RTEMS 5.0.0 GR712RC SMP Occasional Dropped Messages

Don Oliver dwoliver at honeybeerobotics.com
Tue Jan 23 03:05:51 UTC 2024

Hi all,

I am running an application on RTEMS 5.0.0. SMP on a GR712RC (Dual-Core SPARC 32-bit).

There are about 30 tasks running with no CPU affinity on them.

Several of the tasks are passing messages among their message queues constantly, and there is a small, but constant amount of bidirectional serial port traffic over three UARTs, including the console.

Even with all this activity, "cpuuse" shows about 80% idle on each core.

My problem is this:

I am seeing a dropped or (less likely) duplicated message on the order of 0.0005% send attempts.

Is there any known issue that may cause this?

Thanks for any insight.

Don Oliver

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