[rtems commit] libdl: Support link ordered loading of ELF sections.

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Fri Mar 31 02:57:09 UTC 2017

Module:    rtems
Branch:    master
Commit:    bba48d90bcd343f62b368a510b67bbdb51fb6f0c
Changeset: http://git.rtems.org/rtems/commit/?id=bba48d90bcd343f62b368a510b67bbdb51fb6f0c

Author:    Chris Johns <chrisj at rtems.org>
Date:      Thu Mar 30 11:06:24 2017 +1100

libdl: Support link ordered loading of ELF sections.

The ARM C++ exception ABI uses an address ordered index table to
locate the correct frame data and this requires the EXIDX sections are
loaded in the order the order the matching text is loaded.

The EXIDX sections set the SHF_LINK_ORDER flag and link field. This patch
adds support to load those flagged sections in the linked-to section

Updates #2955.
Closes #2959


 cpukit/libdl/include/sys/exec_elf.h |   10 +-
 cpukit/libdl/rtl-elf.c              |   14 +-
 cpukit/libdl/rtl-mdreloc-sparc.c    |    3 +-
 cpukit/libdl/rtl-obj.c              |  159 ++-
 cpukit/libdl/rtl-obj.h              |   16 +-
 testsuites/libtests/dl05/dl05.scn   | 2662 ++++++++++++++++++-----------------
 6 files changed, 1523 insertions(+), 1341 deletions(-)

diff --git a/cpukit/libdl/include/sys/exec_elf.h b/cpukit/libdl/include/sys/exec_elf.h
index 08da7e8..4242415 100644
--- a/cpukit/libdl/include/sys/exec_elf.h
+++ b/cpukit/libdl/include/sys/exec_elf.h
@@ -459,6 +459,10 @@ typedef struct {
 #define	SHF_WRITE	0x1		/* Section contains writable data */
 #define	SHF_ALLOC	0x2		/* Section occupies memory */
 #define	SHF_EXECINSTR	0x4		/* Section contains executable insns */
+#define	SHF_MERGE	0x10		/* Section contains data that can be merged */
+#define	SHF_STRINGS	0x20		/* Section contains null-terminated strings */
+#define	SHF_INFO_LINK	0x40		/* Section header's sh_info holds table index */
+#define	SHF_LINK_ORDER	0x80		/* Section has special ordering requirements */
 #define	SHF_MASKOS	0x0f000000	/* Operating system specific values */
 #define	SHF_MASKPROC	0xf0000000	/* Processor-specific values */
@@ -949,13 +953,13 @@ typedef struct {
 #define	SYMINFO_NUM		2
- * These constants are used for Elf32_Verdef struct's version number.  
+ * These constants are used for Elf32_Verdef struct's version number.
 #define VER_DEF_NONE		0
 #define	VER_DEF_CURRENT		1
- * These constants are used for Elf32_Verdef struct's vd_flags.  
+ * These constants are used for Elf32_Verdef struct's vd_flags.
 #define VER_FLG_BASE		0x1
 #define	VER_FLG_WEAK		0x2
@@ -967,7 +971,7 @@ typedef struct {
 #define	VER_NDX_GLOBAL		1
- * These constants are used for Elf32_Verneed struct's version number.  
+ * These constants are used for Elf32_Verneed struct's version number.
 #define	VER_NEED_NONE		0
diff --git a/cpukit/libdl/rtl-elf.c b/cpukit/libdl/rtl-elf.c
index 37775ff..be2f06a 100644
--- a/cpukit/libdl/rtl-elf.c
+++ b/cpukit/libdl/rtl-elf.c
@@ -656,6 +656,11 @@ rtems_rtl_elf_parse_sections (rtems_rtl_obj_t* obj, int fd, Elf_Ehdr* ehdr)
     flags = 0;
+    if (rtems_rtl_trace (RTEMS_RTL_TRACE_DETAIL))
+      printf ("rtl: section: %2d: type=%d flags=%08x link=%d info=%d\n",
+              section, (int) shdr.sh_type, (unsigned int) shdr.sh_flags,
+              (int) shdr.sh_link, (int) shdr.sh_info);
     switch (shdr.sh_type)
       case SHT_NULL:
@@ -712,7 +717,7 @@ rtems_rtl_elf_parse_sections (rtems_rtl_obj_t* obj, int fd, Elf_Ehdr* ehdr)
-         * See there are architecture specific flags?
+         * See if there are architecture specific flags?
         flags = rtems_rtl_elf_section_flags (obj, &shdr);
         if (flags == 0)
@@ -729,6 +734,13 @@ rtems_rtl_elf_parse_sections (rtems_rtl_obj_t* obj, int fd, Elf_Ehdr* ehdr)
       char*  name;
       size_t len;
+      /*
+       * If link ordering this section must appear in the same order in memory
+       * as the linked-to section relative to the sections it loads with.
+       */
+      if ((shdr.sh_flags & SHF_LINK_ORDER) != 0)
+        flags |= RTEMS_RTL_OBJ_SECT_LINK;
       if (!rtems_rtl_obj_cache_read (strings, fd,
                                      sectstroff + shdr.sh_name,
diff --git a/cpukit/libdl/rtl-mdreloc-sparc.c b/cpukit/libdl/rtl-mdreloc-sparc.c
index 38b3850..8d12394 100644
--- a/cpukit/libdl/rtl-mdreloc-sparc.c
+++ b/cpukit/libdl/rtl-mdreloc-sparc.c
@@ -253,7 +253,8 @@ rtems_rtl_elf_relocate_rela (const rtems_rtl_obj_t*      obj,
   if (rtems_rtl_trace (RTEMS_RTL_TRACE_RELOC))
     printf ("rtl: %s %p @ %p in %s\n",
-            reloc_names[type], (void *)tmp, where, rtems_rtl_obj_oname (obj));
+            reloc_names[ELF_R_TYPE(rela->r_info)],
+            (void *)tmp, where, rtems_rtl_obj_oname (obj));
   return true;
diff --git a/cpukit/libdl/rtl-obj.c b/cpukit/libdl/rtl-obj.c
index b27f28b..bb0bc8d 100644
--- a/cpukit/libdl/rtl-obj.c
+++ b/cpukit/libdl/rtl-obj.c
@@ -601,12 +601,12 @@ typedef struct
 static bool
 rtems_rtl_obj_sect_sync_handler (rtems_chain_node* node, void* data)
-  rtems_rtl_obj_sect_t*   sect = (rtems_rtl_obj_sect_t*) node;
+  rtems_rtl_obj_sect_t*          sect = (rtems_rtl_obj_sect_t*) node;
   rtems_rtl_obj_sect_sync_ctx_t* sync_ctx = data;
-  uintptr_t old_end;
-  uintptr_t new_start;
+  uintptr_t                      old_end;
+  uintptr_t                      new_start;
-  if ( !(sect->flags & sync_ctx->mask) || !sect->size)
+  if ((sect->flags & sync_ctx->mask) == 0 || sect->size == 0)
     return true;
   if (sync_ctx->end_va == sync_ctx->start_va)
@@ -632,7 +632,7 @@ rtems_rtl_obj_sect_sync_handler (rtems_chain_node* node, void* data)
-rtems_rtl_obj_synchronize_cache (rtems_rtl_obj_t*    obj)
+rtems_rtl_obj_synchronize_cache (rtems_rtl_obj_t* obj)
   rtems_rtl_obj_sect_sync_ctx_t sync_ctx;
@@ -643,7 +643,7 @@ rtems_rtl_obj_synchronize_cache (rtems_rtl_obj_t*    obj)
-                  RTEMS_RTL_OBJ_SECT_EXEC;
   sync_ctx.start_va = 0;
   sync_ctx.end_va = sync_ctx.start_va;
@@ -667,6 +667,87 @@ rtems_rtl_obj_load_symbols (rtems_rtl_obj_t*             obj,
   return rtems_rtl_obj_section_handler (mask, obj, fd, handler, data);
+static int
+rtems_rtl_obj_sections_linked_to_order (rtems_rtl_obj_t* obj,
+                                        int              section,
+                                        uint32_t         visited_mask)
+  rtems_chain_control* sections = &obj->sections;
+  rtems_chain_node*    node = rtems_chain_first (sections);
+  /*
+   * Find the section being linked-to. If the linked-to link field is 0 we have
+   * the end and the section's order is the position we are after.
+   */
+  while (!rtems_chain_is_tail (sections, node))
+  {
+    rtems_rtl_obj_sect_t* sect = (rtems_rtl_obj_sect_t*) node;
+    if (sect->section == section)
+    {
+      const uint32_t mask = sect->flags & RTEMS_RTL_OBJ_SECT_TYPES;
+      int            order = 0;
+      if (sect->link != 0)
+      {
+        /*
+         * Have we already visited this type of section? Avoid nesting for
+         * ever.
+         */
+        if ((sect->flags & visited_mask) != 0)
+        {
+          rtems_rtl_set_error (errno, "section link loop");
+          return -1;
+        }
+        return rtems_rtl_obj_sections_linked_to_order (obj,
+                                                       sect->link,
+                                                       visited_mask | mask);
+      }
+      node = rtems_chain_first (sections);
+      while (!rtems_chain_is_tail (sections, node))
+      {
+        sect = (rtems_rtl_obj_sect_t*) node;
+        if ((sect->flags & mask) == mask)
+        {
+          if (sect->section == section)
+            return order;
+          ++order;
+        }
+        node = rtems_chain_next (node);
+      }
+    }
+    node = rtems_chain_next (node);
+  }
+  rtems_rtl_set_error (errno, "section link not found");
+  return -1;
+static void
+rtems_rtl_obj_sections_link_order (uint32_t mask, rtems_rtl_obj_t* obj)
+  rtems_chain_control* sections = &obj->sections;
+  rtems_chain_node*    node = rtems_chain_first (sections);
+  int                  order = 0;
+  while (!rtems_chain_is_tail (sections, node))
+  {
+    rtems_rtl_obj_sect_t* sect = (rtems_rtl_obj_sect_t*) node;
+    if ((sect->flags & mask) == mask)
+    {
+      /*
+       * If the section is linked in order find the linked-to section's order
+       * and move the section in the section list to
+       */
+      if (sect->link == 0)
+        sect->load_order = order++;
+      else
+      {
+        sect->load_order =
+          rtems_rtl_obj_sections_linked_to_order (obj,
+                                                  sect->link,
+                                                  mask);
+      }
+    }
+    node = rtems_chain_next (node);
+  }
 static size_t
 rtems_rtl_obj_sections_loader (uint32_t                     mask,
                                rtems_rtl_obj_t*             obj,
@@ -679,42 +760,54 @@ rtems_rtl_obj_sections_loader (uint32_t                     mask,
   rtems_chain_node*    node = rtems_chain_first (sections);
   size_t               base_offset = 0;
   bool                 first = true;
+  int                  order = 0;
   while (!rtems_chain_is_tail (sections, node))
     rtems_rtl_obj_sect_t* sect = (rtems_rtl_obj_sect_t*) node;
     if ((sect->size != 0) && ((sect->flags & mask) != 0))
-      if (!first)
-        base_offset = rtems_rtl_sect_align (base_offset, sect->alignment);
+      if (sect->load_order == order)
+      {
+        if (!first)
+          base_offset = rtems_rtl_sect_align (base_offset, sect->alignment);
-      sect->base = base + base_offset;
+        first = false;
-      if (rtems_rtl_trace (RTEMS_RTL_TRACE_LOAD_SECT))
-        printf ("rtl: loading: %s -> %8p (l:%zi m:%04lx)\n",
-                sect->name, sect->base, sect->size, sect->flags);
+        sect->base = base + base_offset;
-      if ((sect->flags & RTEMS_RTL_OBJ_SECT_LOAD) == RTEMS_RTL_OBJ_SECT_LOAD)
-      {
-        if (!handler (obj, fd, sect, data))
+        if (rtems_rtl_trace (RTEMS_RTL_TRACE_LOAD_SECT))
+          printf ("rtl: loading:%2d: %s -> %8p (s:%zi f:%04lx a:%lu l:%02d)\n",
+                  order, sect->name, sect->base, sect->size,
+                  sect->flags, sect->alignment, sect->link);
+        if ((sect->flags & RTEMS_RTL_OBJ_SECT_LOAD) == RTEMS_RTL_OBJ_SECT_LOAD)
+        {
+          if (!handler (obj, fd, sect, data))
+          {
+            sect->base = 0;
+            return false;
+          }
+        }
+        else if ((sect->flags & RTEMS_RTL_OBJ_SECT_ZERO) == RTEMS_RTL_OBJ_SECT_ZERO)
+        {
+          memset (base + base_offset, 0, sect->size);
+        }
+        else
           sect->base = 0;
+          rtems_rtl_set_error (errno, "section has no load/clear op");
           return false;
-      }
-      else if ((sect->flags & RTEMS_RTL_OBJ_SECT_ZERO) == RTEMS_RTL_OBJ_SECT_ZERO)
-      {
-        memset (base + base_offset, 0, sect->size);
-      }
-      else
-      {
-        sect->base = 0;
-        rtems_rtl_set_error (errno, "section has no load op");
-        return false;
-      }
-      base_offset += sect->size;
-      first = false;
+        base_offset += sect->size;
+        ++order;
+        node = rtems_chain_first (sections);
+        continue;
+      }
     node = rtems_chain_next (node);
@@ -763,7 +856,7 @@ rtems_rtl_obj_load_sections (rtems_rtl_obj_t*             obj,
     return false;
-  obj->exec_size = text_size + const_size + data_size + bss_size;
+  obj->exec_size = text_size + const_size + eh_size + data_size + bss_size;
   if (rtems_rtl_trace (RTEMS_RTL_TRACE_LOAD_SECT))
@@ -780,6 +873,14 @@ rtems_rtl_obj_load_sections (rtems_rtl_obj_t*             obj,
+   * Determine the load order.
+   */
+  rtems_rtl_obj_sections_link_order (RTEMS_RTL_OBJ_SECT_TEXT,  obj);
+  rtems_rtl_obj_sections_link_order (RTEMS_RTL_OBJ_SECT_CONST, obj);
+  rtems_rtl_obj_sections_link_order (RTEMS_RTL_OBJ_SECT_EH,    obj);
+  rtems_rtl_obj_sections_link_order (RTEMS_RTL_OBJ_SECT_DATA,  obj);
+  /*
    * Load all text then data then bss sections in seperate operations so each
    * type of section is grouped together.
diff --git a/cpukit/libdl/rtl-obj.h b/cpukit/libdl/rtl-obj.h
index 9ec184b..6a35a72 100644
--- a/cpukit/libdl/rtl-obj.h
+++ b/cpukit/libdl/rtl-obj.h
@@ -102,8 +102,19 @@ typedef struct rtems_rtl_loader_table_s
 #define RTEMS_RTL_OBJ_SECT_WRITE (1 << 11) /**< Section is writable, ie data. */
 #define RTEMS_RTL_OBJ_SECT_EXEC  (1 << 12) /**< Section is executable. */
 #define RTEMS_RTL_OBJ_SECT_ZERO  (1 << 13) /**< Section is preset to zero. */
-#define RTEMS_RTL_OBJ_SECT_CTOR  (1 << 14) /**< Section contains constructors. */
-#define RTEMS_RTL_OBJ_SECT_DTOR  (1 << 15) /**< Section contains destructors. */
+#define RTEMS_RTL_OBJ_SECT_LINK  (1 << 14) /**< Section is link-ordered. */
+#define RTEMS_RTL_OBJ_SECT_CTOR  (1 << 15) /**< Section contains constructors. */
+#define RTEMS_RTL_OBJ_SECT_DTOR  (1 << 16) /**< Section contains destructors. */
+#define RTEMS_RTL_OBJ_SECT_LOCD  (1 << 17) /**< Section has been located. */
+ * Section types mask.
