Virtual UART

Morgan, Keith S morgank at
Tue Oct 12 18:43:04 UTC 2021

We have need to use an existing 3rd-party library that only knows how to talk to a UART.

Rather than try to modify the library to talk to another communication device, we would like to explore the option of creating a “virtual” software-based termios UART that implements the open,read,write,close,ioctl calls to the UART and translates those calls to the other communication device.

We found the following documentation, but it seems to be specific to console drivers:

Can anyone point us to documentation on how to do this for a generic non-console UART?

Also, are there any examples out there you could point us to where someone has created a similar virtual UART for RTEMS?



Keith Shearl Morgan
ISR-3, Space Data Systems
Los Alamos National Laboratory

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