to give examples from other places
or some specific examples you have in mind.


> Bests,
> Maxul
> Eduardo Escalante <eduardoescalante750 at gmail.com> 于2021年3月10日周三 上午6:35写道:
>> Hello, I am a University of Houston Electrical Engineering student. I am
>> in a
>> advanced microprocessor course this semester working on a presentation
>> involving RTEMS. One of my requirements is to demo RTEMS using a
>> microcontroller by using concepts such as semaphores, task, scheduling,
>> and
>> mutexes. Unfortunately, it has been a hassle finding a simple demo
>> showcasing a demo. Is there anyway someone can help me with this?--
>> kind regards,
>> *Eduardo Escalante*
>> *University of Houston- *Computer Engineering student
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