+ */
+                                  RTEMS_RTL_OBJ_SECT_CONST | \
+                                  RTEMS_RTL_OBJ_SECT_DATA | \
+                                  RTEMS_RTL_OBJ_SECT_BSS | \
+                                  RTEMS_RTL_OBJ_SECT_EH)
  * An object file is made up of sections and the can be more than
@@ -124,6 +135,7 @@ struct rtems_rtl_obj_sect_s
   uint32_t         flags;       /**< The section's flags. */
   void*            base;        /**< The base address of the section in
                                  *   memory. */
+  int              load_order;  /**< Order we load sections. */
diff --git a/testsuites/libtests/dl05/dl05.scn b/testsuites/libtests/dl05/dl05.scn
index f80c085..862ad21 100644
--- a/testsuites/libtests/dl05/dl05.scn
+++ b/testsuites/libtests/dl05/dl05.scn
@@ -1,620 +1,619 @@
 *** BEGIN OF TEST libdl (RTL) 5 ***
-rtl: alloc: new: SYMBOL addr=0x1347c0 size=384
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x134d90 size=2048
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x1355b8 size=2048
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x135de0 size=2048
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x136608 size=2048
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x136e30 size=144
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x136ee8 size=13
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x136f20 size=2
-rtl: adding global symbols, table size 30208
-rtl: global symbol add: 1088
-rtl: alloc: new: SYMBOL addr=0x136f50 size=21760
-rtl: esyms: BSP_output_char -> 0x101524
-rtl: esyms: Clock_driver_ticks -> 0x103000
-rtl: esyms: Clock_exit ->   0xadcd
-rtl: esyms: Clock_initialize ->   0xadd9
-rtl: esyms: Clock_isr ->   0xacfb
-rtl: esyms: Configuration ->  0x3d38c
-rtl: esyms: Configuration_POSIX_API -> 0x102888
+rtl: alloc: new: SYMBOL addr=0x134820 size=384
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x134df0 size=2048
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x135618 size=2048
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x135e40 size=2048
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x136668 size=2048
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x136e90 size=144
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x136f48 size=13
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x136f80 size=2
+rtl: adding global symbols, table size 30432
+rtl: global symbol add: 1090
+rtl: alloc: new: SYMBOL addr=0x136fb0 size=21800
+rtl: esyms: BSP_output_char -> 0x1014c8
+rtl: esyms: Clock_driver_ticks -> 0x102fb0
+rtl: esyms: Clock_exit ->   0xaef7
+rtl: esyms: Clock_initialize ->   0xaf03
+rtl: esyms: Clock_isr ->   0xae25
+rtl: esyms: Configuration ->  0x3e654
+rtl: esyms: Configuration_POSIX_API -> 0x102848
 rtl: esyms: Configuration_RTEMS_API -> 0x101458
-rtl: esyms: Console_Configuration_Count -> 0x101520
-rtl: esyms: Console_Configuration_Ports -> 0x101498
-rtl: esyms: Console_Port_Count -> 0x1029d0
-rtl: esyms: Console_Port_Data -> 0x1029d8
-rtl: esyms: Console_Port_Minor -> 0x1029dc
-rtl: esyms: Console_Port_Tbl -> 0x1029d4
 rtl: esyms: HeapSize ->      0x0
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_LIMITS_AND_OPTIONS ->  0x50024
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_chown ->   0xcb2b
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_create_node ->   0xcc3f
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_eval_path ->   0xd699
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_fchmod ->   0xd6db
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_initialize_node ->   0xea59
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_initialize_support ->   0xd86b
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_link ->   0xd99b
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_memfile_write ->   0xe2ef
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_mknod ->   0xe967
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_mknod_control_device ->  0x5027c
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_mknod_control_dir_default ->  0x50224
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_mknod_control_enosys ->  0x5030c
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_mknod_control_memfile ->  0x504f4
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_mount ->   0xe9f9
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_node_clone ->   0xeaeb
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_node_destroy ->   0xeb13
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_node_destroy_default ->   0xeb99
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_node_free ->   0xeb53
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_node_initialize_default ->   0xd93d
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_node_initialize_directory ->   0xce0b
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_node_remove_default ->   0xeb83
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_node_remove_directory ->   0xce4f
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_readlink ->   0xf0cb
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_rename ->   0xed73
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_rmnod ->   0xeedf
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_stat ->   0xefbd
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_stat_file ->   0xf033
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_symlink ->   0xf071
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_unmount ->   0xf1ad
-rtl: esyms: IMFS_utime ->   0xf20f
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_LIMITS_AND_OPTIONS ->  0x513e0
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_chown ->   0xcb85
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_create_node ->   0xcc99
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_eval_path ->   0xd6f3
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_fchmod ->   0xd735
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_initialize_node ->   0xec55
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_initialize_support ->   0xd8c5
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_link ->   0xd9f5
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_make_generic_node ->   0xdc29
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_memfile_write ->   0xe4eb
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_mknod ->   0xeb63
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_mknod_control_device ->  0x51638
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_mknod_control_dir_default ->  0x515e0
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_mknod_control_enosys ->  0x516c8
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_mknod_control_memfile ->  0x518b0
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_mount ->   0xebf5
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_node_clone ->   0xece7
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_node_destroy ->   0xed0f
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_node_destroy_default ->   0xed95
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_node_free ->   0xed4f
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_node_initialize_default ->   0xd997
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_node_initialize_directory ->   0xce65
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_node_initialize_generic ->   0xdc07
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_node_remove_default ->   0xed7f
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_node_remove_directory ->   0xcea9
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_readlink ->   0xf2c7
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_rename ->   0xef6f
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_rmnod ->   0xf0db
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_stat ->   0xf1b9
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_stat_file ->   0xf22f
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_symlink ->   0xf26d
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_unmount ->   0xf3a9
+rtl: esyms: IMFS_utime ->   0xf40b
 rtl: esyms: Initialization_tasks -> 0x10140c
-rtl: esyms: RTEMS_Malloc_Area -> 0x102f58
+rtl: esyms: RTEMS_Malloc_Area -> 0x102f08
 rtl: esyms: RTEMS_Malloc_Heap -> 0x101408
-rtl: esyms: RTEMS_Malloc_Initialize ->  0x1042f
+rtl: esyms: RTEMS_Malloc_Initialize ->  0x106bb
 rtl: esyms: RamBase ->      0x0
 rtl: esyms: RamSize -> 0xfefc000
-rtl: esyms: Untar_FromMemory ->  0x33cc9
-rtl: esyms: Untar_FromMemory_Print ->  0x33b35
-rtl: esyms: WorkAreaBase -> 0x103b30
-rtl: esyms: _API_Mutex_Allocate ->  0x2407f
-rtl: esyms: _API_Mutex_Initialization ->  0x24051
-rtl: esyms: _API_Mutex_Is_owner ->  0x24157
-rtl: esyms: _API_Mutex_Lock ->  0x243eb
-rtl: esyms: _API_Mutex_Unlock ->  0x246e9
-rtl: esyms: _ARMV4_Exception_data_abort_default ->  0x332f0
-rtl: esyms: _ARMV4_Exception_fiq_default ->  0x33320
-rtl: esyms: _ARMV4_Exception_interrupt ->  0x331c8
-rtl: esyms: _ARMV4_Exception_irq_default ->  0x33310
-rtl: esyms: _ARMV4_Exception_pref_abort_default ->  0x332e0
-rtl: esyms: _ARMV4_Exception_reserved_default ->  0x33300
-rtl: esyms: _ARMV4_Exception_swi_default ->  0x332d0
-rtl: esyms: _ARMV4_Exception_undef_default ->  0x332c0
-rtl: esyms: _ARM_Exception_default ->  0x331ad
-rtl: esyms: _Balloc ->  0x36499
-rtl: esyms: _Bfree ->  0x364e5
-rtl: esyms: _CORE_mutex_Seize_slow ->  0x24945
-rtl: esyms: _CORE_semaphore_Initialize ->  0x249a9
-rtl: esyms: _CPU_Context_Initialize ->  0x334cf
-rtl: esyms: _CPU_Context_restore ->  0x335ed
-rtl: esyms: _CPU_Context_restore_arm ->  0x335f0
-rtl: esyms: _CPU_Context_switch ->  0x33599
-rtl: esyms: _CPU_Context_switch_arm ->  0x3359c
-rtl: esyms: _CPU_ISR_Get_level ->  0x3355f
-rtl: esyms: _CPU_ISR_Set_level ->  0x33529
-rtl: esyms: _CPU_Initialize ->  0x3358b
-rtl: esyms: _CPU_Thread_Idle_body ->  0x333b5
-rtl: esyms: _Chain_Initialize ->  0x247a5
-rtl: esyms: _Debug_Is_owner_of_allocator ->  0x249c9
-rtl: esyms: _Event_Seize ->  0x20b0f
-rtl: esyms: _Event_Surrender ->  0x21079
-rtl: esyms: _Freechain_Get ->  0x24c45
-rtl: esyms: _Freechain_Initialize ->  0x24bf1
-rtl: esyms: _Freechain_Put ->  0x24ccf
-rtl: esyms: _Heap_Allocate_aligned_with_boundary ->  0x25cf5
-rtl: esyms: _Heap_Block_allocate ->  0x256b7
-rtl: esyms: _Heap_Extend ->  0x26205
-rtl: esyms: _Heap_Free ->  0x26785
-rtl: esyms: _Heap_Get_first_and_last_block ->  0x25135
-rtl: esyms: _Heap_Initialize ->  0x251b9
-rtl: esyms: _Heap_Resize_block ->  0x26d85
-rtl: esyms: _IO_All_drivers_initialized -> 0x1039d0
+rtl: esyms: Untar_FromMemory ->  0x34f45
+rtl: esyms: Untar_FromMemory_Print ->  0x34db1
+rtl: esyms: WorkAreaBase -> 0x103af0
+rtl: esyms: _API_Mutex_Allocate ->  0x25087
+rtl: esyms: _API_Mutex_Initialization ->  0x25059
+rtl: esyms: _API_Mutex_Is_owner ->  0x2515f
+rtl: esyms: _API_Mutex_Lock ->  0x253f3
+rtl: esyms: _API_Mutex_Unlock ->  0x256f1
+rtl: esyms: _ARMV4_Exception_data_abort_default ->  0x345ac
+rtl: esyms: _ARMV4_Exception_fiq_default ->  0x345dc
+rtl: esyms: _ARMV4_Exception_interrupt ->  0x34484
+rtl: esyms: _ARMV4_Exception_irq_default ->  0x345cc
+rtl: esyms: _ARMV4_Exception_pref_abort_default ->  0x3459c
+rtl: esyms: _ARMV4_Exception_reserved_default ->  0x345bc
+rtl: esyms: _ARMV4_Exception_swi_default ->  0x3458c
+rtl: esyms: _ARMV4_Exception_undef_default ->  0x3457c
+rtl: esyms: _ARM_Exception_default ->  0x3446b
+rtl: esyms: _Balloc ->  0x37759
+rtl: esyms: _Bfree ->  0x377a5
+rtl: esyms: _CORE_mutex_Seize_slow ->  0x2594f
+rtl: esyms: _CORE_semaphore_Initialize ->  0x259b1
+rtl: esyms: _CPU_Context_Initialize ->  0x3478b
+rtl: esyms: _CPU_Context_restore ->  0x34869
+rtl: esyms: _CPU_Context_restore_arm ->  0x3486c
+rtl: esyms: _CPU_Context_switch ->  0x34825
+rtl: esyms: _CPU_Context_switch_arm ->  0x34828
+rtl: esyms: _CPU_ISR_Get_level ->  0x347eb
+rtl: esyms: _CPU_ISR_Set_level ->  0x347c9
+rtl: esyms: _CPU_Initialize ->  0x34817
+rtl: esyms: _CPU_Thread_Idle_body ->  0x34671
+rtl: esyms: _Chain_Initialize ->  0x257af
+rtl: esyms: _Debug_Is_owner_of_allocator ->  0x259d1
+rtl: esyms: _Event_Seize ->  0x21977
+rtl: esyms: _Event_Surrender ->  0x21f3b
+rtl: esyms: _Freechain_Get ->  0x25c4d
+rtl: esyms: _Freechain_Initialize ->  0x25bf9
+rtl: esyms: _Freechain_Put ->  0x25cd7
+rtl: esyms: _Heap_Allocate_aligned_with_boundary ->  0x26cfb
+rtl: esyms: _Heap_Block_allocate ->  0x266bd
+rtl: esyms: _Heap_Extend ->  0x2720b
+rtl: esyms: _Heap_Free ->  0x2778b
+rtl: esyms: _Heap_Get_first_and_last_block ->  0x2613b
+rtl: esyms: _Heap_Initialize ->  0x261bf
+rtl: esyms: _Heap_Resize_block ->  0x27d8b
+rtl: esyms: _IO_All_drivers_initialized -> 0x103980
 rtl: esyms: _IO_Driver_address_table -> 0x101428
-rtl: esyms: _IO_Initialize_all_drivers ->  0x23d51
-rtl: esyms: _IO_Number_of_drivers ->  0x3d2f4
-rtl: esyms: _ISR_Handler_initialization ->  0x26ec3
-rtl: esyms: _ISR_Is_in_progress ->  0x26edd
-rtl: esyms: _Internal_errors_What_happened -> 0x1039d4
-rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit__IO_Initialize_all_drivers ->  0x58448
-rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit__POSIX_Keys_Manager_initialization ->  0x58434
-rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit__POSIX_signals_Manager_Initialization ->  0x58430
-rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit__RTEMS_tasks_Initialize_user_tasks_body ->  0x5844c
-rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit__RTEMS_tasks_Manager_initialization ->  0x58428
-rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit__Semaphore_Manager_initialization ->  0x5842c
-rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit__Thread_Create_idle ->  0x58438
-rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit__User_extensions_Handler_initialization ->  0x58420
-rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit_begin ->  0x58418
-rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit_bsp_predriver_hook ->  0x58444
-rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit_bsp_start ->  0x5841c
-rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit_bsp_work_area_initialize ->  0x58418
-rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit_end ->  0x58454
-rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit_rtems_filesystem_initialize ->  0x58440
-rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit_rtems_initialize_data_structures ->  0x58424
-rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit_rtems_libio_init ->  0x5843c
-rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit_rtems_libio_post_driver ->  0x58450
-rtl: esyms: _Malloc_Deferred_free ->  0x103f7
-rtl: esyms: _Malloc_Process_deferred_frees ->  0x1032b
-rtl: esyms: _Malloc_System_state ->  0x102b3
-rtl: esyms: _Mutex_Acquire ->  0x279b3
-rtl: esyms: _Mutex_Release ->  0x27a37
-rtl: esyms: _Mutex_recursive_Acquire ->  0x27abb
-rtl: esyms: _Mutex_recursive_Release ->  0x27b63
-rtl: esyms: _Objects_API_maximum_class ->  0x27eaf
-rtl: esyms: _Objects_Allocate ->  0x27e93
-rtl: esyms: _Objects_Allocate_unprotected ->  0x27dc7
-rtl: esyms: _Objects_Close ->  0x27fa1
-rtl: esyms: _Objects_Do_initialize_information ->  0x288d1
-rtl: esyms: _Objects_Extend_information ->  0x281a7
-rtl: esyms: _Objects_Free ->  0x2856d
-rtl: esyms: _Objects_Get ->  0x28753
-rtl: esyms: _Objects_Get_information ->  0x28625
-rtl: esyms: _Objects_Get_information_id ->  0x286e7
-rtl: esyms: _Objects_Get_no_protection ->  0x287ad
-rtl: esyms: _Objects_Information_table ->  0x53dfc
-rtl: esyms: _Objects_Namespace_remove ->  0x289b9
-rtl: esyms: _Objects_Shrink_information ->  0x28ab1
-rtl: esyms: _Once_Mutex -> 0x1039cc
-rtl: esyms: _POSIX_Keys_Information -> 0x103604
-rtl: esyms: _POSIX_Keys_Key_value_allocate ->  0x1db13
-rtl: esyms: _POSIX_Keys_Keypool -> 0x1035f8
-rtl: esyms: _POSIX_signals_Abnormal_termination_handler ->  0x1f395
-rtl: esyms: _POSIX_signals_Clear_process_signals ->  0x1f4d9
-rtl: esyms: _POSIX_signals_Clear_signals ->  0x1f8a3
-rtl: esyms: _POSIX_signals_Default_vectors ->  0x52a94
-rtl: esyms: _POSIX_signals_Inactive_siginfo -> 0x10363c
-rtl: esyms: _POSIX_signals_Pending -> 0x103948
-rtl: esyms: _POSIX_signals_Send ->  0x1ef0f
-rtl: esyms: _POSIX_signals_Set_process_signals ->  0x1faf5
-rtl: esyms: _POSIX_signals_Siginfo -> 0x103648
-rtl: esyms: _POSIX_signals_Unblock_thread ->  0x2019b
-rtl: esyms: _POSIX_signals_Vectors -> 0x1037c8
-rtl: esyms: _POSIX_signals_Wait_queue -> 0x102bfc
-rtl: esyms: _Per_CPU_Information -> 0x103a00
-rtl: esyms: _Protected_heap_Free ->  0x28c13
-rtl: esyms: _RBTree_Extract ->  0x291b5
-rtl: esyms: _RBTree_Insert_color ->  0x29463
-rtl: esyms: _RBTree_Minimum ->  0x294eb
-rtl: esyms: _RTEMS_Allocator_Mutex -> 0x1039c8
-rtl: esyms: _RTEMS_tasks_Information -> 0x103984
-rtl: esyms: _RTEMS_tasks_Initialize_user_tasks_body ->  0x23537
-rtl: esyms: _RTEMS_tasks_User_extensions -> 0x10167c
-rtl: esyms: _Scheduler_Handler_initialization ->  0x29507
-rtl: esyms: _Scheduler_Table ->  0x3d2a0
-rtl: esyms: _Scheduler_default_Cancel_job ->  0x29595
-rtl: esyms: _Scheduler_default_Map_priority ->  0x2954b
-rtl: esyms: _Scheduler_default_Node_destroy ->  0x29567
-rtl: esyms: _Scheduler_default_Release_job ->  0x2957d
-rtl: esyms: _Scheduler_default_Start_idle ->  0x2960f
-rtl: esyms: _Scheduler_default_Tick ->  0x29649
-rtl: esyms: _Scheduler_priority_Block ->  0x2a04d
-rtl: esyms: _Scheduler_priority_Initialize ->  0x29967
-rtl: esyms: _Scheduler_priority_Node_initialize ->  0x2999d
-rtl: esyms: _Scheduler_priority_Schedule ->  0x2ad4b
-rtl: esyms: _Scheduler_priority_Unblock ->  0x2b247
-rtl: esyms: _Scheduler_priority_Update_priority ->  0x2a8ff
-rtl: esyms: _Scheduler_priority_Yield ->  0x2b7e7
-rtl: esyms: _Semaphore_Information -> 0x10394c
-rtl: esyms: _System_state_Current -> 0x1039e0
+rtl: esyms: _IO_Initialize_all_drivers ->  0x24d59
+rtl: esyms: _IO_Number_of_drivers ->  0x3e5b4
+rtl: esyms: _ISR_Handler_initialization ->  0x27ec9
+rtl: esyms: _ISR_Is_in_progress ->  0x27ee3
+rtl: esyms: _Internal_error ->  0x27ead
+rtl: esyms: _Internal_errors_What_happened -> 0x103984
+rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit__IO_Initialize_all_drivers ->  0x59fa4
+rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit__POSIX_Keys_Manager_initialization ->  0x59f90
+rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit__POSIX_signals_Manager_Initialization ->  0x59f8c
+rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit__RTEMS_tasks_Initialize_user_tasks_body ->  0x59fa8
+rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit__RTEMS_tasks_Manager_initialization ->  0x59f84
+rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit__Semaphore_Manager_initialization ->  0x59f88
+rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit__Thread_Create_idle ->  0x59f94
+rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit__User_extensions_Handler_initialization ->  0x59f7c
+rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit_begin ->  0x59f70
+rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit_bsp_predriver_hook ->  0x59fa0
+rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit_bsp_start ->  0x59f74
+rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit_bsp_work_area_initialize ->  0x59f70
+rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit_end ->  0x59fb0
+rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit_rtems_filesystem_initialize ->  0x59f9c
+rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit_rtems_initialize_data_structures ->  0x59f80
+rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit_rtems_libio_init ->  0x59f98
+rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit_rtems_libio_post_driver ->  0x59fac
+rtl: esyms: _Linker_set__Sysinit_zynq_debug_console_init ->  0x59f78
+rtl: esyms: _Malloc_Deferred_free ->  0x10683
+rtl: esyms: _Malloc_Process_deferred_frees ->  0x105b7
+rtl: esyms: _Malloc_System_state ->  0x1053f
+rtl: esyms: _Mutex_Acquire ->  0x289b7
+rtl: esyms: _Mutex_Release ->  0x28a3b
+rtl: esyms: _Mutex_recursive_Acquire ->  0x28abf
+rtl: esyms: _Mutex_recursive_Release ->  0x28b67
+rtl: esyms: _Objects_API_maximum_class ->  0x28eb3
+rtl: esyms: _Objects_Allocate ->  0x28e97
+rtl: esyms: _Objects_Allocate_unprotected ->  0x28dcb
+rtl: esyms: _Objects_Close ->  0x28fa5
+rtl: esyms: _Objects_Do_initialize_information ->  0x298d5
+rtl: esyms: _Objects_Extend_information ->  0x291ab
+rtl: esyms: _Objects_Free ->  0x29571
+rtl: esyms: _Objects_Get ->  0x29757
+rtl: esyms: _Objects_Get_information ->  0x29629
+rtl: esyms: _Objects_Get_information_id ->  0x296eb
