Fwd: RTEMS 5 on mcp750 fails

Miroslaw Dach miroslaw.dach at gmail.com
Tue May 17 23:36:24 UTC 2022

Dear RTEMS Users and Developers,

I have built RTEMS 5 with EPICS 7 and tried to boot my application on
mcp750 cPCI board.
The first thing that I have encountered is that the boot file is in the elf
format so I have
converted it to the binary one.:
powerpc-rtems5-objcopy -I elf32-powerpc -O binary myApp.boot myApp.boot.bin
So far so good
Next, I booted the system with my app and it fails in the  *bsp_early*
function in

The boot sequence:
Network Boot File load in progress... To abort hit <BREAK>

Bytes Received =&1270208, Bytes Loaded =&1270208
Bytes/Second   =&635104, Elapsed Time =2 Second(s)

Residual-Data Located at: $01F88000

Model: (e2)
Serial: MOT0000000
Processor/Bus frequencies (Hz): 366680480/66671508
Time Base Divisor: 4000
Memory Size: 2000000
Residual: 1f88000 (length 27148)

PCI: Probing PCI hardware

RTEMS 5.0.0/PPC load:
Uncompressing the kernel...
Now booting...
Welcome to rtems-5.0.0 (PowerPC/Generic (classic FPU)/mcp750) on Mesquite
cPCI (MCP750)
idreg 0 = 0x1208029271
OpenPIC found at 0xc1000000.
pci : Configuring interrupt routing for 'Mesquite cPCI (MCP750)'
pci : No bridge from bus 0 towards root found
pci : No bridge from bus 0 towards root found
pci : Device 1:0x0b:0 routed to interrupt_line 27
pci : Device 1:0x0d:0 routed to interrupt_line 25
Cleared PCI errors: pci_stat was 0x2280
OpenPIC Version ? (2 CPUs and 16 IRQ sources) at 0x3238002688
OpenPIC Vendor 0 (Unknown), Device 0 (Unknown), Stepping 2
OpenPIC timer frequency is 8333848 Hz

*** FATAL ***
fatal source: 0 (INTERNAL_ERROR_CORE)
RTEMS version: 5.0.0.fc89cc76804499eba3f3bc4097b795a84f07571a-modified
RTEMS tools: 7.5.0 20191114 (RTEMS 5, RSB 5 (6225eadda1de), Newlib 7947581)
executing thread is NULL

My application in the binary format uncompressed with stripped symbols is a
2.3M + 501K bootloader so I do not think that it
is an issue with the WORKSPACE? The mcp750 has 32MB of RAM.
How to detect what is the real cause of INTERNAL_ERROR_TOO_LITTLE_WORKSPACE
Would it be the problem with the linker script ppcboot.lds?

Best Regards

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