change log for rtems (2010-09-08)

Ralf Corsepius ralf.corsepius at
Wed Sep 8 13:50:34 UTC 2010

On 09/08/2010 03:26 PM, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Do I go ahead and commit the support I have for these methods?

To cut a long story short: yes.

> What is the next step?
You to commit the implementation of these functions.

Please add


to each of these files.


extern int pthread_attr_setguardsize(pthread_attr_t *attr, size_t 

Or ... alternatively, guard all of these functions with these defines.

The latter approach is a bit more conservative (only supply a function 
if declared) while the former approach is "sloppy" (don't care about 
missing prototypes and live with warnings).

My next step would be to add your pthreads.h patch to newlib. I plan to 
do so rather soon, however I don't want to launch a full toolchain spin 
"just because of this".


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