+rtl: esyms: _Objects_Get_no_protection ->  0x297b1
+rtl: esyms: _Objects_Information_table ->  0x55754
+rtl: esyms: _Objects_Namespace_remove ->  0x299b9
+rtl: esyms: _Objects_Shrink_information ->  0x29ab1
+rtl: esyms: _Once_Mutex -> 0x10397c
+rtl: esyms: _POSIX_Keys_Information -> 0x1035b4
+rtl: esyms: _POSIX_Keys_Key_value_allocate ->  0x1e86f
+rtl: esyms: _POSIX_Keys_Keypool -> 0x1035a8
+rtl: esyms: _POSIX_signals_Abnormal_termination_handler ->  0x2014b
+rtl: esyms: _POSIX_signals_Clear_process_signals ->  0x2028f
+rtl: esyms: _POSIX_signals_Clear_signals ->  0x20659
+rtl: esyms: _POSIX_signals_Default_vectors ->  0x5406c
+rtl: esyms: _POSIX_signals_Inactive_siginfo -> 0x1035ec
+rtl: esyms: _POSIX_signals_Pending -> 0x1038f8
+rtl: esyms: _POSIX_signals_Send ->  0x1fcc5
+rtl: esyms: _POSIX_signals_Set_process_signals ->  0x208ab
+rtl: esyms: _POSIX_signals_Siginfo -> 0x1035f8
+rtl: esyms: _POSIX_signals_Unblock_thread ->  0x20f51
+rtl: esyms: _POSIX_signals_Vectors -> 0x103778
+rtl: esyms: _POSIX_signals_Wait_queue -> 0x101620
+rtl: esyms: _Per_CPU_Information -> 0x1039c0
+rtl: esyms: _Protected_heap_Free ->  0x29c13
+rtl: esyms: _RBTree_Extract ->  0x2a1b5
+rtl: esyms: _RBTree_Insert_color ->  0x2a463
+rtl: esyms: _RBTree_Minimum ->  0x2a4eb
+rtl: esyms: _RTEMS_Allocator_Mutex -> 0x103978
+rtl: esyms: _RTEMS_tasks_Information -> 0x103934
+rtl: esyms: _RTEMS_tasks_Initialize_user_tasks_body ->  0x24561
+rtl: esyms: _RTEMS_tasks_User_extensions -> 0x10162c
+rtl: esyms: _Scheduler_Handler_initialization ->  0x2a507
+rtl: esyms: _Scheduler_Table ->  0x3e560
+rtl: esyms: _Scheduler_default_Cancel_job ->  0x2a595
+rtl: esyms: _Scheduler_default_Map_priority ->  0x2a54b
+rtl: esyms: _Scheduler_default_Node_destroy ->  0x2a567
+rtl: esyms: _Scheduler_default_Release_job ->  0x2a57d
+rtl: esyms: _Scheduler_default_Start_idle ->  0x2a653
+rtl: esyms: _Scheduler_default_Tick ->  0x2a68d
+rtl: esyms: _Scheduler_priority_Block ->  0x2b091
+rtl: esyms: _Scheduler_priority_Initialize ->  0x2a9ab
+rtl: esyms: _Scheduler_priority_Node_initialize ->  0x2a9e1
+rtl: esyms: _Scheduler_priority_Schedule ->  0x2bd8f
+rtl: esyms: _Scheduler_priority_Unblock ->  0x2c28b
+rtl: esyms: _Scheduler_priority_Update_priority ->  0x2b943
+rtl: esyms: _Scheduler_priority_Yield ->  0x2c829
+rtl: esyms: _Semaphore_Information -> 0x1038fc
+rtl: esyms: _System_state_Current -> 0x10398c
 rtl: esyms: _TLS_Alignment ->      0x1
-rtl: esyms: _TLS_BSS_begin ->  0x583f0
-rtl: esyms: _TLS_BSS_end ->  0x583f0
+rtl: esyms: _TLS_BSS_begin ->  0x59f48
+rtl: esyms: _TLS_BSS_end ->  0x59f48
 rtl: esyms: _TLS_BSS_size ->      0x0
-rtl: esyms: _TLS_Data_begin ->  0x583f0
+rtl: esyms: _TLS_Data_begin ->  0x59f48
 rtl: esyms: _TLS_Data_size ->      0x0
 rtl: esyms: _TLS_Size ->      0x0
-rtl: esyms: _Terminate ->  0x26e6d
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Cancel ->  0x30f4f
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Change_life ->  0x3124b
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Clear_state ->  0x2c5f9
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Clear_state_locked ->  0x2c565
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Close ->  0x3106f
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Control_add_on_count ->  0x3d388
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Control_add_ons ->  0x3d368
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Control_size ->  0x3d364
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Create_idle ->  0x2c851
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Dispatch_direct ->  0x2cd91
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Do_dispatch ->  0x2cc97
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Entry_adaptor_idle ->  0x2cdc1
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Entry_adaptor_numeric ->  0x2cddf
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Exit ->  0x310b9
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Get ->  0x2cee7
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Global_construction ->  0x2cf7b
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Handler ->  0x2d041
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Handler_initialization ->  0x2b8a9
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Initialize ->  0x2d615
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Initialize_information ->  0x2b84f
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Internal_information -> 0x103a40
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Join ->  0x30ea3
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Kill_zombies ->  0x30ae1
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Load_environment ->  0x2d8a9
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Priority_add ->  0x2c2af
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Priority_changed ->  0x2c2f7
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Priority_perform_actions ->  0x2c17d
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Priority_remove ->  0x2c2d3
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Priority_update ->  0x2c321
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Restart_self ->  0x3115b
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Set_life_protection ->  0x312a1
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Set_state ->  0x3153f
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Set_state_locked ->  0x314b5
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Stack_Allocate ->  0x315b3
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Stack_Free ->  0x315f9
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Start ->  0x31857
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Start_multitasking ->  0x3190d
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Timeout ->  0x31b47
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_Yield ->  0x31dff
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Deadlock_fatal ->  0x2dfcf
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Deadlock_status ->  0x2dfb3
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Enqueue ->  0x2e04b
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Enqueue_do_nothing ->  0x2df9b
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Extract ->  0x2e2cf
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Extract_critical ->  0x2e29d
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Extract_locked ->  0x2e227
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Extract_with_proxy ->  0x2e3d7
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Flush_critical ->  0x2e7c7
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Flush_status_object_was_deleted ->  0x2e7a5
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Initialize ->  0x2d937
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Operations_FIFO ->  0x56624
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Operations_default ->  0x56610
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Operations_priority ->  0x56638
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Operations_priority_inherit ->  0x5664c
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Surrender ->  0x2e341
-rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Unblock_critical ->  0x2e257
-rtl: esyms: _Timecounter -> 0x101744
-rtl: esyms: _Timecounter_Bintime ->  0x27203
-rtl: esyms: _Timecounter_Binuptime ->  0x2718f
-rtl: esyms: _Timecounter_Boottimebin -> 0x101758
-rtl: esyms: _Timecounter_Getnanotime ->  0x2724d
-rtl: esyms: _Timecounter_Install ->  0x27293
-rtl: esyms: _Timecounter_Microtime ->  0x27227
-rtl: esyms: _Timecounter_Tick ->  0x275eb
-rtl: esyms: _Timecounter_Tick_simple ->  0x27619
-rtl: esyms: _Timecounter_Time_second -> 0x10174c
-rtl: esyms: _Timecounter_Time_uptime -> 0x101750
-rtl: esyms: _Unwind_Backtrace ->   0xa629
-rtl: esyms: _Unwind_Complete ->   0x9dbd
-rtl: esyms: _Unwind_DeleteException ->   0x9dc1
-rtl: esyms: _Unwind_ForcedUnwind ->   0xa605
-rtl: esyms: _Unwind_GetCFA ->   0x9ced
-rtl: esyms: _Unwind_GetDataRelBase ->   0xa9cd
-rtl: esyms: _Unwind_GetLanguageSpecificData ->   0xa9b1
-rtl: esyms: _Unwind_GetRegionStart ->   0xa9a5
-rtl: esyms: _Unwind_GetTextRelBase ->   0xa9c5
-rtl: esyms: _Unwind_RaiseException ->   0xa599
-rtl: esyms: _Unwind_Resume ->   0xa5bd
-rtl: esyms: _Unwind_Resume_or_Rethrow ->   0xa5e1
-rtl: esyms: _Unwind_VRS_Get ->   0x9dcd
-rtl: esyms: _Unwind_VRS_Pop ->   0xa215
-rtl: esyms: _Unwind_VRS_Set ->   0x9e21
-rtl: esyms: _User_extensions_Add_set ->  0x320ed
-rtl: esyms: _User_extensions_Fatal_visitor ->  0x32547
-rtl: esyms: _User_extensions_Handler_initialization ->  0x31f11
-rtl: esyms: _User_extensions_Iterate ->  0x325a1
-rtl: esyms: _User_extensions_List -> 0x101780
-rtl: esyms: _User_extensions_Switches_list -> 0x101768
-rtl: esyms: _User_extensions_Thread_begin_visitor ->  0x324fb
-rtl: esyms: _User_extensions_Thread_create_visitor ->  0x32435
-rtl: esyms: _User_extensions_Thread_delete_visitor ->  0x32483
-rtl: esyms: _User_extensions_Thread_exitted_visitor ->  0x32521
-rtl: esyms: _User_extensions_Thread_restart_visitor ->  0x324d3
-rtl: esyms: _User_extensions_Thread_start_visitor ->  0x324ab
-rtl: esyms: _User_extensions_Thread_terminate_visitor ->  0x3257b
-rtl: esyms: _Watchdog_Do_tickle ->  0x32c25
-rtl: esyms: _Watchdog_Insert ->  0x327dd
-rtl: esyms: _Watchdog_Remove ->  0x3298f
-rtl: esyms: _Watchdog_Tick ->  0x32ca5
-rtl: esyms: _Watchdog_Ticks_since_boot -> 0x103a84
-rtl: esyms: _Workspace_Allocate ->  0x33117
-rtl: esyms: _Workspace_Allocate_aligned ->  0x33139
-rtl: esyms: _Workspace_Allocate_or_fatal_error ->  0x3317b
-rtl: esyms: _Workspace_Area -> 0x103a88
-rtl: esyms: _Workspace_Free ->  0x3315d
-rtl: esyms: _Workspace_Handler_initialization ->  0x32f6d
-rtl: esyms: _ZGTtNKSt13bad_exception4whatEv ->   0x1675
-rtl: esyms: _ZN10__cxxabiv111__terminateEPFvvE ->   0x1dc1
-rtl: esyms: _ZN10__cxxabiv112__unexpectedEPFvvE ->   0x1dfd
-rtl: esyms: _ZN10__cxxabiv117__class_type_infoD0Ev ->   0x1021
-rtl: esyms: _ZN10__cxxabiv117__class_type_infoD1Ev ->   0x100d
-rtl: esyms: _ZN10__cxxabiv117__class_type_infoD2Ev ->   0x100d
-rtl: esyms: _ZN10__cxxabiv119__terminate_handlerE -> 0x101488
-rtl: esyms: _ZN10__cxxabiv120__si_class_type_infoD0Ev ->   0x1fed
-rtl: esyms: _ZN10__cxxabiv120__si_class_type_infoD1Ev ->   0x1fd9
-rtl: esyms: _ZN10__cxxabiv120__si_class_type_infoD2Ev ->   0x1fd9
-rtl: esyms: _ZN10__cxxabiv120__unexpected_handlerE -> 0x10148c
-rtl: esyms: _ZN9__gnu_cxx27__verbose_terminate_handlerEv ->   0x2145
-rtl: esyms: _ZNK10__cxxabiv117__class_type_info10__do_catchEPKSt9type_infoPPvj ->   0x1055
-rtl: esyms: _ZNK10__cxxabiv117__class_type_info11__do_upcastEPKS0_PKvRNS0_15__upcast_resultE ->   0x103d
-rtl: esyms: _ZNK10__cxxabiv117__class_type_info11__do_upcastEPKS0_PPv ->    0xfc9
-rtl: esyms: _ZNK10__cxxabiv117__class_type_info12__do_dyncastEiNS0_10__sub_kindEPKS0_PKvS3_S5_RNS0_16__dyncast_resultE ->   0x1081
-rtl: esyms: _ZNK10__cxxabiv117__class_type_info20__do_find_public_srcEiPKvPKS0_S2_ ->   0x1001
-rtl: esyms: _ZNK10__cxxabiv120__si_class_type_info11__do_upcastEPKNS_17__class_type_infoEPKvRNS1_15__upcast_resultE ->   0x20e5
-rtl: esyms: _ZNK10__cxxabiv120__si_class_type_info12__do_dyncastEiNS_17__class_type_info10__sub_kindEPKS1_PKvS4_S6_RNS1_16__dyncast_resultE ->   0x2045
-rtl: esyms: _ZNK10__cxxabiv120__si_class_type_info20__do_find_public_srcEiPKvPKNS_17__class_type_infoES2_ ->   0x2009
-rtl: esyms: _ZNKSt11logic_error4whatEv ->   0x8ac9
-rtl: esyms: _ZNKSt13bad_exception4whatEv ->   0x1675
-rtl: esyms: _ZNKSt13runtime_error4whatEv ->   0x8acd
-rtl: esyms: _ZNKSt3_V214error_category10_M_messageB5cxx11Ei ->   0x8d09
-rtl: esyms: _ZNKSt3_V214error_category10equivalentERKSt10error_codei ->   0x8cd1
-rtl: esyms: _ZNKSt3_V214error_category10equivalentEiRKSt15error_condition ->   0x8dd5
-rtl: esyms: _ZNKSt3_V214error_category23default_error_conditionEi ->   0x8cc9
-rtl: esyms: _ZNKSt9bad_alloc4whatEv ->    0xf8d
-rtl: esyms: _ZNKSt9type_info14__is_pointer_pEv ->   0x2115
-rtl: esyms: _ZNKSt9type_info15__is_function_pEv ->   0x2115
-rtl: esyms: _ZNKSt9type_infoeqERKS_ ->   0x2119
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSt11logic_errorC1EPKc ->   0x8bd1
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSt11logic_errorC2EPKc ->   0x8bd1
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSt11logic_errorD0Ev ->   0x8b25
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSt11logic_errorD1Ev ->   0x8ad1
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSt11logic_errorD2Ev ->   0x8ad1
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSt12__cow_stringC1EPKcj ->   0x8c35
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSt12__cow_stringC2EPKcj ->   0x8c35
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSt12length_errorC1EPKc ->   0x8bf9
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSt12length_errorC2EPKc ->   0x8bf9
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSt12length_errorD0Ev ->   0x8b4d
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSt12length_errorD1Ev ->   0x8b39
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSt12length_errorD2Ev ->   0x8b39
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSt13bad_exceptionD0Ev ->   0x1681
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSt13bad_exceptionD1Ev ->   0x1671
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSt13bad_exceptionD2Ev ->   0x1671
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSt13runtime_errorC1EPKc ->   0x8c0d
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSt13runtime_errorC2EPKc ->   0x8c0d
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSt13runtime_errorD0Ev ->   0x8bbd
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSt13runtime_errorD1Ev ->   0x8b69
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSt13runtime_errorD2Ev ->   0x8b69
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSt9bad_allocD0Ev ->    0xfad
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSt9bad_allocD1Ev ->    0xf99
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSt9bad_allocD2Ev ->    0xf99
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSt9exceptionD1Ev ->   0x166d
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSt9exceptionD2Ev ->   0x166d
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSt9type_infoD1Ev ->   0x2111
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSt9type_infoD2Ev ->   0x2111
-rtl: esyms: _ZSt10unexpectedv ->   0x1e05
-rtl: esyms: _ZSt13get_terminatev ->   0x1e19
-rtl: esyms: _ZSt14get_unexpectedv ->   0x1e29
-rtl: esyms: _ZSt15get_new_handlerv ->   0x1f89
-rtl: esyms: _ZSt19__throw_logic_errorPKc ->   0x8c49
-rtl: esyms: _ZSt20__throw_length_errorPKc ->   0x8c7d
-rtl: esyms: _ZSt9terminatev ->   0x1de9
-rtl: esyms: _ZTIN10__cxxabiv115__forced_unwindE ->  0x4ebf4
-rtl: esyms: _ZTIN10__cxxabiv117__class_type_infoE ->  0x4eb84
-rtl: esyms: _ZTIN10__cxxabiv119__foreign_exceptionE ->  0x4ebfc
-rtl: esyms: _ZTIN10__cxxabiv120__si_class_type_infoE ->  0x4ec94
-rtl: esyms: _ZTINSt3_V214error_categoryE ->  0x4fe50
-rtl: esyms: _ZTISt11logic_error ->  0x4fd64
-rtl: esyms: _ZTISt12length_error ->  0x4fd70
-rtl: esyms: _ZTISt13bad_exception ->  0x4ec04
-rtl: esyms: _ZTISt13runtime_error ->  0x4fd7c
-rtl: esyms: _ZTISt9bad_alloc ->  0x4eb54
-rtl: esyms: _ZTISt9exception ->  0x4ec10
-rtl: esyms: _ZTISt9type_info ->  0x4ecf4
-rtl: esyms: _ZTSN10__cxxabiv115__forced_unwindE ->  0x4ec18
-rtl: esyms: _ZTSN10__cxxabiv117__class_type_infoE ->  0x4eb90
-rtl: esyms: _ZTSN10__cxxabiv119__foreign_exceptionE ->  0x4ec38
-rtl: esyms: _ZTSN10__cxxabiv120__si_class_type_infoE ->  0x4eca0
-rtl: esyms: _ZTSNSt3_V214error_categoryE ->  0x4feb0
-rtl: esyms: _ZTSSt11logic_error ->  0x4fd88
-rtl: esyms: _ZTSSt12length_error ->  0x4fd98
-rtl: esyms: _ZTSSt13bad_exception ->  0x4ec5c
-rtl: esyms: _ZTSSt13runtime_error ->  0x4fdac
-rtl: esyms: _ZTSSt9bad_alloc ->  0x4eb60
-rtl: esyms: _ZTSSt9exception ->  0x4ec70
-rtl: esyms: _ZTSSt9type_info ->  0x4ecfc
-rtl: esyms: _ZTVN10__cxxabiv117__class_type_infoE ->  0x4ebb4
-rtl: esyms: _ZTVN10__cxxabiv120__si_class_type_infoE ->  0x4ecc8
-rtl: esyms: _ZTVSt11logic_error ->  0x4fdc0
-rtl: esyms: _ZTVSt12length_error ->  0x4fdd4
-rtl: esyms: _ZTVSt13bad_exception ->  0x4ec80
-rtl: esyms: _ZTVSt13runtime_error ->  0x4fde8
-rtl: esyms: _ZTVSt9bad_alloc ->  0x4eb70
-rtl: esyms: _ZdlPv ->   0x10c1
-rtl: esyms: _ZdlPvj ->   0x10c5
-rtl: esyms: _Znwj ->   0x1f99
+rtl: esyms: _Terminate ->  0x27e6b
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Cancel ->  0x32131
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Change_life ->  0x32433
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Clear_state ->  0x2d67b
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Clear_state_locked ->  0x2d5e7
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Close ->  0x32253
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Control_add_on_count ->  0x3e650
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Control_add_ons ->  0x3e628
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Control_size ->  0x3e624
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Create_idle ->  0x2d8d3
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Dispatch_direct ->  0x2de4f
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Do_dispatch ->  0x2dd3d
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Entry_adaptor_idle ->  0x2de7b
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Entry_adaptor_numeric ->  0x2de99
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Exit ->  0x3229d
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Get ->  0x2dfa1
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Global_construction ->  0x2e035
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Handler ->  0x2e0fb
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Handler_initialization ->  0x2c8eb
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Initialize ->  0x2e6cd
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Initialize_information ->  0x2c891
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Internal_information -> 0x103a00
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Join ->  0x32085
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Kill_zombies ->  0x31cc1
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Load_environment ->  0x2e959
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Priority_add ->  0x2d2ed
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Priority_changed ->  0x2d335
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Priority_perform_actions ->  0x2d1bb
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Priority_remove ->  0x2d311
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Priority_update ->  0x2d35f
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Restart_self ->  0x32341
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Set_life_protection ->  0x32489
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Set_state ->  0x32727
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Set_state_locked ->  0x3269d
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Stack_Allocate ->  0x3279b
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Stack_Free ->  0x327e1
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Start ->  0x32a99
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Start_multitasking ->  0x32b4f
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Timeout ->  0x32d89
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_Yield ->  0x33085
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Deadlock_fatal ->  0x2f103
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Deadlock_status ->  0x2f0e7
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Enqueue ->  0x2f17b
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Enqueue_do_nothing ->  0x2f0cf
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Extract ->  0x2f3ff
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Extract_critical ->  0x2f3cd
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Extract_locked ->  0x2f357
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Extract_with_proxy ->  0x2f507
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Flush_critical ->  0x2f951
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Flush_status_object_was_deleted ->  0x2f92f
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Initialize ->  0x2e9ef
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Object_initialize ->  0x2ea0b
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Object_name ->  0x577d8
