RTEMS_BSPOPTS_SET (was Re: change log for rtems (2011-05-18))

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Wed May 18 06:28:11 UTC 2011

On 18/05/11 3:12 PM, rtems-vc at rtems.org wrote:

This comment is not related to the patch rather is relates 
RTEMS_BSPOPTS_SET. A quick scan of the source returns:

$ grep RTEMS_BSPOPTS_SET $(find c/src/lib/libbsp/ -name configure.ac) \
   | wc -l
$ grep RTEMS_BSPOPTS_HELP $(find c/src/lib/libbsp/ -name configure.ac) \
   | wc -l

These numbers surprised me. The Google search of "site:rtems.org 
RTEMS_BSPOPTS_SET" returns 15 entries and none are documentation. I 
think this needs to be addressed somehow and I am not sure how.

I do not build and test with any of these options and given the amount I 
would find this difficult. I also wonder what combinations are tested 
and if it is valid to test all combinations. I see some are simple 0/1 
type options but others are more complex. I wonder what can be used on 
the more complex ones ?

The help for the option added in this patch looks good enough to form 
some type of documentation. I have not checked all the helps but if they 
are made to be ok could these be scrapped and turned into a BSP specific 


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