arm bsps: changing the float-abi to softfp

Steinbach, Ingolf Ingolf.Steinbach at
Wed Apr 5 05:59:01 UTC 2023

Hi Sebastian.

> Why would you use
> this instead of -mfloat-abi=hard? For a statically linked executable
> this makes little sense.

My goal is to link with a 3rd party object file which had been compiled with -mfloat-abi=softfp and which cannot be recompiled. In fact, there are also other flags which might cause a conflict with the current flags used by RTEMS and which might cause even more headache (-mfpu comes to my mind).

> If you really need such a multilib, then you can patch
> gcc/config/arm/t-rtems. I don't know if you can add custom patches to
> the RTEMS Source Builder.

I assume that I could add them to the corresponding config/tools/*.cfg.

Kind regards

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