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Operations_FIFO ->  0x58080
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Operations_default ->  0x5806c
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Operations_priority ->  0x58094
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Operations_priority_inherit ->  0x580a8
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Surrender ->  0x2f471
+rtl: esyms: _Thread_queue_Unblock_critical ->  0x2f387
+rtl: esyms: _Timecounter -> 0x1016f4
+rtl: esyms: _Timecounter_Bintime ->  0x28209
+rtl: esyms: _Timecounter_Binuptime ->  0x28195
+rtl: esyms: _Timecounter_Boottimebin -> 0x101708
+rtl: esyms: _Timecounter_Getnanotime ->  0x28253
+rtl: esyms: _Timecounter_Install ->  0x28299
+rtl: esyms: _Timecounter_Microtime ->  0x2822d
+rtl: esyms: _Timecounter_Tick ->  0x285f1
+rtl: esyms: _Timecounter_Tick_simple ->  0x2861f
+rtl: esyms: _Timecounter_Time_second -> 0x1016fc
+rtl: esyms: _Timecounter_Time_uptime -> 0x101700
+rtl: esyms: _Unwind_Backtrace ->   0xa739
+rtl: esyms: _Unwind_Complete ->   0x9ecd
+rtl: esyms: _Unwind_DeleteException ->   0x9ed1
+rtl: esyms: _Unwind_ForcedUnwind ->   0xa715
+rtl: esyms: _Unwind_GetCFA ->   0x9dfd
+rtl: esyms: _Unwind_GetDataRelBase ->   0xaadd
+rtl: esyms: _Unwind_GetLanguageSpecificData ->   0xaac1
+rtl: esyms: _Unwind_GetRegionStart ->   0xaab5
+rtl: esyms: _Unwind_GetTextRelBase ->   0xaad5
+rtl: esyms: _Unwind_RaiseException ->   0xa6a9
+rtl: esyms: _Unwind_Resume ->   0xa6cd
+rtl: esyms: _Unwind_Resume_or_Rethrow ->   0xa6f1
+rtl: esyms: _Unwind_VRS_Get ->   0x9edd
+rtl: esyms: _Unwind_VRS_Pop ->   0xa325
+rtl: esyms: _Unwind_VRS_Set ->   0x9f31
+rtl: esyms: _User_extensions_Add_set ->  0x33373
+rtl: esyms: _User_extensions_Fatal_visitor ->  0x337cd
+rtl: esyms: _User_extensions_Handler_initialization ->  0x33197
+rtl: esyms: _User_extensions_Iterate ->  0x33825
+rtl: esyms: _User_extensions_List -> 0x101730
+rtl: esyms: _User_extensions_Switches_list -> 0x101718
+rtl: esyms: _User_extensions_Thread_begin_visitor ->  0x33781
+rtl: esyms: _User_extensions_Thread_create_visitor ->  0x336bb
+rtl: esyms: _User_extensions_Thread_delete_visitor ->  0x33709
+rtl: esyms: _User_extensions_Thread_exitted_visitor ->  0x337a7
+rtl: esyms: _User_extensions_Thread_restart_visitor ->  0x33759
+rtl: esyms: _User_extensions_Thread_start_visitor ->  0x33731
+rtl: esyms: _User_extensions_Thread_terminate_visitor ->  0x337ff
+rtl: esyms: _Watchdog_Do_tickle ->  0x33ed1
+rtl: esyms: _Watchdog_Insert ->  0x33a89
+rtl: esyms: _Watchdog_Remove ->  0x33c3b
+rtl: esyms: _Watchdog_Tick ->  0x33f51
+rtl: esyms: _Watchdog_Ticks_since_boot -> 0x103a44
+rtl: esyms: _Workspace_Allocate ->  0x343bf
+rtl: esyms: _Workspace_Allocate_aligned ->  0x343e1
+rtl: esyms: _Workspace_Allocate_or_fatal_error ->  0x34423
+rtl: esyms: _Workspace_Area -> 0x103a48
+rtl: esyms: _Workspace_Free ->  0x34405
+rtl: esyms: _Workspace_Handler_initialization ->  0x34219
+rtl: esyms: _ZGTtNKSt13bad_exception4whatEv ->    0xfbd
+rtl: esyms: _ZN10__cxxabiv111__terminateEPFvvE ->   0x8965
+rtl: esyms: _ZN10__cxxabiv112__unexpectedEPFvvE ->   0x89a1
+rtl: esyms: _ZN10__cxxabiv117__class_type_infoD0Ev ->   0x1289
+rtl: esyms: _ZN10__cxxabiv117__class_type_infoD1Ev ->   0x1275
+rtl: esyms: _ZN10__cxxabiv117__class_type_infoD2Ev ->   0x1275
+rtl: esyms: _ZN10__cxxabiv119__terminate_handlerE -> 0x10148c
+rtl: esyms: _ZN10__cxxabiv120__si_class_type_infoD0Ev ->   0x1471
+rtl: esyms: _ZN10__cxxabiv120__si_class_type_infoD1Ev ->   0x145d
+rtl: esyms: _ZN10__cxxabiv120__si_class_type_infoD2Ev ->   0x145d
+rtl: esyms: _ZN10__cxxabiv120__unexpected_handlerE -> 0x101488
+rtl: esyms: _ZN9__gnu_cxx27__verbose_terminate_handlerEv ->    0xfd9
+rtl: esyms: _ZNK10__cxxabiv117__class_type_info10__do_catchEPKSt9type_infoPPvj ->   0x12bd
+rtl: esyms: _ZNK10__cxxabiv117__class_type_info11__do_upcastEPKS0_PKvRNS0_15__upcast_resultE ->   0x12a5
+rtl: esyms: _ZNK10__cxxabiv117__class_type_info11__do_upcastEPKS0_PPv ->   0x1231
+rtl: esyms: _ZNK10__cxxabiv117__class_type_info12__do_dyncastEiNS0_10__sub_kindEPKS0_PKvS3_S5_RNS0_16__dyncast_resultE ->   0x12e9
+rtl: esyms: _ZNK10__cxxabiv117__class_type_info20__do_find_public_srcEiPKvPKS0_S2_ ->   0x1269
+rtl: esyms: _ZNK10__cxxabiv120__si_class_type_info11__do_upcastEPKNS_17__class_type_infoEPKvRNS1_15__upcast_resultE ->   0x1569
+rtl: esyms: _ZNK10__cxxabiv120__si_class_type_info12__do_dyncastEiNS_17__class_type_info10__sub_kindEPKS1_PKvS4_S6_RNS1_16__dyncast_resultE ->   0x14c9
+rtl: esyms: _ZNK10__cxxabiv120__si_class_type_info20__do_find_public_srcEiPKvPKNS_17__class_type_infoES2_ ->   0x148d
+rtl: esyms: _ZNKSt11logic_error4whatEv ->   0x8bd9
+rtl: esyms: _ZNKSt13bad_exception4whatEv ->    0xfbd
+rtl: esyms: _ZNKSt13runtime_error4whatEv ->   0x8bdd
+rtl: esyms: _ZNKSt3_V214error_category10_M_messageB5cxx11Ei ->   0x9269
+rtl: esyms: _ZNKSt3_V214error_category10equivalentERKSt10error_codei ->   0x9231
+rtl: esyms: _ZNKSt3_V214error_category10equivalentEiRKSt15error_condition ->   0x9335
+rtl: esyms: _ZNKSt3_V214error_category23default_error_conditionEi ->   0x9229
+rtl: esyms: _ZNKSt9bad_alloc4whatEv ->   0x10fd
+rtl: esyms: _ZNKSt9type_info14__is_pointer_pEv ->    0xf85
+rtl: esyms: _ZNKSt9type_info15__is_function_pEv ->    0xf85
+rtl: esyms: _ZNKSt9type_infoeqERKS_ ->    0xf89
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSt11logic_errorC1EPKc ->   0x9131
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSt11logic_errorC2EPKc ->   0x9131
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSt11logic_errorD0Ev ->   0x8c35
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSt11logic_errorD1Ev ->   0x8be1
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSt11logic_errorD2Ev ->   0x8be1
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSt12__cow_stringC1EPKcj ->   0x9195
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSt12__cow_stringC2EPKcj ->   0x9195
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSt12length_errorC1EPKc ->   0x9159
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSt12length_errorC2EPKc ->   0x9159
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSt12length_errorD0Ev ->   0x8c5d
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSt12length_errorD1Ev ->   0x8c49
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSt12length_errorD2Ev ->   0x8c49
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSt13bad_exceptionD0Ev ->    0xfc9
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSt13bad_exceptionD1Ev ->    0xfb9
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSt13bad_exceptionD2Ev ->    0xfb9
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSt13runtime_errorC1EPKc ->   0x916d
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSt13runtime_errorC2EPKc ->   0x916d
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSt13runtime_errorD0Ev ->   0x8ccd
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSt13runtime_errorD1Ev ->   0x8c79
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSt13runtime_errorD2Ev ->   0x8c79
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSt9bad_allocD0Ev ->   0x111d
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSt9bad_allocD1Ev ->   0x1109
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSt9bad_allocD2Ev ->   0x1109
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSt9exceptionD1Ev ->    0xfb5
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSt9exceptionD2Ev ->    0xfb5
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSt9type_infoD1Ev ->    0xf81
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSt9type_infoD2Ev ->    0xf81
+rtl: esyms: _ZSt10unexpectedv ->   0x89a9
+rtl: esyms: _ZSt13get_terminatev ->   0x89bd
+rtl: esyms: _ZSt14get_unexpectedv ->   0x89cd
+rtl: esyms: _ZSt15get_new_handlerv ->   0x8bc9
+rtl: esyms: _ZSt19__throw_logic_errorPKc ->   0x91a9
+rtl: esyms: _ZSt20__throw_length_errorPKc ->   0x91dd
+rtl: esyms: _ZSt9terminatev ->   0x898d
+rtl: esyms: _ZTIN10__cxxabiv115__forced_unwindE ->  0x4ff20
+rtl: esyms: _ZTIN10__cxxabiv117__class_type_infoE ->  0x50094
+rtl: esyms: _ZTIN10__cxxabiv119__foreign_exceptionE ->  0x4ff28
+rtl: esyms: _ZTIN10__cxxabiv120__si_class_type_infoE ->  0x500f0
+rtl: esyms: _ZTINSt3_V214error_categoryE ->  0x51274
+rtl: esyms: _ZTISt11logic_error ->  0x5112c
+rtl: esyms: _ZTISt12length_error ->  0x51138
+rtl: esyms: _ZTISt13bad_exception ->  0x4ff30
+rtl: esyms: _ZTISt13runtime_error ->  0x51144
+rtl: esyms: _ZTISt9bad_alloc ->  0x50064
+rtl: esyms: _ZTISt9exception ->  0x4ff3c
+rtl: esyms: _ZTISt9type_info ->  0x4fef4
+rtl: esyms: _ZTSN10__cxxabiv115__forced_unwindE ->  0x4ff44
+rtl: esyms: _ZTSN10__cxxabiv117__class_type_infoE ->  0x500a0
+rtl: esyms: _ZTSN10__cxxabiv119__foreign_exceptionE ->  0x4ff64
+rtl: esyms: _ZTSN10__cxxabiv120__si_class_type_infoE ->  0x500fc
+rtl: esyms: _ZTSNSt3_V214error_categoryE ->  0x512d4
+rtl: esyms: _ZTSSt11logic_error ->  0x51150
+rtl: esyms: _ZTSSt12length_error ->  0x51160
+rtl: esyms: _ZTSSt13bad_exception ->  0x4ff88
+rtl: esyms: _ZTSSt13runtime_error ->  0x51174
+rtl: esyms: _ZTSSt9bad_alloc ->  0x50070
+rtl: esyms: _ZTSSt9exception ->  0x4ff9c
+rtl: esyms: _ZTSSt9type_info ->  0x4fefc
+rtl: esyms: _ZTVN10__cxxabiv117__class_type_infoE ->  0x500c4
+rtl: esyms: _ZTVN10__cxxabiv120__si_class_type_infoE ->  0x50124
+rtl: esyms: _ZTVSt11logic_error ->  0x51188
+rtl: esyms: _ZTVSt12length_error ->  0x5119c
+rtl: esyms: _ZTVSt13bad_exception ->  0x4ffac
+rtl: esyms: _ZTVSt13runtime_error ->  0x511b0
+rtl: esyms: _ZTVSt9bad_alloc ->  0x50080
+rtl: esyms: _ZdlPv ->   0x8671
+rtl: esyms: _ZdlPvj ->   0x8a1d
+rtl: esyms: _Znwj ->   0x89dd
 rtl: esyms: __TMC_END__ ->      0x0
-rtl: esyms: ___Unwind_Backtrace ->   0xa629
-rtl: esyms: ___Unwind_ForcedUnwind ->   0xa605
-rtl: esyms: ___Unwind_RaiseException ->   0xa599
-rtl: esyms: ___Unwind_Resume ->   0xa5bd
-rtl: esyms: ___Unwind_Resume_or_Rethrow ->   0xa5e1
-rtl: esyms: __aeabi_atexit ->    0xf81
-rtl: esyms: __aeabi_idiv ->   0x9599
-rtl: esyms: __aeabi_idivmod ->   0x982d
-rtl: esyms: __aeabi_ldivmod ->   0x984d
-rtl: esyms: __aeabi_uidiv ->   0x9321
-rtl: esyms: __aeabi_uidivmod ->   0x957d
-rtl: esyms: __aeabi_uldivmod ->   0x98ed
-rtl: esyms: __aeabi_unwind_cpp_pr0 ->   0xa209
-rtl: esyms: __any_on ->  0x36d31
-rtl: esyms: __ascii_mbtowc ->  0x35d15
-rtl: esyms: __ascii_wctomb ->  0x3d0bd
-rtl: esyms: __assert ->  0x33f39
-rtl: esyms: __assert_func ->   0xf2d7
-rtl: esyms: __atexit_lock -> 0x102e3c
-rtl: esyms: __b2d ->  0x36ae9
-rtl: esyms: __call_exitprocs ->  0x33e09
-rtl: esyms: __copybits ->  0x36ce9
-rtl: esyms: __cxa_allocate_exception ->   0x11e9
-rtl: esyms: __cxa_atexit ->  0x33f51
-rtl: esyms: __cxa_begin_catch ->   0x155d
-rtl: esyms: __cxa_begin_cleanup ->   0x133d
-rtl: esyms: __cxa_call_terminate ->   0x144d
-rtl: esyms: __cxa_call_unexpected ->   0x146d
-rtl: esyms: __cxa_current_exception_type ->   0x1f6d
-rtl: esyms: __cxa_demangle ->   0x89dd
-rtl: esyms: __cxa_end_catch ->   0x15e1
-rtl: esyms: __cxa_end_cleanup ->   0x126d
-rtl: esyms: __cxa_free_exception ->   0x1219
-rtl: esyms: __cxa_get_globals ->   0x16e5
-rtl: esyms: __cxa_get_globals_fast ->   0x16c9
-rtl: esyms: __cxa_rethrow ->   0x1efd
-rtl: esyms: __cxa_throw ->   0x1e7d
-rtl: esyms: __cxa_type_match ->   0x1279
-rtl: esyms: __d2b ->  0x36bad
-rtl: esyms: __divsi3 ->   0x9599
+rtl: esyms: ___Unwind_Backtrace ->   0xa739
+rtl: esyms: ___Unwind_ForcedUnwind ->   0xa715
+rtl: esyms: ___Unwind_RaiseException ->   0xa6a9
+rtl: esyms: ___Unwind_Resume ->   0xa6cd
+rtl: esyms: ___Unwind_Resume_or_Rethrow ->   0xa6f1
+rtl: esyms: __aeabi_atexit ->   0x7f01
+rtl: esyms: __aeabi_idiv ->   0x96a9
+rtl: esyms: __aeabi_idivmod ->   0x993d
+rtl: esyms: __aeabi_ldivmod ->   0x995d
+rtl: esyms: __aeabi_uidiv ->   0x9431
+rtl: esyms: __aeabi_uidivmod ->   0x968d
+rtl: esyms: __aeabi_uldivmod ->   0x99fd
+rtl: esyms: __aeabi_unwind_cpp_pr0 ->   0xa319
+rtl: esyms: __any_on ->  0x37ff1
+rtl: esyms: __ascii_mbtowc ->  0x36f99
+rtl: esyms: __ascii_wctomb ->  0x3e381
+rtl: esyms: __assert ->  0x351b5
+rtl: esyms: __assert_func ->   0xf48f
+rtl: esyms: __atexit_recursive_mutex -> 0x102de0
+rtl: esyms: __b2d ->  0x37da9
+rtl: esyms: __call_exitprocs ->  0x35085
+rtl: esyms: __copybits ->  0x37fa9
+rtl: esyms: __cxa_allocate_exception ->   0x8b41
+rtl: esyms: __cxa_atexit ->  0x351cd
+rtl: esyms: __cxa_begin_catch ->   0x8561
+rtl: esyms: __cxa_begin_cleanup ->   0x8745
+rtl: esyms: __cxa_call_terminate ->   0x8855
+rtl: esyms: __cxa_call_unexpected ->   0x8875
+rtl: esyms: __cxa_current_exception_type ->   0x1215
+rtl: esyms: __cxa_demangle ->   0x7e15
+rtl: esyms: __cxa_end_catch ->   0x85e5
+rtl: esyms: __cxa_end_cleanup ->   0x8675
+rtl: esyms: __cxa_free_exception ->   0x8b71
+rtl: esyms: __cxa_get_globals ->   0x118d
+rtl: esyms: __cxa_get_globals_fast ->   0x1171
+rtl: esyms: __cxa_rethrow ->   0x13ed
+rtl: esyms: __cxa_throw ->   0x136d
+rtl: esyms: __cxa_type_match ->   0x8681
+rtl: esyms: __d2b ->  0x37e6d
+rtl: esyms: __divsi3 ->   0x96a9
 rtl: esyms: __dso_handle -> 0x101400
-rtl: esyms: __errno ->  0x34d85
-rtl: esyms: __exidx_end ->  0x583ec
-rtl: esyms: __exidx_start ->  0x58164
-rtl: esyms: __fp_lock_all ->  0x352c1
-rtl: esyms: __fp_unlock_all ->  0x352e1
-rtl: esyms: __fputwc ->  0x354d5
-rtl: esyms: __gcclibcxx_demangle_callback ->   0x8aa9
+rtl: esyms: __errno ->  0x35ffd
+rtl: esyms: __exidx_end ->  0x59f44
+rtl: esyms: __exidx_start ->  0x59cc4
+rtl: esyms: __fp_lock_all ->  0x36545
+rtl: esyms: __fp_unlock_all ->  0x36565
+rtl: esyms: __fputwc ->  0x36759
+rtl: esyms: __gcclibcxx_demangle_callback ->   0x7ee1
 rtl: esyms: __getreent ->    0xc69
-rtl: esyms: __global_locale -> 0x101a80
-rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_Backtrace ->   0x9e79
-rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_Find_exidx ->  0x18707
-rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_ForcedUnwind ->   0x9d51
-rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_RaiseException ->   0x9cf1
-rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_Restore_VFP ->   0xa4b9
-rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_Restore_VFP_D ->   0xa4c9
-rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_Restore_VFP_D_16_to_31 ->   0xa4d9
-rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_Restore_WMMXC ->   0xa571
-rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_Restore_WMMXD ->   0xa4e9
-rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_Resume ->   0x9d65
-rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_Resume_or_Rethrow ->   0x9da9
-rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_Save_VFP ->   0xa4c1
-rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_Save_VFP_D ->   0xa4d1
-rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_Save_VFP_D_16_to_31 ->   0xa4e1
-rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_Save_WMMXC ->   0xa585
-rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_Save_WMMXD ->   0xa52d
-rtl: esyms: __gnu_end_cleanup ->   0x13a1
-rtl: esyms: __gnu_unwind_execute ->   0xa6a9
-rtl: esyms: __gnu_unwind_frame ->   0xa979
-rtl: esyms: __gxx_personality_v0 ->   0x18fd
-rtl: esyms: __hi0bits ->  0x3661d
-rtl: esyms: __i2b ->  0x366b9
-rtl: esyms: __libc_fini_array ->  0x35301
-rtl: esyms: __libc_init_array ->  0x35a8d
-rtl: esyms: __lo0bits ->  0x3665d
-rtl: esyms: __locale_ctype_ptr ->  0x35b79
-rtl: esyms: __locale_ctype_ptr_l ->  0x35b71
-rtl: esyms: __locale_mb_cur_max ->  0x35b55
-rtl: esyms: __localeconv_l ->  0x35ba1
-rtl: esyms: __lshift ->  0x368a1
-rtl: esyms: __mcmp ->  0x36945
-rtl: esyms: __mdiff ->  0x3697d
-rtl: esyms: __mprec_bigtens ->  0x57748
-rtl: esyms: __mprec_tens ->  0x57658
-rtl: esyms: __mprec_tinytens ->  0x57720
-rtl: esyms: __multadd ->  0x364f9
-rtl: esyms: __multiply ->  0x366cd
-rtl: esyms: __pow5mult ->  0x367fd
-rtl: esyms: __ratio ->  0x36c69
-rtl: esyms: __register_exitproc ->  0x33d39
-rtl: esyms: __restore_core_regs ->   0xa4a1
-rtl: esyms: __s2b ->  0x36581
-rtl: esyms: __sclose ->  0x37171
-rtl: esyms: __seofread ->  0x370f9
-rtl: esyms: __sflush_r ->  0x34e85
-rtl: esyms: __sfmoreglue ->  0x3511d
-rtl: esyms: __sfp ->  0x351d1
-rtl: esyms: __sfp_lock_acquire ->  0x35291
-rtl: esyms: __sfp_lock_release ->  0x3529d
-rtl: esyms: __sfvwrite_r ->  0x35605
-rtl: esyms: __sinit ->  0x35161
-rtl: esyms: __sinit_lock_acquire ->  0x352a9
-rtl: esyms: __sinit_lock_release ->  0x352b5
-rtl: esyms: __smakebuf_r ->  0x35c4d
-rtl: esyms: __sprint_r ->  0x3a5e1
-rtl: esyms: __sread ->  0x370cd
-rtl: esyms: __sseek ->  0x37141
-rtl: esyms: __ssprint_r ->  0x37edd
-rtl: esyms: __start_set_sysctl_set ->  0x58418
-rtl: esyms: __stop_set_sysctl_set ->  0x58418
-rtl: esyms: __swbuf ->  0x3cfbd
-rtl: esyms: __swbuf_r ->  0x3cf11
-rtl: esyms: __swhatbuf_r ->  0x35bdd
-rtl: esyms: __swrite ->  0x370fd
-rtl: esyms: __swsetup_r ->  0x3d0d5
-rtl: esyms: __udivmoddi4 ->   0x9921
-rtl: esyms: __udivsi3 ->   0x9321
-rtl: esyms: __ulp ->  0x36a95
-rtl: esyms: _calloc_r ->   0xf577
-rtl: esyms: _cleanup ->  0x35149
-rtl: esyms: _cleanup_r ->  0x35075
-rtl: esyms: _close_r ->   0xf9ad
-rtl: esyms: _ctype_ ->  0x57520
-rtl: esyms: _dtoa_r ->  0x340a1
-rtl: esyms: _exit ->  0x10d6d
-rtl: esyms: _fclose_r ->  0x34dad
-rtl: esyms: _fflush_r ->  0x34ff1
-rtl: esyms: _fini ->  0x3d1a1
-rtl: esyms: _fiprintf_r ->  0x35335
-rtl: esyms: _fputc_r ->  0x3537d
-rtl: esyms: _fputs_r ->  0x35431
-rtl: esyms: _fputwc_r ->  0x35575
-rtl: esyms: _free_r ->   0xf595
-rtl: esyms: _fstat_r ->   0xfb4f
-rtl: esyms: _fwalk ->  0x35921
-rtl: esyms: _fwalk_reent ->  0x35969
-rtl: esyms: _fwrite_r ->  0x359b9
-rtl: esyms: _getpid_r ->   0xfc67
-rtl: esyms: _gettimeofday_r ->   0xf38f
-rtl: esyms: _global_atexit -> 0x102e38
-rtl: esyms: _global_impure_ptr ->  0x57638
-rtl: esyms: _impure_ptr -> 0x1017a0
-rtl: esyms: _init ->  0x3d195
-rtl: esyms: _isatty ->  0x33eed
-rtl: esyms: _isatty_r ->   0xfc7d
-rtl: esyms: _kill_r ->  0x1e9ad
-rtl: esyms: _localeconv_r ->  0x35ba5
-rtl: esyms: _lseek_r ->   0xff1f
-rtl: esyms: _malloc_r ->   0xf5ad
-rtl: esyms: _mbtowc_r ->  0x35cdd
-rtl: esyms: _mprec_log10 ->  0x36cc1
-rtl: esyms: _printf_r ->  0x36d91
-rtl: esyms: _putc_r ->  0x36dd9
-rtl: esyms: _puts_r ->  0x36ec5
-rtl: esyms: _raise_r ->  0x36f9d
-rtl: esyms: _read_r ->  0x11453
-rtl: esyms: _realloc_r ->   0xf5c7
-rtl: esyms: _reclaim_reent ->  0x36fd1
-rtl: esyms: _rtems_octal2ulong ->  0x3361b
-rtl: esyms: _rtems_tar_header_checksum ->  0x33ce7
-rtl: esyms: _rtld_debug -> 0x1035ec
-rtl: esyms: _rtld_debug_state ->  0x16331
-rtl: esyms: _rtld_linkmap_add ->  0x1633f
-rtl: esyms: _rtld_linkmap_delete ->  0x1641b
-rtl: esyms: _setlocale_r ->  0x35b01
-rtl: esyms: _sprintf_r ->  0x37041
+rtl: esyms: __global_locale -> 0x101a28
+rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_Backtrace ->   0x9f89
+rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_Find_exidx ->  0x1928f
+rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_ForcedUnwind ->   0x9e61
+rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_RaiseException ->   0x9e01
+rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_Restore_VFP ->   0xa5c9
+rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_Restore_VFP_D ->   0xa5d9
+rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_Restore_VFP_D_16_to_31 ->   0xa5e9
+rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_Restore_WMMXC ->   0xa681
+rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_Restore_WMMXD ->   0xa5f9
+rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_Resume ->   0x9e75
+rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_Resume_or_Rethrow ->   0x9eb9
+rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_Save_VFP ->   0xa5d1
+rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_Save_VFP_D ->   0xa5e1
+rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_Save_VFP_D_16_to_31 ->   0xa5f1
+rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_Save_WMMXC ->   0xa695
+rtl: esyms: __gnu_Unwind_Save_WMMXD ->   0xa63d
+rtl: esyms: __gnu_end_cleanup ->   0x87a9
+rtl: esyms: __gnu_unwind_execute ->   0xa7b9
+rtl: esyms: __gnu_unwind_frame ->   0xaa89
+rtl: esyms: __gxx_personality_v0 ->   0x809d
+rtl: esyms: __hi0bits ->  0x378dd
+rtl: esyms: __i2b ->  0x37979
+rtl: esyms: __libc_fini_array ->  0x36585
+rtl: esyms: __libc_init_array ->  0x36d11
+rtl: esyms: __lo0bits ->  0x3791d
+rtl: esyms: __locale_ctype_ptr ->  0x36de5
+rtl: esyms: __locale_ctype_ptr_l ->  0x36ddd
+rtl: esyms: __locale_mb_cur_max ->  0x36dc1
+rtl: esyms: __localeconv_l ->  0x36e19
