arm bsps: changing the float-abi to softfp

Chris Johns chrisj at
Wed Apr 5 05:25:29 UTC 2023

On 5/4/2023 4:11 am, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> If you really need such a multilib, then you can patch gcc/config/arm/t-rtems. I
> don't know if you can add custom patches to the RTEMS Source Builder.

There is a means if someone wants to update gcc-common-1.cfg to allow user macro

1. User patch or source macro map

Create a user macro map. Examples can be found here:

2. Update gcc-common-1.cfg to select user macro maps


with suitable selects. For example:

I suggest:

 %select gcc-user
 %select newlib-user

3. Provide your macros to the set builder command using --macros.

You can also set the environment variable `RSB_MACROS` or create a file called

It has been many years since I have used and tested this.


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