Try to load and run RTEMS Image on Cora-z7-10

Heinz Junkes junkes at
Sat May 28 20:57:37 UTC 2022

Hi Chris,

I am trying to understand the problems my student is having with the Cora-z7-10.

I am trying my hand at a beaglebone black and RTEMS6 (master).
Unfortunately I have similar problems.

I built the rtems-examples.

rtems/6/bin/arm-rtems6-objcopy -R -S --strip-debug -O binary posix_hello.exe posix_hello.bin
cat posix_hello.bin | gzip -9 >posix_hello.gz
rtems/6/bin/ -A arm -O rtems -T kernel -a 0x80000000 -e 0x80000000 -n "PosixHello" -d posix_hello.gz posix_hello.img
I then copied this image file to the SD card of the beaglebone black.

and boot it :
BeagleBone Black:
BeagleBone: cape eeprom: i2c_probe: 0x54:
BeagleBone: cape eeprom: i2c_probe: 0x55:
BeagleBone: cape eeprom: i2c_probe: 0x56:
BeagleBone: cape eeprom: i2c_probe: 0x57:
Net: eth0: MII MODE
cpsw, usb_ether
Press SPACE to abort autoboot in 2 seconds
=> fatload mmc 0 0x80800000 posix_hello.img
71208 bytes read in 7 ms (9.7 MiB/s)
=> fatload mmc 0 0x88000000 am335x-boneblack.dtb
33325 bytes read in 3 ms (10.6 MiB/s)
=> bootm 0x80800000 - 0x88000000
## Booting kernel from Legacy Image at 80800000 ...
Image Name: PosixHello
Created: 2022-05-28 20:26:28 UTC
Image Type: ARM RTEMS Kernel Image (gzip compressed)
Data Size: 71144 Bytes = 69.5 KiB
Load Address: 80000000
Entry Point: 80000000
Verifying Checksum ... OK
Uncompressing Kernel Image ... OK
## Transferring control to RTEMS (at address 80000000) ...

RTEMS Beagleboard: am335x-based
ARM Debug: 0x4b141000
*** FATAL ***
fatal source: 1 (INTERNAL_ERROR_RTEMS_API)
fatal code: 22 (0x00000016)
RTEMS version:
RTEMS tools: 10.3.1 20220224 (RTEMS 6, RSB 49e3dac17765fa82ce2f754da839638ee352f95c, Newlib 64b2081)
executing thread ID: 0x089010001
executing thread name: IDLE
U-Boot SPL 2018.09-00002-g0b54a51eee (Sep 10 2018 - 19:41:39 -0500)
Trying to boot from MMC2
Loading Environment from EXT4...
** Unable to use mmc 0:1 for loading the env **

U-Boot 2018.09-00002-g0b54a51eee (Sep 10 2018 - 19:41:39 -0500), Build: jenkins-github_Bootloader-Builder-65

CPU : AM335X-GP rev 2.1
I2C: ready
DRAM: 512 MiB

Gruss Heinz

> On 4. May 2022, at 09:31, Chris Johns <chrisj at> wrote:
> On 4/5/2022 3:56 pm, Sebastian Huber wrote:
>> On 03/05/2022 16:43, Sarmad Ahmad wrote:
>>> I create the image as follows
>>> ./ -A arm -O linux -T kernel -a 0x10000000 -e 0x10000000 -n RTEMS -d
>>> hello.exe test5.img
>> Maybe there is an issue with the script. I would try to use the
>> mkimage tool from U-Boot.
> I am using that script all the time with aarch64 and uboot without error. I am
> using `-O rtems` and not `-O linux` so I do not know if that makes a difference.
> Chris
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