+rtl: esyms: __lshift ->  0x37b61
+rtl: esyms: __mcmp ->  0x37c05
+rtl: esyms: __mdiff ->  0x37c3d
+rtl: esyms: __mprec_bigtens ->  0x592a8
+rtl: esyms: __mprec_tens ->  0x591b8
+rtl: esyms: __mprec_tinytens ->  0x59280
+rtl: esyms: __multadd ->  0x377b9
+rtl: esyms: __multiply ->  0x3798d
+rtl: esyms: __pow5mult ->  0x37abd
+rtl: esyms: __ratio ->  0x37f29
+rtl: esyms: __register_exitproc ->  0x34fb5
+rtl: esyms: __restore_core_regs ->   0xa5b1
+rtl: esyms: __s2b ->  0x37841
+rtl: esyms: __sclose ->  0x38431
+rtl: esyms: __seofread ->  0x383b9
+rtl: esyms: __sflush_r ->  0x360fd
+rtl: esyms: __sfmoreglue ->  0x36399
+rtl: esyms: __sfp ->  0x3644d
+rtl: esyms: __sfp_lock_acquire ->  0x36515
+rtl: esyms: __sfp_lock_release ->  0x36521
+rtl: esyms: __sfvwrite_r ->  0x36889
+rtl: esyms: __sinit ->  0x363dd
+rtl: esyms: __sinit_lock_acquire ->  0x3652d
+rtl: esyms: __sinit_lock_release ->  0x36539
+rtl: esyms: __smakebuf_r ->  0x36ec5
+rtl: esyms: __sprint_r ->  0x3b8a1
+rtl: esyms: __sread ->  0x3838d
+rtl: esyms: __sseek ->  0x38401
+rtl: esyms: __ssprint_r ->  0x3919d
+rtl: esyms: __start_set_sysctl_set ->  0x59f70
+rtl: esyms: __stop_set_sysctl_set ->  0x59f70
+rtl: esyms: __swbuf ->  0x3e281
+rtl: esyms: __swbuf_r ->  0x3e1d5
+rtl: esyms: __swhatbuf_r ->  0x36e55
+rtl: esyms: __swrite ->  0x383bd
+rtl: esyms: __swsetup_r ->  0x3e399
+rtl: esyms: __udivmoddi4 ->   0x9a31
+rtl: esyms: __udivsi3 ->   0x9431
+rtl: esyms: __ulp ->  0x37d55
+rtl: esyms: _calloc_r ->   0xf72f
+rtl: esyms: _cleanup ->  0x363c5
+rtl: esyms: _cleanup_r ->  0x362ed
+rtl: esyms: _close_r ->   0xfb65
+rtl: esyms: _ctype_ ->  0x5907c
+rtl: esyms: _dtoa_r ->  0x35319
+rtl: esyms: _exit ->  0x10ff7
+rtl: esyms: _fclose_r ->  0x36025
+rtl: esyms: _fflush_r ->  0x36269
+rtl: esyms: _fini ->  0x3e465
+rtl: esyms: _fiprintf_r ->  0x365b9
+rtl: esyms: _fputc_r ->  0x36601
+rtl: esyms: _fputs_r ->  0x366b5
+rtl: esyms: _fputwc_r ->  0x367f9
+rtl: esyms: _free_r ->   0xf74d
+rtl: esyms: _fstat_r ->   0xfd07
+rtl: esyms: _fwalk ->  0x36ba5
+rtl: esyms: _fwalk_reent ->  0x36bed
+rtl: esyms: _fwrite_r ->  0x36c3d
+rtl: esyms: _getpid_r ->   0xfe1f
+rtl: esyms: _gettimeofday_r ->   0xf547
+rtl: esyms: _global_atexit -> 0x102ddc
+rtl: esyms: _global_impure_ptr ->  0x59194
+rtl: esyms: _impure_ptr -> 0x101748
+rtl: esyms: _init ->  0x3e459
+rtl: esyms: _isatty ->  0x35169
+rtl: esyms: _isatty_r ->   0xfe35
+rtl: esyms: _kill_r ->  0x1f709
+rtl: esyms: _localeconv_r ->  0x36e1d
+rtl: esyms: _lseek_r ->  0x101ab
+rtl: esyms: _malloc_r ->   0xf765
+rtl: esyms: _mbtowc_r ->  0x36f61
+rtl: esyms: _mprec_log10 ->  0x37f81
+rtl: esyms: _printf_r ->  0x38051
+rtl: esyms: _putc_r ->  0x38099
+rtl: esyms: _puts_r ->  0x38185
+rtl: esyms: _raise_r ->  0x3825d
+rtl: esyms: _read_r ->  0x116c3
+rtl: esyms: _realloc_r ->   0xf77f
+rtl: esyms: _reclaim_reent ->  0x38291
+rtl: esyms: _rtems_octal2ulong ->  0x34897
+rtl: esyms: _rtems_tar_header_checksum ->  0x34f63
+rtl: esyms: _rtld_debug -> 0x10359c
+rtl: esyms: _rtld_debug_state ->  0x16e7b
+rtl: esyms: _rtld_linkmap_add ->  0x16e89
+rtl: esyms: _rtld_linkmap_delete ->  0x16f65
+rtl: esyms: _setlocale_r ->  0x36d6d
+rtl: esyms: _sprintf_r ->  0x38301
 rtl: esyms: _start ->     0x40
-rtl: esyms: _strdup_r ->  0x37615
-rtl: esyms: _strerror_r ->  0x3763d
-rtl: esyms: _strtoul_r ->  0x37e49
-rtl: esyms: _svfiprintf_r ->  0x37fd5
-rtl: esyms: _svfprintf_r ->  0x38b39
-rtl: esyms: _user_strerror ->  0x3a55d
-rtl: esyms: _vfiprintf_r ->  0x3a5f5
-rtl: esyms: _vfprintf_r ->  0x3b3e1
-rtl: esyms: _vsnprintf_r ->  0x3ce85
-rtl: esyms: _wcrtomb_r ->  0x3cfd5
-rtl: esyms: _wctomb_r ->  0x3d089
-rtl: esyms: _write_r ->  0x157c5
-rtl: esyms: abort ->  0x33f29
-rtl: esyms: arm_cp15_set_exception_handler ->   0xaf51
-rtl: esyms: arm_cpu_mode -> 0x101798
-rtl: esyms: atexit ->  0x33f45
-rtl: esyms: boot_card ->   0xb291
-rtl: esyms: bsp_boot_cmdline -> 0x103004
-rtl: esyms: bsp_console_select ->   0xbbef
-rtl: esyms: bsp_fatal_extension ->   0xb2b7
-rtl: esyms: bsp_interrupt_dispatch ->   0xb123
-rtl: esyms: bsp_interrupt_facility_initialize ->   0xb1df
-rtl: esyms: bsp_interrupt_handler_default ->   0xbc25
-rtl: esyms: bsp_interrupt_handler_table -> 0x103008
-rtl: esyms: bsp_interrupt_initialize ->   0xbedb
-rtl: esyms: bsp_interrupt_lock ->   0xbe9f
-rtl: esyms: bsp_interrupt_unlock ->   0xbebd
-rtl: esyms: bsp_interrupt_vector_enable ->   0xb16f
-rtl: esyms: bsp_predriver_hook ->   0xb341
+rtl: esyms: _strdup_r ->  0x388d5
+rtl: esyms: _strerror_r ->  0x388fd
+rtl: esyms: _strtoul_r ->  0x39109
+rtl: esyms: _svfiprintf_r ->  0x39295
+rtl: esyms: _svfprintf_r ->  0x39df9
+rtl: esyms: _user_strerror ->  0x3b81d
+rtl: esyms: _vfiprintf_r ->  0x3b8b5
+rtl: esyms: _vfprintf_r ->  0x3c6a1
+rtl: esyms: _vsnprintf_r ->  0x3e149
+rtl: esyms: _wcrtomb_r ->  0x3e299
+rtl: esyms: _wctomb_r ->  0x3e34d
+rtl: esyms: _write_r ->  0x1630f
+rtl: esyms: abort ->  0x351a5
+rtl: esyms: arm_cp15_set_exception_handler ->   0xb079
+rtl: esyms: atexit ->  0x351c1
+rtl: esyms: boot_card ->   0xb429
+rtl: esyms: bsp_boot_cmdline -> 0x102fb4
+rtl: esyms: bsp_fatal_extension ->   0xb44f
+rtl: esyms: bsp_interrupt_dispatch ->   0xb281
+rtl: esyms: bsp_interrupt_facility_initialize ->   0xb377
+rtl: esyms: bsp_interrupt_handler_default ->   0xba3d
+rtl: esyms: bsp_interrupt_handler_table -> 0x102fb8
+rtl: esyms: bsp_interrupt_initialize ->   0xbd57
+rtl: esyms: bsp_interrupt_lock ->   0xbd1b
+rtl: esyms: bsp_interrupt_unlock ->   0xbd39
+rtl: esyms: bsp_interrupt_vector_disable ->   0xb307
+rtl: esyms: bsp_interrupt_vector_enable ->   0xb2cd
+rtl: esyms: bsp_predriver_hook ->   0xb4d9
 rtl: esyms: bsp_processor_count ->      0x1
-rtl: esyms: bsp_reset ->   0xb34f
-rtl: esyms: bsp_section_bss_begin -> 0x101c00
-rtl: esyms: bsp_section_bss_end -> 0x103b30
+rtl: esyms: bsp_reset ->   0xb4e9
+rtl: esyms: bsp_section_bss_begin -> 0x101bc0
+rtl: esyms: bsp_section_bss_end -> 0x103af0
 rtl: esyms: bsp_section_bss_size ->   0x1f30
 rtl: esyms: bsp_section_data_begin -> 0x101400
-rtl: esyms: bsp_section_data_end -> 0x101bec
+rtl: esyms: bsp_section_data_end -> 0x101b94
 rtl: esyms: bsp_section_data_load_begin -> 0x101400
-rtl: esyms: bsp_section_data_load_end -> 0x101bec
-rtl: esyms: bsp_section_data_size ->    0x7ec
+rtl: esyms: bsp_section_data_load_end -> 0x101b94
+rtl: esyms: bsp_section_data_size ->    0x794
 rtl: esyms: bsp_section_fast_data_begin -> 0x101400
 rtl: esyms: bsp_section_fast_data_end -> 0x101400
 rtl: esyms: bsp_section_fast_data_load_begin -> 0x101400
@@ -634,11 +633,11 @@ rtl: esyms: bsp_section_nocachenoload_begin -> 0xfefc000
 rtl: esyms: bsp_section_nocachenoload_end -> 0xfffc000
 rtl: esyms: bsp_section_nocachenoload_size -> 0x100000
 rtl: esyms: bsp_section_robarrier_align ->      0x1
-rtl: esyms: bsp_section_rodata_begin ->  0x3d1b0
-rtl: esyms: bsp_section_rodata_end ->  0x58454
-rtl: esyms: bsp_section_rodata_load_begin ->  0x3d1b0
-rtl: esyms: bsp_section_rodata_load_end ->  0x58454
-rtl: esyms: bsp_section_rodata_size ->  0x1b2a4
+rtl: esyms: bsp_section_rodata_begin ->  0x3e470
+rtl: esyms: bsp_section_rodata_end ->  0x59fb0
+rtl: esyms: bsp_section_rodata_load_begin ->  0x3e470
+rtl: esyms: bsp_section_rodata_load_end ->  0x59fb0
+rtl: esyms: bsp_section_rodata_size ->  0x1bb40
 rtl: esyms: bsp_section_rwbarrier_align -> 0x100000
 rtl: esyms: bsp_section_stack_begin -> 0xfefc000
 rtl: esyms: bsp_section_stack_end -> 0xfefc000
@@ -647,16 +646,16 @@ rtl: esyms: bsp_section_start_begin ->      0x0
 rtl: esyms: bsp_section_start_end ->    0xaa4
 rtl: esyms: bsp_section_start_size ->    0xaa4
 rtl: esyms: bsp_section_text_begin ->    0xac0
-rtl: esyms: bsp_section_text_end ->  0x3d1ac
+rtl: esyms: bsp_section_text_end ->  0x3e470
 rtl: esyms: bsp_section_text_load_begin ->    0xac0
-rtl: esyms: bsp_section_text_load_end ->  0x3d1ac
-rtl: esyms: bsp_section_text_size ->  0x3c6ec
+rtl: esyms: bsp_section_text_load_end ->  0x3e470
+rtl: esyms: bsp_section_text_size ->  0x3d9b0
 rtl: esyms: bsp_section_vector_begin -> 0x100000
 rtl: esyms: bsp_section_vector_end -> 0x101400
 rtl: esyms: bsp_section_vector_size ->   0x1400
-rtl: esyms: bsp_section_work_begin -> 0x103b30
+rtl: esyms: bsp_section_work_begin -> 0x103af0
 rtl: esyms: bsp_section_work_end -> 0xfefc000
-rtl: esyms: bsp_section_work_size -> 0xfdf84d0
+rtl: esyms: bsp_section_work_size -> 0xfdf8510
 rtl: esyms: bsp_section_xbarrier_align ->      0x1
 rtl: esyms: bsp_stack_abt_begin -> 0x101000
 rtl: esyms: bsp_stack_abt_end -> 0x101400
@@ -683,7 +682,7 @@ rtl: esyms: bsp_stack_svc_size ->      0x0
 rtl: esyms: bsp_stack_und_begin -> 0x101000
 rtl: esyms: bsp_stack_und_end -> 0x101000
 rtl: esyms: bsp_stack_und_size ->      0x0
-rtl: esyms: bsp_start ->   0xb3a9
+rtl: esyms: bsp_start ->   0xb531
 rtl: esyms: bsp_start_hook_0 ->    0x769
 rtl: esyms: bsp_start_hook_0_done ->     0xc8
 rtl: esyms: bsp_start_hook_1 ->    0x7c5
@@ -698,753 +697,806 @@ rtl: esyms: bsp_vector_table_begin ->      0x0
 rtl: esyms: bsp_vector_table_end ->     0x40
 rtl: esyms: bsp_vector_table_in_start_section ->      0x1
 rtl: esyms: bsp_vector_table_size ->     0x40
-rtl: esyms: bsp_work_area_initialize ->   0xb307
-rtl: esyms: calloc ->   0xf2a1
-rtl: esyms: cleanup_glue ->  0x36fb5
-rtl: esyms: close ->   0xf917
-rtl: esyms: console_close ->   0xba4b
-rtl: esyms: console_control ->   0xbbb7
-rtl: esyms: console_initialize ->   0xbacd
-rtl: esyms: console_initialize_data ->   0xb81b
-rtl: esyms: console_open ->   0xb8f7
-rtl: esyms: console_read ->   0xbbd3
-rtl: esyms: console_write ->   0xbc09
-rtl: esyms: device_close ->   0xca29
-rtl: esyms: device_ftruncate ->   0xcaef
-rtl: esyms: device_ioctl ->   0xcabb
-rtl: esyms: device_open ->   0xc9f1
-rtl: esyms: device_read ->   0xca53
-rtl: esyms: device_write ->   0xca87
+rtl: esyms: bsp_work_area_initialize ->   0xb49f
+rtl: esyms: calloc ->   0xf43f
+rtl: esyms: cleanup_glue ->  0x38275
+rtl: esyms: close ->   0xfacf
+rtl: esyms: console_close ->   0xb949
+rtl: esyms: console_control ->   0xb997
+rtl: esyms: console_initialize ->   0xb8a3
+rtl: esyms: console_open ->   0xb92f
+rtl: esyms: console_read ->   0xb963
+rtl: esyms: console_write ->   0xb97d
+rtl: esyms: device_close ->   0xca83
+rtl: esyms: device_ftruncate ->   0xcb49
+rtl: esyms: device_ioctl ->   0xcb15
+rtl: esyms: device_open ->   0xca4b
+rtl: esyms: device_read ->   0xcaad
+rtl: esyms: device_write ->   0xcae1
 rtl: esyms: dl_load_test ->    0xc7b
-rtl: esyms: dl_tar ->  0x3d53c
-rtl: esyms: dl_tar_size ->  0x4753c
-rtl: esyms: dlclose ->  0x1587b
-rtl: esyms: dlerror ->  0x15953
-rtl: esyms: dlopen ->  0x15819
-rtl: esyms: dlsym ->  0x158ef
+rtl: esyms: dl_tar ->  0x3e804
+rtl: esyms: dl_tar_size ->  0x48804
+rtl: esyms: dlclose ->  0x163c5
+rtl: esyms: dlerror ->  0x1649d
+rtl: esyms: dlopen ->  0x16363
+rtl: esyms: dlsym ->  0x16439
 rtl: esyms: exception_base ->    0xe0d
-rtl: esyms: exit ->  0x34d8d
-rtl: esyms: fastlz_decompress ->  0x15e19
-rtl: esyms: fclose ->  0x34e71
-rtl: esyms: fflush ->  0x35049
-rtl: esyms: fiprintf ->  0x35355
-rtl: esyms: fputc ->  0x353d9
-rtl: esyms: fputs ->  0x354bd
-rtl: esyms: fputwc ->  0x355e1
-rtl: esyms: free ->   0xf9c7
-rtl: esyms: frexp ->   0x92a1
-rtl: esyms: fstat ->   0xfaa5
-rtl: esyms: ftruncate ->   0xfb6d
-rtl: esyms: fwrite ->  0x35a6d
-rtl: esyms: getegid ->   0xfc37
-rtl: esyms: geteuid ->   0xfc47
-rtl: esyms: getpid ->   0xfc57
-rtl: esyms: gettimeofday ->   0xf35f
-rtl: esyms: imfs_memfile_bytes_per_block -> 0x1035d8
+rtl: esyms: exit ->  0x36005
+rtl: esyms: fastlz_decompress ->  0x16963
+rtl: esyms: fclose ->  0x360e9
+rtl: esyms: fflush ->  0x362c1
+rtl: esyms: fiprintf ->  0x365d9
+rtl: esyms: fputc ->  0x3665d
+rtl: esyms: fputs ->  0x36741
+rtl: esyms: fputwc ->  0x36865
+rtl: esyms: free ->   0xfb7f
+rtl: esyms: frexp ->   0x93b1
+rtl: esyms: fstat ->   0xfc5d
+rtl: esyms: ftruncate ->   0xfd25
+rtl: esyms: fwrite ->  0x36cf1
+rtl: esyms: getegid ->   0xfdef
+rtl: esyms: geteuid ->   0xfdff
+rtl: esyms: getpid ->   0xfe0f
+rtl: esyms: gettimeofday ->   0xf517
+rtl: esyms: imfs_memfile_bytes_per_block -> 0x103588
 rtl: esyms: imfs_rq_memfile_bytes_per_block -> 0x101404
-rtl: esyms: isatty ->  0x35ae5
-rtl: esyms: libchip_serial_default_probe ->   0xc4d3
-rtl: esyms: localeconv ->  0x35bc1
-rtl: esyms: lseek ->   0xfe89
-rtl: esyms: malloc ->   0xff49
-rtl: esyms: memchr ->  0x35d41
-rtl: esyms: memcmp ->  0x35de1
-rtl: esyms: memcpy ->  0x35e40
-rtl: esyms: memfile_blocks_allocated -> 0x1029f0
-rtl: esyms: memmove ->  0x36321
-rtl: esyms: memset ->  0x363f5
-rtl: esyms: mkdir ->  0x104c5
-rtl: esyms: mknod ->  0x105af
-rtl: esyms: mount ->  0x10c8b
-rtl: esyms: newlib_create_hook ->  0x10d89
-rtl: esyms: newlib_terminate_hook ->  0x10e55
-rtl: esyms: open ->  0x11193
-rtl: esyms: printf ->  0x36db1
-rtl: esyms: printk ->  0x112e5
-rtl: esyms: pthread_getspecific ->  0x1e29d
-rtl: esyms: pthread_key_create ->  0x1dd95
-rtl: esyms: pthread_key_delete ->  0x1e053
-rtl: esyms: pthread_kill ->  0x203db
-rtl: esyms: pthread_self ->  0x204bf
-rtl: esyms: pthread_setspecific ->  0x1e935
-rtl: esyms: putc ->  0x36e4d
-rtl: esyms: puts ->  0x36f6d
-rtl: esyms: raise ->  0x36f81
-rtl: esyms: read ->  0x1138d
-rtl: esyms: realloc ->  0x114e9
-rtl: esyms: restore_core_regs ->   0xa4a1
-rtl: esyms: rmdir ->  0x115f9
-rtl: esyms: rtems_assoc_local_by_remote ->   0xf5e5
-rtl: esyms: rtems_assoc_local_by_remote_bitfield ->   0xf60f
-rtl: esyms: rtems_assoc_ptr_by_local ->   0xf653
-rtl: esyms: rtems_assoc_ptr_by_remote ->   0xf6b3
-rtl: esyms: rtems_assoc_remote_by_local ->   0xf713
-rtl: esyms: rtems_cache_coherent_add_area ->   0xf879
-rtl: esyms: rtems_cache_flush_multiple_data_lines ->   0xb6a5
-rtl: esyms: rtems_cache_get_instruction_line_size ->   0xb6d9
-rtl: esyms: rtems_cache_get_maximal_line_size ->   0xb6e9
-rtl: esyms: rtems_cache_instruction_sync_after_code_change ->   0xb6f9
-rtl: esyms: rtems_cache_invalidate_multiple_instruction_lines ->   0xb6bf
-rtl: esyms: rtems_chain_append ->  0x23b4b
-rtl: esyms: rtems_chain_extract ->  0x23b21
-rtl: esyms: rtems_clock_get_ticks_per_second ->  0x204fd
-rtl: esyms: rtems_counter_initialize_converter ->  0x23b79
-rtl: esyms: rtems_current_user_env_get ->  0x1130d
-rtl: esyms: rtems_current_user_env_key -> 0x1035dc
-rtl: esyms: rtems_deviceio_close ->  0x11873
-rtl: esyms: rtems_deviceio_control ->  0x119a3
-rtl: esyms: rtems_deviceio_open ->  0x11833
-rtl: esyms: rtems_deviceio_read ->  0x118af
-rtl: esyms: rtems_deviceio_write ->  0x11929
-rtl: esyms: rtems_event_receive ->  0x20617
-rtl: esyms: rtems_event_send ->  0x20c2b
-rtl: esyms: rtems_event_system_send ->  0x22eb9
-rtl: esyms: rtems_fatal ->  0x23d35
-rtl: esyms: rtems_fatal_error_occurred ->  0x23d1b
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_check_access ->  0x11773
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_are_nodes_equal ->   0xc4e9
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_close ->   0xc511
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_eval_path ->   0xc527
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_fcntl ->   0xc547
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_freenode ->   0xc55f
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_fstat ->   0xc573
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_fsunmount ->   0xc593
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_fsync_or_fdatasync ->   0xc5a7
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_fsync_or_fdatasync_success ->   0xc5c5
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_ftruncate ->   0xc5db
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_ftruncate_directory ->   0xc5fd
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_ioctl ->   0xc61f
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_kqfilter ->   0xc641
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_lock ->   0xc68d
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_lseek ->   0xc6b5
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_lseek_directory ->   0xc6dd
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_lseek_file ->   0xc72b
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_open ->   0xc84d
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_pathconf ->  0x50bc0
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_poll ->   0xc869
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_read ->   0xc881
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_readv ->   0xc8a3
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_statvfs ->   0xc91d
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_unlock ->   0xc6a1
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_write ->   0xc93d
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_writev ->   0xc95f
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_do_unmount ->  0x12b2b
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_eval_path_check_access ->  0x117f7
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_eval_path_cleanup ->  0x11ff7
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_eval_path_cleanup_with_parent ->  0x1202f
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_eval_path_continue ->  0x11ce5
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_eval_path_eat_delimiter ->  0x12bbb
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_eval_path_error ->  0x11f69
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_eval_path_generic ->  0x12235
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_eval_path_next_token ->  0x12c7b
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_eval_path_recursive ->  0x11ec9
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_eval_path_restart ->  0x1204d
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_eval_path_start ->  0x11ddd
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_eval_path_start_with_parent ->  0x11e19
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_eval_path_start_with_root_and_current ->  0x11d7b
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_get_mount_handler ->  0x10819
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_global_location_assign ->  0x128fd
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_global_location_null -> 0x101568
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_global_location_obtain ->  0x12a09
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_global_location_release ->  0x12a79
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_handlers_default ->  0x4ffe8
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_initialize ->   0xf73d
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_iterate ->  0x1072b
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_location_clone ->   0xf8d7
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_location_copy ->  0x1281d
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_location_copy_and_detach ->  0x1287b
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_location_detach ->  0x1285f
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_location_free ->   0xfa77
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_location_remove_from_mt_entry ->  0x12ae5
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_location_transform_to_global ->  0x128a1
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_mknod ->  0x1051d
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_mount_table -> 0x1015ec
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_null_handlers ->  0x508f4
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_null_mt_entry -> 0x101528
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_root_configuration ->  0x3d288
-rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_table ->  0x3d210
-rtl: esyms: rtems_global_user_env -> 0x10158c
-rtl: esyms: rtems_heap_allocate_aligned_with_boundary ->  0x1034d
-rtl: esyms: rtems_heap_null_extend ->  0x116a7
-rtl: esyms: rtems_initialize_executive ->  0x23cbd
-rtl: esyms: rtems_interrupt_handler_install ->   0xc193
-rtl: esyms: rtems_io_close ->  0x23d91
-rtl: esyms: rtems_io_control ->  0x23de9
-rtl: esyms: rtems_io_initialize ->  0x23e41
-rtl: esyms: rtems_io_open ->  0x23e97
-rtl: esyms: rtems_io_read ->  0x23eef
-rtl: esyms: rtems_io_register_name ->   0xf265
-rtl: esyms: rtems_io_write ->  0x23f47
-rtl: esyms: rtems_libio_allocate ->   0xfd19
-rtl: esyms: rtems_libio_exit ->   0xfdb1
-rtl: esyms: rtems_libio_fcntl_flags ->   0xfccb
-rtl: esyms: rtems_libio_free ->   0xfd6f
-rtl: esyms: rtems_libio_free_user_env ->  0x1133f
-rtl: esyms: rtems_libio_iop_freelist -> 0x1035e0
-rtl: esyms: rtems_libio_iops -> 0x102e78
-rtl: esyms: rtems_libio_number_iops ->  0x3d20c
-rtl: esyms: rtems_libio_post_driver ->  0x111f5
-rtl: esyms: rtems_libio_semaphore -> 0x1035e4
-rtl: esyms: rtems_malloc_dirty_helper -> 0x102884
-rtl: esyms: rtems_malloc_extend_handler ->  0x3d2f0
+rtl: esyms: isatty ->  0x36d69
+rtl: esyms: link ->  0x1006f
+rtl: esyms: localeconv ->  0x36e39
+rtl: esyms: lseek ->  0x10115
+rtl: esyms: malloc ->  0x101d5
+rtl: esyms: memchr ->  0x36fd1
+rtl: esyms: memcmp ->  0x37071
+rtl: esyms: memcpy ->  0x37100
+rtl: esyms: memfile_blocks_allocated -> 0x1029a4
+rtl: esyms: memmove ->  0x375e1
+rtl: esyms: memset ->  0x376b5
+rtl: esyms: mkdir ->  0x1074d
+rtl: esyms: mknod ->  0x10837
+rtl: esyms: mount ->  0x10f15
+rtl: esyms: newlib_create_hook ->  0x11013
+rtl: esyms: newlib_terminate_hook ->  0x110df
+rtl: esyms: open ->  0x1141d
+rtl: esyms: printf ->  0x38071
+rtl: esyms: printk ->  0x11551
+rtl: esyms: pthread_getspecific ->  0x1eff9
+rtl: esyms: pthread_key_create ->  0x1eaf1
+rtl: esyms: pthread_key_delete ->  0x1edaf
+rtl: esyms: pthread_kill ->  0x211eb
+rtl: esyms: pthread_self ->  0x212cf
+rtl: esyms: pthread_setspecific ->  0x1f691
+rtl: esyms: putc ->  0x3810d
+rtl: esyms: puts ->  0x3822d
+rtl: esyms: raise ->  0x38241
+rtl: esyms: read ->  0x115fd
+rtl: esyms: realloc ->  0x11759
+rtl: esyms: restore_core_regs ->   0xa5b1
+rtl: esyms: rmdir ->  0x11869
+rtl: esyms: rtems_assoc_local_by_remote ->   0xf79d
+rtl: esyms: rtems_assoc_local_by_remote_bitfield ->   0xf7c7
+rtl: esyms: rtems_assoc_ptr_by_local ->   0xf80b
+rtl: esyms: rtems_assoc_ptr_by_remote ->   0xf86b
+rtl: esyms: rtems_assoc_remote_by_local ->   0xf8cb
+rtl: esyms: rtems_cache_coherent_add_area ->   0xfa31
+rtl: esyms: rtems_cache_flush_multiple_data_lines ->   0xb82d
+rtl: esyms: rtems_cache_get_instruction_line_size ->   0xb861
+rtl: esyms: rtems_cache_get_maximal_line_size ->   0xb871
+rtl: esyms: rtems_cache_instruction_sync_after_code_change ->   0xb881
+rtl: esyms: rtems_cache_invalidate_multiple_instruction_lines ->   0xb847
+rtl: esyms: rtems_chain_append ->  0x24b6d
+rtl: esyms: rtems_chain_extract ->  0x24b43
+rtl: esyms: rtems_clock_get_ticks_per_second ->  0x2130d
+rtl: esyms: rtems_counter_initialize_converter ->  0x24ba1
+rtl: esyms: rtems_current_user_env_get ->  0x11579
+rtl: esyms: rtems_current_user_env_key -> 0x10358c
+rtl: esyms: rtems_deviceio_close ->  0x11ae3
+rtl: esyms: rtems_deviceio_control ->  0x11c13
+rtl: esyms: rtems_deviceio_open ->  0x11aa3
+rtl: esyms: rtems_deviceio_read ->  0x11b1f
+rtl: esyms: rtems_deviceio_write ->  0x11b99
+rtl: esyms: rtems_event_receive ->  0x21427
+rtl: esyms: rtems_event_send ->  0x21a93
+rtl: esyms: rtems_event_system_send ->  0x23e89
+rtl: esyms: rtems_fatal_error_occurred ->  0x24d41
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_check_access ->  0x119e3
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_are_nodes_equal ->   0xc543
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_close ->   0xc56b
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_eval_path ->   0xc581
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_fcntl ->   0xc5a1
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_freenode ->   0xc5b9
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_fstat ->   0xc5cd
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_fsunmount ->   0xc5ed
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_fsync_or_fdatasync ->   0xc601
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_fsync_or_fdatasync_success ->   0xc61f
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_ftruncate ->   0xc635
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_ftruncate_directory ->   0xc657
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_ioctl ->   0xc679
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_kqfilter ->   0xc69b
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_lock ->   0xc6e7
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_lseek ->   0xc70f
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_lseek_directory ->   0xc737
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_lseek_file ->   0xc785
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_open ->   0xc8a7
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_pathconf ->  0x51f7c
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_poll ->   0xc8c3
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_read ->   0xc8db
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_readv ->   0xc8fd
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_statvfs ->   0xc977
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_unlock ->   0xc6fb
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_write ->   0xc997
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_default_writev ->   0xc9b9
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_do_unmount ->  0x12e03
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_eval_path_check_access ->  0x11a67
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_eval_path_cleanup ->  0x12267
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_eval_path_cleanup_with_parent ->  0x122a3
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_eval_path_continue ->  0x11f55
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_eval_path_eat_delimiter ->  0x12e95
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_eval_path_error ->  0x121d9
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_eval_path_generic ->  0x124a9
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_eval_path_next_token ->  0x12f55
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_eval_path_recursive ->  0x12139
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_eval_path_restart ->  0x122c1
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_eval_path_start ->  0x1204d
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_eval_path_start_with_parent ->  0x12089
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_eval_path_start_with_root_and_current ->  0x11feb
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_get_mount_handler ->  0x10aa1
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_global_location_assign ->  0x12bcd
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_global_location_null -> 0x10150c
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_global_location_obtain ->  0x12cdb
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_global_location_release ->  0x12d4b
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_handlers_default ->  0x513a4
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_initialize ->   0xf8f5
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_iterate ->  0x109b3
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_location_clone ->   0xfa8f
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_location_copy ->  0x12aed
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_location_copy_and_detach ->  0x12b4b
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_location_detach ->  0x12b2f
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_location_exists_in_same_instance_as ->  0x126b5
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_location_free ->   0xfc2f
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_location_remove_from_mt_entry ->  0x12dbd
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_location_transform_to_global ->  0x12b71
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_mknod ->  0x107a5
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_mount_table -> 0x101590
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_null_handlers ->  0x51cb0
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_null_mt_entry -> 0x1014cc
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_root_configuration ->  0x3e548
+rtl: esyms: rtems_filesystem_table ->  0x3e4d0
+rtl: esyms: rtems_global_user_env -> 0x101530
+rtl: esyms: rtems_heap_allocate_aligned_with_boundary ->  0x105d9
+rtl: esyms: rtems_heap_null_extend ->  0x11917
+rtl: esyms: rtems_initialize_executive ->  0x24ce5
+rtl: esyms: rtems_interrupt_handler_install ->   0xc17b
+rtl: esyms: rtems_interrupt_handler_remove ->   0xc1a3
+rtl: esyms: rtems_io_close ->  0x24d99
+rtl: esyms: rtems_io_control ->  0x24df1
+rtl: esyms: rtems_io_initialize ->  0x24e49
+rtl: esyms: rtems_io_open ->  0x24e9f
+rtl: esyms: rtems_io_read ->  0x24ef7
+rtl: esyms: rtems_io_write ->  0x24f4f
+rtl: esyms: rtems_libio_allocate ->   0xfed1
+rtl: esyms: rtems_libio_exit ->   0xff69
+rtl: esyms: rtems_libio_fcntl_flags ->   0xfe83
+rtl: esyms: rtems_libio_free ->   0xff27
+rtl: esyms: rtems_libio_free_user_env ->  0x115ab
+rtl: esyms: rtems_libio_iop_freelist -> 0x103590
+rtl: esyms: rtems_libio_iops -> 0x102e28
+rtl: esyms: rtems_libio_number_iops ->  0x3e4cc
+rtl: esyms: rtems_libio_post_driver ->  0x1147f
+rtl: esyms: rtems_libio_semaphore -> 0x103594
+rtl: esyms: rtems_malloc_dirty_helper -> 0x102844
+rtl: esyms: rtems_malloc_extend_handler ->  0x3e5b0
 rtl: esyms: rtems_minimum_stack_size -> 0x101484
-rtl: esyms: rtems_printf ->  0x112a5
-rtl: esyms: rtems_putc ->  0x116bf
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_alloc_del ->  0x1600b
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_alloc_heap ->  0x15e69
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_alloc_initialise ->  0x15f45
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_alloc_module_del ->  0x1618f
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_alloc_module_new ->  0x1606f
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_alloc_new ->  0x15f89
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_base_sym_global_add ->  0x1d897
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_baseimage ->  0x1d8f5
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_chain_iterate ->  0x162d9
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_check_handle ->  0x1d427
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_elf_file_check ->  0x174f5
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_elf_file_load ->  0x177eb
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_elf_file_sig ->  0x179e1
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_elf_file_unload ->  0x179c9
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_elf_find_symbol ->  0x165d7
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_elf_rel_resolve_sym ->  0x17e05
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_elf_relocate_rel ->  0x17e41
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_elf_relocate_rela ->  0x17e1b
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_elf_section_flags ->  0x17dd5
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_elf_unwind_deregister ->  0x186e9
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_elf_unwind_parse ->  0x186b9
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_elf_unwind_register ->  0x186d3
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_find_file ->  0x17ab5
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_find_obj ->  0x1d48b
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_get_error ->  0x17a37
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_global_symbols ->  0x1d1eb
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_load_object ->  0x1d57b
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_lock ->  0x1d387
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_match_name ->  0x19729
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_add_section ->  0x1983f
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_alloc ->  0x19237
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_bss_alignment ->  0x19aad
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_bss_size ->  0x19a93
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_cache_close ->  0x187ff
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_cache_flush ->  0x18855
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_cache_open ->  0x1879d
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_cache_read ->  0x188a3
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_cache_read_byval ->  0x18c87
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_caches ->  0x1d253
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_caches_flush ->  0x1d2e7
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_comp ->  0x1d333
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_comp_close ->  0x18d55
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_comp_open ->  0x18ce7
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_comp_read ->  0x18de1
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_comp_set ->  0x18da1
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_const_alignment ->  0x19a45
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_const_size ->  0x199f7
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_data_alignment ->  0x19a79
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_data_size ->  0x19a5f
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_eh_alignment ->  0x19a11
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_eh_size ->  0x19a2b
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_find_file ->  0x197b5
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_find_section ->  0x19929
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_find_section_by_index ->  0x19991
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_free ->  0x192c3
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_load ->  0x1a591
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_load_sections ->  0x19d6b
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_load_symbols ->  0x19c0b
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_relocate ->  0x19ac7
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_relocate_unresolved ->  0x16a71
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_run_ctors ->  0x1a039
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_run_dtors ->  0x1a051
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_synchronize_cache ->  0x19ba9
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_text_alignment ->  0x199dd
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_text_size ->  0x199c3
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_unload ->  0x1a655
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_parse_name ->  0x1937d
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_path_append ->  0x1d87d
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_rap_file_check ->  0x1b2d7
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_rap_file_load ->  0x1b36f
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_rap_file_sig ->  0x1b989
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_rap_file_unload ->  0x1b973
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_set_error ->  0x179f7
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_strdup ->  0x1b99f
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_symbol_global_add ->  0x1bcbb
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_symbol_global_find ->  0x1becb
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_symbol_obj_add ->  0x1bfe7
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_symbol_obj_erase ->  0x1c05d
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_symbol_obj_erase_local ->  0x1c027
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_symbol_obj_find ->  0x1bf4d
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_symbol_table_close ->  0x1bc9f
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_symbol_table_open ->  0x1bc17
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_trace ->  0x1c0d7
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_trace_set_mask ->  0x1c107
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_unload_object ->  0x1d66d
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_unlock ->  0x1d3e1
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_unresolved ->  0x1d21f
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_unresolved_add ->  0x1c959
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_unresolved_interate ->  0x1c8cf
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_unresolved_resolve ->  0x1cb0b
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_unresolved_table_close ->  0x1c887
-rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_unresolved_table_open ->  0x1c857
-rtl: esyms: rtems_semaphore_create ->  0x2183b
-rtl: esyms: rtems_semaphore_delete ->  0x21ccb
-rtl: esyms: rtems_semaphore_obtain ->  0x2256f
-rtl: esyms: rtems_semaphore_release ->  0x22d09
-rtl: esyms: rtems_shutdown_executive ->  0x23d01
-rtl: esyms: rtems_status_code_to_errno ->  0x22e75
-rtl: esyms: rtems_task_create ->  0x23177
-rtl: esyms: rtems_task_delete ->  0x23423
-rtl: esyms: rtems_task_start ->  0x23729
-rtl: esyms: rtems_task_wake_after ->  0x23967
-rtl: esyms: rtems_termios_baud_table ->  0x50e20
-rtl: esyms: rtems_termios_close ->  0x13881
-rtl: esyms: rtems_termios_enqueue_raw_characters ->  0x14b4d
-rtl: esyms: rtems_termios_initialize ->  0x1513f
-rtl: esyms: rtems_termios_ioctl ->  0x13ac1
-rtl: esyms: rtems_termios_linesw -> 0x102aa8
-rtl: esyms: rtems_termios_number_to_baud ->  0x150cd
-rtl: esyms: rtems_termios_open ->  0x136ed
-rtl: esyms: rtems_termios_puts ->  0x13ec1
-rtl: esyms: rtems_termios_read ->  0x14aa3
-rtl: esyms: rtems_termios_set_initial_baud ->  0x150f9
-rtl: esyms: rtems_termios_ttyMutex -> 0x1035e8
-rtl: esyms: rtems_termios_write ->  0x1422b
-rtl: esyms: rtems_test_fatal_extension ->  0x33601
-rtl: esyms: rtems_test_name ->  0x3d1b0
-rtl: esyms: setlocale ->  0x35b89
-rtl: esyms: sigemptyset ->  0x204cf
-rtl: esyms: sprintf ->  0x37085
-rtl: esyms: stat ->  0x116e1
-rtl: esyms: strchr ->  0x37179
-rtl: esyms: strcmp ->  0x37269
-rtl: esyms: strcpy ->  0x3753d
-rtl: esyms: strdup ->  0x37601
-rtl: esyms: strerror ->  0x37aad
-rtl: esyms: strerror_l ->  0x37ac5
-rtl: esyms: strlen ->  0x37b01
-rtl: esyms: strncmp ->  0x37bdd
-rtl: esyms: strncpy ->  0x37c79
-rtl: esyms: strrchr ->  0x37ce9
-rtl: esyms: strtoul ->  0x37ea1
-rtl: esyms: strtoul_l ->  0x37e81
-rtl: esyms: symlink ->  0x12cc7
-rtl: esyms: time ->  0x3a539
-rtl: esyms: unlink ->  0x151b1
-rtl: esyms: vfiprintf ->  0x3b32d
-rtl: esyms: vfprintf ->  0x3cdd5
-rtl: esyms: vprintk ->  0x15237
-rtl: esyms: vsnprintf ->  0x3cef1
-rtl: esyms: wcrtomb ->  0x3d02d
-rtl: esyms: write ->  0x156ff
-rtl: esyms: zynq_uart_fns ->  0x4ffc4
-rtl: esyms: zynq_uart_reset_tx_flush ->   0xc495
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt10moneypunctIcLb0EE2idE -> 0x102968
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt10moneypunctIcLb1EE2idE -> 0x102964
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt10moneypunctIwLb0EE2idE -> 0x102998
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt10moneypunctIwLb1EE2idE -> 0x102994
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt11__timepunctIcE2idE -> 0x10294c
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt11__timepunctIwE2idE -> 0x10297c
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx1110moneypunctIcLb0EE2idE -> 0x102918
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx1110moneypunctIcLb1EE2idE -> 0x102914
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx1110moneypunctIwLb0EE2idE -> 0x102938
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx1110moneypunctIwLb1EE2idE -> 0x102934
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx117collateIcE2idE -> 0x1028fc
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx117collateIwE2idE -> 0x10291c
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx118messagesIcE2idE -> 0x102900
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx118messagesIwE2idE -> 0x102920
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx118numpunctIcE2idE -> 0x102908
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx118numpunctIwE2idE -> 0x102928
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx118time_getIcSt19istreambuf_iteratorIcSt11char_traitsIcEEE2idE -> 0x102904
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx118time_getIwSt19istreambuf_iteratorIwSt11char_traitsIwEEE2idE -> 0x102924
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx119money_getIcSt19istreambuf_iteratorIcSt11char_traitsIcEEE2idE -> 0x102910
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx119money_getIwSt19istreambuf_iteratorIwSt11char_traitsIwEEE2idE -> 0x102930
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx119money_putIcSt19ostreambuf_iteratorIcSt11char_traitsIcEEE2idE -> 0x10290c
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx119money_putIwSt19ostreambuf_iteratorIwSt11char_traitsIwEEE2idE -> 0x10292c
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7collateIcE2idE -> 0x10293c
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7collateIwE2idE -> 0x10296c
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7num_getIcSt19istreambuf_iteratorIcSt11char_traitsIcEEE2idE -> 0x102954
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7num_getIwSt19istreambuf_iteratorIwSt11char_traitsIwEEE2idE -> 0x102984
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7num_putIcSt19ostreambuf_iteratorIcSt11char_traitsIcEEE2idE -> 0x102950
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7num_putIwSt19ostreambuf_iteratorIwSt11char_traitsIwEEE2idE -> 0x102980
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt8messagesIcE2idE -> 0x102940
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt8messagesIwE2idE -> 0x102970
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt8numpunctIcE2idE -> 0x102958
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt8numpunctIwE2idE -> 0x102988
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt8time_getIcSt19istreambuf_iteratorIcSt11char_traitsIcEEE2idE -> 0x102944
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt8time_getIwSt19istreambuf_iteratorIwSt11char_traitsIwEEE2idE -> 0x102974
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt8time_putIcSt19ostreambuf_iteratorIcSt11char_traitsIcEEE2idE -> 0x102948
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt8time_putIwSt19ostreambuf_iteratorIwSt11char_traitsIwEEE2idE -> 0x102978
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt9money_getIcSt19istreambuf_iteratorIcSt11char_traitsIcEEE2idE -> 0x102960
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt9money_getIwSt19istreambuf_iteratorIwSt11char_traitsIwEEE2idE -> 0x102990
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt9money_putIcSt19ostreambuf_iteratorIcSt11char_traitsIcEEE2idE -> 0x10295c
-rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt9money_putIwSt19ostreambuf_iteratorIwSt11char_traitsIwEEE2idE -> 0x10298c
+rtl: esyms: rtems_printf ->  0x11511
+rtl: esyms: rtems_putc ->  0x1192f
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_alloc_del ->  0x16b55
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_alloc_heap ->  0x169b3
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_alloc_initialise ->  0x16a8f
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_alloc_module_del ->  0x16cd9
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_alloc_module_new ->  0x16bb9
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_alloc_new ->  0x16ad3
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_base_sym_global_add ->  0x1e5f3
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_baseimage ->  0x1e651
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_chain_iterate ->  0x16e23
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_check_handle ->  0x1e183
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_elf_file_check ->  0x1807d
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_elf_file_load ->  0x18373
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_elf_file_sig ->  0x18569
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_elf_file_unload ->  0x18551
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_elf_find_symbol ->  0x17121
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_elf_rel_resolve_sym ->  0x1898d
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_elf_relocate_rel ->  0x189c9
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_elf_relocate_rela ->  0x189a3
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_elf_section_flags ->  0x1895d
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_elf_unwind_deregister ->  0x19271
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_elf_unwind_parse ->  0x19241
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_elf_unwind_register ->  0x1925b
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_find_file ->  0x1863d
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_find_obj ->  0x1e1e7
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_get_error ->  0x185bf
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_global_symbols ->  0x1df47
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_load_object ->  0x1e2d7
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_lock ->  0x1e0e3
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_match_name ->  0x1a2b1
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_add_section ->  0x1a3c7
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_alloc ->  0x19dbf
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_bss_alignment ->  0x1a635
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_bss_size ->  0x1a61b
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_cache_close ->  0x19387
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_cache_flush ->  0x193dd
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_cache_open ->  0x19325
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_cache_read ->  0x1942b
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_cache_read_byval ->  0x1980f
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_caches ->  0x1dfaf
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_caches_flush ->  0x1e043
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_comp ->  0x1e08f
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_comp_close ->  0x198dd
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_comp_open ->  0x1986f
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_comp_read ->  0x19969
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_comp_set ->  0x19929
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_const_alignment ->  0x1a5cd
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_const_size ->  0x1a57f
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_data_alignment ->  0x1a601
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_data_size ->  0x1a5e7
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_eh_alignment ->  0x1a599
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_eh_size ->  0x1a5b3
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_find_file ->  0x1a33d
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_find_section ->  0x1a4b1
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_find_section_by_index ->  0x1a519
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_free ->  0x19e4b
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_load ->  0x1b2ed
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_load_sections ->  0x1aaa1
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_load_symbols ->  0x1a793
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_relocate ->  0x1a64f
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_relocate_unresolved ->  0x175bb
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_run_ctors ->  0x1ad93
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_run_dtors ->  0x1adab
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_synchronize_cache ->  0x1a731
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_text_alignment ->  0x1a565
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_text_size ->  0x1a54b
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_obj_unload ->  0x1b3b1
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_parse_name ->  0x19f05
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_path_append ->  0x1e5d9
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_rap_file_check ->  0x1c033
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_rap_file_load ->  0x1c0cb
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_rap_file_sig ->  0x1c6e5
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_rap_file_unload ->  0x1c6cf
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_set_error ->  0x1857f
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_strdup ->  0x1c6fb
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_symbol_global_add ->  0x1ca17
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_symbol_global_find ->  0x1cc27
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_symbol_obj_add ->  0x1cd43
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_symbol_obj_erase ->  0x1cdb9
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_symbol_obj_erase_local ->  0x1cd83
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_symbol_obj_find ->  0x1cca9
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_symbol_table_close ->  0x1c9fb
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_symbol_table_open ->  0x1c973
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_trace ->  0x1ce33
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_trace_set_mask ->  0x1ce63
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_unload_object ->  0x1e3c9
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_unlock ->  0x1e13d
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_unresolved ->  0x1df7b
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_unresolved_add ->  0x1d6b5
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_unresolved_interate ->  0x1d62b
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_unresolved_resolve ->  0x1d867
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_unresolved_table_close ->  0x1d5e3
+rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_unresolved_table_open ->  0x1d5b3
+rtl: esyms: rtems_semaphore_create ->  0x2275b
+rtl: esyms: rtems_semaphore_delete ->  0x22beb
+rtl: esyms: rtems_semaphore_obtain ->  0x234e7
+rtl: esyms: rtems_semaphore_release ->  0x23cd9
+rtl: esyms: rtems_shutdown_executive ->  0x24d29
+rtl: esyms: rtems_status_code_to_errno ->  0x23e45
+rtl: esyms: rtems_task_create ->  0x24147
+rtl: esyms: rtems_task_delete ->  0x2444d
+rtl: esyms: rtems_task_start ->  0x24749
+rtl: esyms: rtems_task_wake_after ->  0x24987
+rtl: esyms: rtems_termios_baud_table ->  0x522b8
+rtl: esyms: rtems_termios_dequeue_characters ->  0x156ed
+rtl: esyms: rtems_termios_device_install ->  0x1327f
+rtl: esyms: rtems_termios_device_lock_acquire_default ->  0x13703
+rtl: esyms: rtems_termios_device_lock_release_default ->  0x1371f
+rtl: esyms: rtems_termios_enqueue_raw_characters ->  0x151b5
+rtl: esyms: rtems_termios_initialize ->  0x15c89
+rtl: esyms: rtems_termios_ioctl ->  0x13f81
+rtl: esyms: rtems_termios_linesw -> 0x102a58
+rtl: esyms: rtems_termios_number_to_baud ->  0x15c23
+rtl: esyms: rtems_termios_set_initial_baud ->  0x15c4f
+rtl: esyms: rtems_termios_ttyMutex -> 0x103598
+rtl: esyms: rtems_test_fatal_extension ->  0x3487d
+rtl: esyms: rtems_test_name ->  0x3e470
+rtl: esyms: setlocale ->  0x36e01
+rtl: esyms: sigemptyset ->  0x212df
+rtl: esyms: sprintf ->  0x38345
+rtl: esyms: stat ->  0x11951
+rtl: esyms: strchr ->  0x38439
+rtl: esyms: strcmp ->  0x38529
+rtl: esyms: strcpy ->  0x387fd
+rtl: esyms: strdup ->  0x388c1
+rtl: esyms: strerror ->  0x38d6d
+rtl: esyms: strerror_l ->  0x38d85
+rtl: esyms: strlen ->  0x38dc1
+rtl: esyms: strncmp ->  0x38e9d
+rtl: esyms: strncpy ->  0x38f39
+rtl: esyms: strrchr ->  0x38fa9
+rtl: esyms: strtoul ->  0x39161
+rtl: esyms: strtoul_l ->  0x39141
+rtl: esyms: symlink ->  0x12fa1
+rtl: esyms: time ->  0x3b7f9
+rtl: esyms: unlink ->  0x15cfb
+rtl: esyms: vfiprintf ->  0x3c5ed
+rtl: esyms: vfprintf ->  0x3e095
+rtl: esyms: vprintk ->  0x15d81
+rtl: esyms: vsnprintf ->  0x3e1b5
+rtl: esyms: wcrtomb ->  0x3e2f1
+rtl: esyms: write ->  0x16249
+rtl: esyms: zynq_uart_handler ->  0x51380
+rtl: esyms: zynq_uart_initialize ->   0xc2c7
+rtl: esyms: zynq_uart_instances -> 0x101498
+rtl: esyms: zynq_uart_reset_tx_flush ->   0xc505
+rtl: esyms: zynq_uart_write_polled ->   0xc465
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt10moneypunctIcLb0EE2idE -> 0x102960
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt10moneypunctIcLb1EE2idE -> 0x10295c
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt10moneypunctIwLb0EE2idE -> 0x102930
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt10moneypunctIwLb1EE2idE -> 0x10292c
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt11__timepunctIcE2idE -> 0x102944
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt11__timepunctIwE2idE -> 0x102914
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx1110moneypunctIcLb0EE2idE -> 0x102900
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx1110moneypunctIcLb1EE2idE -> 0x1028fc
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx1110moneypunctIwLb0EE2idE -> 0x1028e0
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx1110moneypunctIwLb1EE2idE -> 0x1028dc
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx117collateIcE2idE -> 0x1028e4
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx117collateIwE2idE -> 0x1028c4
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx118messagesIcE2idE -> 0x1028e8
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx118messagesIwE2idE -> 0x1028c8
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx118numpunctIcE2idE -> 0x1028f0
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx118numpunctIwE2idE -> 0x1028d0
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx118time_getIcSt19istreambuf_iteratorIcSt11char_traitsIcEEE2idE -> 0x1028ec
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx118time_getIwSt19istreambuf_iteratorIwSt11char_traitsIwEEE2idE -> 0x1028cc
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx119money_getIcSt19istreambuf_iteratorIcSt11char_traitsIcEEE2idE -> 0x1028f8
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx119money_getIwSt19istreambuf_iteratorIwSt11char_traitsIwEEE2idE -> 0x1028d8
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx119money_putIcSt19ostreambuf_iteratorIcSt11char_traitsIcEEE2idE -> 0x1028f4
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7__cxx119money_putIwSt19ostreambuf_iteratorIwSt11char_traitsIwEEE2idE -> 0x1028d4
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7collateIcE2idE -> 0x102934
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7collateIwE2idE -> 0x102904
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7num_getIcSt19istreambuf_iteratorIcSt11char_traitsIcEEE2idE -> 0x10294c
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7num_getIwSt19istreambuf_iteratorIwSt11char_traitsIwEEE2idE -> 0x10291c
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7num_putIcSt19ostreambuf_iteratorIcSt11char_traitsIcEEE2idE -> 0x102948
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt7num_putIwSt19ostreambuf_iteratorIwSt11char_traitsIwEEE2idE -> 0x102918
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt8messagesIcE2idE -> 0x102938
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt8messagesIwE2idE -> 0x102908
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt8numpunctIcE2idE -> 0x102950
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt8numpunctIwE2idE -> 0x102920
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt8time_getIcSt19istreambuf_iteratorIcSt11char_traitsIcEEE2idE -> 0x10293c
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt8time_getIwSt19istreambuf_iteratorIwSt11char_traitsIwEEE2idE -> 0x10290c
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt8time_putIcSt19ostreambuf_iteratorIcSt11char_traitsIcEEE2idE -> 0x102940
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt8time_putIwSt19ostreambuf_iteratorIwSt11char_traitsIwEEE2idE -> 0x102910
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt9money_getIcSt19istreambuf_iteratorIcSt11char_traitsIcEEE2idE -> 0x102958
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt9money_getIwSt19istreambuf_iteratorIwSt11char_traitsIwEEE2idE -> 0x102928
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt9money_putIcSt19ostreambuf_iteratorIcSt11char_traitsIcEEE2idE -> 0x102954
+rtl: esyms: _ZGVNSt9money_putIwSt19ostreambuf_iteratorIwSt11char_traitsIwEEE2idE -> 0x102924
 rtl: esyms: _ZN16dl_test_throw_meC1EPKc ->    0xdc1
 rtl: esyms: _ZN16dl_test_throw_meC2EPKc ->    0xdc1
 rtl: esyms: _ZN16dl_test_throw_meD1Ev ->    0xddf
 rtl: esyms: _ZN16dl_test_throw_meD2Ev ->    0xddf
-rtl: esyms: _ZN17__eh_globals_initD1Ev ->   0x1691
-rtl: esyms: _ZN17__eh_globals_initD2Ev ->   0x1691
+rtl: esyms: _ZN17__eh_globals_initD1Ev ->   0x1139
+rtl: esyms: _ZN17__eh_globals_initD2Ev ->   0x1139
 rtl: esyms: _ZNK16dl_test_throw_me4whatEv ->    0xdf5
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSs12_S_constructIPKcEEPcT_S3_RKSaIcESt20forward_iterator_tag ->   0x8efd
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSs4_Rep10_M_destroyERKSaIcE ->   0x8ef9
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSs4_Rep20_S_empty_rep_storageE -> 0x1028ec
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSs4_Rep9_S_createEjjRKSaIcE ->   0x8e4d
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSsC1EPKcRKSaIcE ->   0x8f4d
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSsC1EPKcjRKSaIcE ->   0x8f31
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSsC2EPKcRKSaIcE ->   0x8f4d
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSsC2EPKcjRKSaIcE ->   0x8f31
-rtl: esyms: _ZNSt7__cxx1112basic_stringIcSt11char_traitsIcESaIcEE9_M_createERjj ->   0x917d
-rtl: esyms: _ZTI16dl_test_throw_me ->  0x3d510
-rtl: esyms: _ZTS16dl_test_throw_me ->  0x3d518
-rtl: esyms: __aeabi_idiv0 ->   0x9849
-rtl: esyms: __aeabi_ldiv0 ->   0x9849
-rtl: esyms: __aeabi_unwind_cpp_pr1 ->   0xa20d
-rtl: esyms: __aeabi_unwind_cpp_pr2 ->   0xa211
-rtl: esyms: a9mpcore_clock_periphclk ->   0xaa4f
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSs12_S_constructIPKcEEPcT_S3_RKSaIcESt20forward_iterator_tag ->   0x8dd5
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSs4_Rep10_M_destroyERKSaIcE ->   0x8dd1
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSs4_Rep20_S_empty_rep_storageE -> 0x1028b4
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSs4_Rep9_S_createEjjRKSaIcE ->   0x8d25
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSsC1EPKcRKSaIcE ->   0x8e25
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSsC1EPKcjRKSaIcE ->   0x8e09
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSsC2EPKcRKSaIcE ->   0x8e25
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSsC2EPKcjRKSaIcE ->   0x8e09
+rtl: esyms: _ZNSt7__cxx1112basic_stringIcSt11char_traitsIcESaIcEE9_M_createERjj ->   0x8ce1
+rtl: esyms: _ZTI16dl_test_throw_me ->  0x3e7d8
+rtl: esyms: _ZTS16dl_test_throw_me ->  0x3e7e0
+rtl: esyms: __aeabi_idiv0 ->   0x9959
+rtl: esyms: __aeabi_ldiv0 ->   0x9959
+rtl: esyms: __aeabi_unwind_cpp_pr1 ->   0xa31d
+rtl: esyms: __aeabi_unwind_cpp_pr2 ->   0xa321
+rtl: esyms: a9mpcore_clock_periphclk ->   0xab79
 rtl: esyms: rtems_rtl_base_global_syms_init ->    0xf69
+rtl: esyms: rtems_termios_kqfilter ->   0xc69b
+rtl: esyms: rtems_termios_poll ->   0xc8c3
 rtl: esyms: zynq_setup_mmu_and_cache ->    0x7dd
-rtl: esyms: zynq_uart_input_clock ->   0xc20b
+rtl: esyms: zynq_uart_input_clock ->   0xc1dd
 rtl: loading '/dl-o5.o'
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c478 size=9
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c500 size=9
 rtl: alloc: del: OBJECT addr=0x0
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c4a8 size=144
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c560 size=9
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c590 size=9
-rtl: section header:  0: offset=28164
-rtl: section header:  1: offset=28204
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c530 size=144
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c5e8 size=9
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c618 size=9
+rtl: section header:  0: offset=28196
+rtl: section:  0: type=0 flags=00000000 link=0 info=0
+rtl: section header:  1: offset=28236
+rtl: section:  1: type=17 flags=00000000 link=48 info=53
 rtl: unsupported section:  1: type=17 flags=00
-rtl: section header:  2: offset=28244
+rtl: section header:  2: offset=28276
+rtl: section:  2: type=17 flags=00000000 link=48 info=54
 rtl: unsupported section:  2: type=17 flags=00
-rtl: section header:  3: offset=28284
+rtl: section header:  3: offset=28316
+rtl: section:  3: type=17 flags=00000000 link=48 info=66
 rtl: unsupported section:  3: type=17 flags=00
-rtl: section header:  4: offset=28324
+rtl: section header:  4: offset=28356
+rtl: section:  4: type=17 flags=00000000 link=48 info=75
 rtl: unsupported section:  4: type=17 flags=00
-rtl: section header:  5: offset=28364
+rtl: section header:  5: offset=28396
+rtl: section:  5: type=17 flags=00000000 link=48 info=83
 rtl: unsupported section:  5: type=17 flags=00
-rtl: section header:  6: offset=28404
-rtl: section header:  7: offset=28444
-rtl: section header:  8: offset=28484
-rtl: section header:  9: offset=28524
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c5c0 size=56
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c620 size=35
+rtl: section header:  6: offset=28436
+rtl: section:  6: type=1 flags=00000006 link=0 info=0
+rtl: section header:  7: offset=28476
+rtl: section:  7: type=1 flags=00000003 link=0 info=0
+rtl: section header:  8: offset=28516
+rtl: section:  8: type=8 flags=00000003 link=0 info=0
+rtl: section header:  9: offset=28556
+rtl: section:  9: type=1 flags=00000002 link=0 info=0
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c648 size=56
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c6a8 size=35
 rtl: sect: 9 : .rodata._ZStL19piecewise_construct (1)
-rtl: section header: 10: offset=28564
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c668 size=56
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c6c8 size=34
+rtl: section header: 10: offset=28596
+rtl: section: 10: type=1 flags=00000206 link=0 info=0
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c6f0 size=56
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c750 size=34
 rtl: sect: 10: .text._ZN16dl_test_throw_meC2EPKc (30)
-rtl: section header: 11: offset=28604
-rtl: section header: 12: offset=28644
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c710 size=56
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c770 size=44
+rtl: section header: 11: offset=28636
+rtl: section: 11: type=1 flags=00000202 link=0 info=0
+rtl: section header: 12: offset=28676
+rtl: section: 12: type=1879048193 flags=00000282 link=10 info=0
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c798 size=56
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c7f8 size=44
 rtl: sect: 12: .ARM.exidx.text._ZN16dl_test_throw_meC2EPKc (8)
-rtl: section header: 13: offset=28684
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c7c0 size=56
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c820 size=48
+rtl: section header: 13: offset=28716
+rtl: section: 13: type=9 flags=00000040 link=48 info=12
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c848 size=56
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c8a8 size=48
 rtl: sect: 13: .rel.ARM.exidx.text._ZN16dl_test_throw_meC2EPKc (8)
-rtl: section header: 14: offset=28724
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c878 size=56
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c8d8 size=32
+rtl: section header: 14: offset=28756
+rtl: section: 14: type=1 flags=00000206 link=0 info=0
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c900 size=56
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c960 size=32
 rtl: sect: 14: .text._ZN16dl_test_throw_meD2Ev (22)
-rtl: section header: 15: offset=28764
-rtl: section header: 16: offset=28804
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c920 size=56
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c980 size=42
+rtl: section header: 15: offset=28796
+rtl: section: 15: type=1 flags=00000202 link=0 info=0
+rtl: section header: 16: offset=28836
+rtl: section: 16: type=1879048193 flags=00000282 link=14 info=0
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c9a8 size=56
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13ca08 size=42
 rtl: sect: 16: .ARM.exidx.text._ZN16dl_test_throw_meD2Ev (8)
-rtl: section header: 17: offset=28844
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13c9d0 size=56
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13ca30 size=46
+rtl: section header: 17: offset=28876
+rtl: section: 17: type=9 flags=00000040 link=48 info=16
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13ca58 size=56
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13cab8 size=46
 rtl: sect: 17: .rel.ARM.exidx.text._ZN16dl_test_throw_meD2Ev (8)
-rtl: section header: 18: offset=28884
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13ca88 size=56
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13cae8 size=36
+rtl: section header: 18: offset=28916
+rtl: section: 18: type=1 flags=00000206 link=0 info=0
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13cb10 size=56
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13cb70 size=36
 rtl: sect: 18: .text._ZNK16dl_test_throw_me4whatEv (24)
-rtl: section header: 19: offset=28924
-rtl: section header: 20: offset=28964
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13cb30 size=56
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13cb90 size=46
+rtl: section header: 19: offset=28956
+rtl: section: 19: type=1 flags=00000202 link=0 info=0
+rtl: section header: 20: offset=28996
+rtl: section: 20: type=1879048193 flags=00000282 link=18 info=0
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13cbb8 size=56
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13cc18 size=46
 rtl: sect: 20: .ARM.exidx.text._ZNK16dl_test_throw_me4whatEv (8)
-rtl: section header: 21: offset=29004
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13cbe8 size=56
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13cc48 size=50
+rtl: section header: 21: offset=29036
+rtl: section: 21: type=9 flags=00000040 link=48 info=20
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13cc70 size=56
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13ccd0 size=50
 rtl: sect: 21: .rel.ARM.exidx.text._ZNK16dl_test_throw_me4whatEv (8)
-rtl: section header: 22: offset=29044
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13cca0 size=56
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13cd00 size=8
+rtl: section header: 22: offset=29076
+rtl: section: 22: type=1 flags=00000002 link=0 info=0
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13cd28 size=56
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13cd88 size=8
 rtl: sect: 22: .rodata (169)
-rtl: section header: 23: offset=29084
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13cd30 size=56
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13cd90 size=19
+rtl: section header: 23: offset=29116
+rtl: section: 23: type=1 flags=00000006 link=0 info=0
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13cdb8 size=56
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13ce18 size=19
 rtl: sect: 23: .text.exception_dl (342)
-rtl: section header: 24: offset=29124
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13cdc8 size=56
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13ce28 size=23
+rtl: section header: 24: offset=29156
+rtl: section: 24: type=9 flags=00000040 link=48 info=23
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13ce50 size=56
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13ceb0 size=23
 rtl: sect: 24: .rel.text.exception_dl (448)
-rtl: section header: 25: offset=29164
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13ce68 size=56
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13cec8 size=29
+rtl: section header: 25: offset=29196
+rtl: section: 25: type=1 flags=00000002 link=0 info=0
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13cef0 size=56
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13cf50 size=29
 rtl: sect: 25: .ARM.extab.text.exception_dl (88)
-rtl: section header: 26: offset=29204
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13cf10 size=56
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13cf70 size=33
+rtl: section header: 26: offset=29236
+rtl: section: 26: type=9 flags=00000040 link=48 info=25
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13cf98 size=56
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13cff8 size=33
 rtl: sect: 26: .rel.ARM.extab.text.exception_dl (24)
-rtl: section header: 27: offset=29244
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13cfb8 size=56
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d018 size=29
+rtl: section header: 27: offset=29276
+rtl: section: 27: type=1879048193 flags=00000082 link=23 info=0
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d040 size=56
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d0a0 size=29
 rtl: sect: 27: .ARM.exidx.text.exception_dl (8)
-rtl: section header: 28: offset=29284
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d060 size=56
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d0c0 size=33
+rtl: section header: 28: offset=29316
+rtl: section: 28: type=9 flags=00000040 link=48 info=27
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d0e8 size=56
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d148 size=33
 rtl: sect: 28: .rel.ARM.exidx.text.exception_dl (16)
-rtl: section header: 29: offset=29324
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d108 size=56
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d168 size=31
+rtl: section header: 29: offset=29356
+rtl: section: 29: type=1 flags=00000202 link=0 info=0
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d190 size=56
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d1f0 size=31
 rtl: sect: 29: .rodata._ZTI16dl_test_throw_me (8)
-rtl: section header: 30: offset=29364
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d1b0 size=56
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d210 size=35
+rtl: section header: 30: offset=29396
+rtl: section: 30: type=9 flags=00000040 link=48 info=29
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d238 size=56
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d298 size=35
 rtl: sect: 30: .rel.rodata._ZTI16dl_test_throw_me (16)
-rtl: section header: 31: offset=29404
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d258 size=56
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d2b8 size=31
+rtl: section header: 31: offset=29436
+rtl: section: 31: type=1 flags=00000202 link=0 info=0
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d2e0 size=56
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d340 size=31
 rtl: sect: 31: .rodata._ZTS16dl_test_throw_me (19)
-rtl: section header: 32: offset=29444
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d300 size=56
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d360 size=36
+rtl: section header: 32: offset=29476
+rtl: section: 32: type=1 flags=00000002 link=0 info=0
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d388 size=56
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d3e8 size=36
 rtl: sect: 32: .rodata._ZZ12exception_dlE8__func__ (13)
-rtl: section header: 33: offset=29484
-rtl: section header: 34: offset=29524
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d3a8 size=56
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d408 size=16
-rtl: sect: 34: .rel.debug_info (4120)
-rtl: section header: 35: offset=29564
-rtl: section header: 36: offset=29604
-rtl: section header: 37: offset=29644
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d440 size=56
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d4a0 size=19
+rtl: section header: 33: offset=29516
+rtl: section: 33: type=1 flags=00000000 link=0 info=0
+rtl: section header: 34: offset=29556
+rtl: section: 34: type=9 flags=00000040 link=48 info=33
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d430 size=56
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d490 size=16
+rtl: sect: 34: .rel.debug_info (4128)
+rtl: section header: 35: offset=29596
+rtl: section: 35: type=1 flags=00000000 link=0 info=0
+rtl: section header: 36: offset=29636
+rtl: section: 36: type=1 flags=00000000 link=0 info=0
+rtl: section header: 37: offset=29676
+rtl: section: 37: type=9 flags=00000040 link=48 info=36
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d4c8 size=56
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d528 size=19
 rtl: sect: 37: .rel.debug_aranges (40)
-rtl: section header: 38: offset=29684
-rtl: section header: 39: offset=29724
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d4d8 size=56
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d538 size=18
+rtl: section header: 38: offset=29716
+rtl: section: 38: type=1 flags=00000000 link=0 info=0
+rtl: section header: 39: offset=29756
+rtl: section: 39: type=9 flags=00000040 link=48 info=38
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d560 size=56
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d5c0 size=18
 rtl: sect: 39: .rel.debug_ranges (128)
-rtl: section header: 40: offset=29764
-rtl: section header: 41: offset=29804
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d570 size=56
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d5d0 size=16
+rtl: section header: 40: offset=29796
+rtl: section: 40: type=1 flags=00000000 link=0 info=0
+rtl: section header: 41: offset=29836
+rtl: section: 41: type=9 flags=00000040 link=48 info=40
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d5f8 size=56
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d658 size=16
 rtl: sect: 41: .rel.debug_line (32)
-rtl: section header: 42: offset=29844
-rtl: section header: 43: offset=29884
-rtl: section header: 44: offset=29924
-rtl: section header: 45: offset=29964
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d608 size=56
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d668 size=17
+rtl: section header: 42: offset=29876
+rtl: section: 42: type=1 flags=00000030 link=0 info=0
+rtl: section header: 43: offset=29916
+rtl: section: 43: type=1 flags=00000030 link=0 info=0
+rtl: section header: 44: offset=29956
+rtl: section: 44: type=1 flags=00000000 link=0 info=0
+rtl: section header: 45: offset=29996
+rtl: section: 45: type=9 flags=00000040 link=48 info=44
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d690 size=56
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d6f0 size=17
 rtl: sect: 45: .rel.debug_frame (64)
-rtl: section header: 46: offset=30004
+rtl: section header: 46: offset=30036
+rtl: section: 46: type=1879048195 flags=00000000 link=0 info=0
 rtl: unsupported section: 46: type=1879048195 flags=00
-rtl: section header: 47: offset=30044
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d6a0 size=56
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d700 size=10
+rtl: section header: 47: offset=30076
+rtl: section: 47: type=3 flags=00000000 link=0 info=0
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d728 size=56
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d788 size=10
 rtl: sect: 47: .shstrtab (697)
-rtl: section header: 48: offset=30084
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d730 size=56
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d790 size=8
+rtl: section header: 48: offset=30116
+rtl: section: 48: type=2 flags=00000000 link=49 info=62
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d7b8 size=56
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d818 size=8
 rtl: sect: 48: .symtab (1344)
-rtl: section header: 49: offset=30124
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d7c0 size=56
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d820 size=8
+rtl: section header: 49: offset=30156
+rtl: section: 49: type=3 flags=00000000 link=0 info=0
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d848 size=56
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13d8a8 size=8
 rtl: sect: 49: .strtab (630)
-rtl: alloc: new: READ_EXEC addr=0x13d850 size=422
-rtl: alloc: new: READ addr=0x13da20 size=309
-rtl: alloc: new: READ addr=0x13db80 size=32
-rtl: load sect: text  - b:0x13d850 s:422 a:2
-rtl: load sect: const - b:0x13da20 s:309 a:4
-rtl: load sect: eh    - b:0x13db80 s:32 a:4
+rtl: alloc: new: READ_EXEC addr=0x13d8d8 size=422
+rtl: alloc: new: READ addr=0x13daa8 size=309
+rtl: alloc: new: READ addr=0x13dc08 size=32
+rtl: load sect: text  - b:0x13d8d8 s:422 a:2
+rtl: load sect: const - b:0x13daa8 s:309 a:4
+rtl: load sect: eh    - b:0x13dc08 s:32 a:4
 rtl: load sect: data  - b:0x0 s:0 a:0
 rtl: load sect: bss   - b:0x0 s:0 a:0
-rtl: loading: .text._ZN16dl_test_throw_meC2EPKc -> 0x13d850 (l:30 m:0401)
-rtl: loading: .text._ZN16dl_test_throw_meD2Ev -> 0x13d86e (l:22 m:0401)
-rtl: loading: .text._ZNK16dl_test_throw_me4whatEv -> 0x13d884 (l:24 m:0401)
-rtl: loading: .text.exception_dl -> 0x13d89c (l:342 m:0401)
-rtl: loading: .rodata._ZStL19piecewise_construct -> 0x13da20 (l:1 m:0402)
-rtl: loading: .rodata -> 0x13da24 (l:169 m:0402)
-rtl: loading: .ARM.extab.text.exception_dl -> 0x13dad0 (l:88 m:0402)
-rtl: loading: .rodata._ZTI16dl_test_throw_me -> 0x13db28 (l:8 m:0402)
-rtl: loading: .rodata._ZTS16dl_test_throw_me -> 0x13db30 (l:19 m:0402)
-rtl: loading: .rodata._ZZ12exception_dlE8__func__ -> 0x13db44 (l:13 m:0402)
-rtl: loading: .ARM.exidx.text._ZN16dl_test_throw_meC2EPKc -> 0x13db80 (l:8 m:0410)
-rtl: loading: .ARM.exidx.text._ZN16dl_test_throw_meD2Ev -> 0x13db88 (l:8 m:0410)
-rtl: loading: .ARM.exidx.text._ZNK16dl_test_throw_me4whatEv -> 0x13db90 (l:8 m:0410)
-rtl: loading: .ARM.exidx.text.exception_dl -> 0x13db98 (l:8 m:0410)
-rtl: alloc: new: SYMBOL addr=0x13dbc8 size=592
-rtl: alloc: new: SYMBOL addr=0x13de40 size=357
-rtl: sym:add:6  name:11:$d                   bind:0  type:0  val:0x13da20 sect:9 size:0
-rtl: sym:add:7  name:14:_ZStL19piecewise_construct bind:0  type:1  val:0x13da20 sect:9 size:1
-rtl: sym:add:9  name:41:$t                   bind:0  type:0  val:0x13d850 sect:10 size:0
-rtl: sym:add:12 name:11:$d                   bind:0  type:0  val:0x13db80 sect:12 size:0
-rtl: sym:add:14 name:41:$t                   bind:0  type:0  val:0x13d86e sect:14 size:0
-rtl: sym:add:17 name:11:$d                   bind:0  type:0  val:0x13db88 sect:16 size:0
-rtl: sym:add:19 name:41:$t                   bind:0  type:0  val:0x13d884 sect:18 size:0
-rtl: sym:add:22 name:11:$d                   bind:0  type:0  val:0x13db90 sect:20 size:0
-rtl: sym:add:24 name:11:$d                   bind:0  type:0  val:0x13da24 sect:22 size:0
-rtl: sym:add:25 name:44:.LC0                 bind:0  type:0  val:0x13da24 sect:22 size:0
-rtl: sym:add:26 name:49:.LC1                 bind:0  type:0  val:0x13da38 sect:22 size:0
-rtl: sym:add:27 name:54:.LC2                 bind:0  type:0  val:0x13da54 sect:22 size:0
-rtl: sym:add:28 name:59:.LC3                 bind:0  type:0  val:0x13da74 sect:22 size:0
-rtl: sym:add:29 name:64:.LC4                 bind:0  type:0  val:0x13da94 sect:22 size:0
-rtl: sym:add:30 name:69:.LC5                 bind:0  type:0  val:0x13daa8 sect:22 size:0
-rtl: sym:add:31 name:74:.LC6                 bind:0  type:0  val:0x13dab8 sect:22 size:0
-rtl: sym:add:33 name:41:$t                   bind:0  type:0  val:0x13d89c sect:23 size:0
-rtl: sym:add:34 name:79:_ZZ12exception_dlE8__func__ bind:0  type:1  val:0x13db44 sect:32 size:13
-rtl: sym:add:36 name:11:$d                   bind:0  type:0  val:0x13dad0 sect:25 size:0
-rtl: sym:add:38 name:11:$d                   bind:0  type:0  val:0x13db98 sect:27 size:0
-rtl: sym:add:40 name:11:$d                   bind:0  type:0  val:0x13db28 sect:29 size:0
-rtl: sym:add:42 name:11:$d                   bind:0  type:0  val:0x13db30 sect:31 size:0
-rtl: sym:add:44 name:11:$d                   bind:0  type:0  val:0x13db44 sect:32 size:0
-rtl: sym:add:62 name:161:_ZN16dl_test_throw_meC2EPKc bind:2  type:2  val:0x13d851 sect:10 size:30
-rtl: sym:add:63 name:189:_ZN16dl_test_throw_meC1EPKc bind:2  type:2  val:0x13d851 sect:10 size:30
-rtl: sym:add:64 name:217:_ZN16dl_test_throw_meD2Ev bind:2  type:2  val:0x13d86f sect:14 size:22
-rtl: sym:add:65 name:243:_ZN16dl_test_throw_meD1Ev bind:2  type:2  val:0x13d86f sect:14 size:22
-rtl: sym:add:66 name:269:_ZNK16dl_test_throw_me4whatEv bind:2  type:2  val:0x13d885 sect:18 size:24
-rtl: sym:add:67 name:299:exception_dl         bind:1  type:2  val:0x13d89d sect:23 size:342
-rtl: sym:add:75 name:449:_ZTI16dl_test_throw_me bind:2  type:1  val:0x13db28 sect:29 size:8
-rtl: sym:add:83 name:607:_ZTS16dl_test_throw_me bind:2  type:1  val:0x13db30 sect:31 size:19
+rtl: loading: 0: .text._ZN16dl_test_throw_meC2EPKc -> 0x13d8d8 (s:30 f:0401 l:00)
+rtl: loading: 1: .text._ZN16dl_test_throw_meD2Ev -> 0x13d8f6 (s:22 f:0401 l:00)
+rtl: loading: 2: .text._ZNK16dl_test_throw_me4whatEv -> 0x13d90c (s:24 f:0401 l:00)
+rtl: loading: 3: .text.exception_dl -> 0x13d924 (s:342 f:0401 l:00)
+rtl: loading: 0: .rodata._ZStL19piecewise_construct -> 0x13daa8 (s:1 f:0402 l:00)
+rtl: loading: 1: .rodata -> 0x13daa9 (s:169 f:0402 l:00)
+rtl: loading: 2: .ARM.extab.text.exception_dl -> 0x13db52 (s:88 f:0402 l:00)
+rtl: loading: 3: .rodata._ZTI16dl_test_throw_me -> 0x13dbaa (s:8 f:0402 l:00)
+rtl: loading: 4: .rodata._ZTS16dl_test_throw_me -> 0x13dbb2 (s:19 f:0402 l:00)
+rtl: loading: 5: .rodata._ZZ12exception_dlE8__func__ -> 0x13dbc5 (s:13 f:0402 l:00)
+rtl: loading: 0: .ARM.exidx.text._ZN16dl_test_throw_meC2EPKc -> 0x13dc08 (s:8 f:4410 l:10)
+rtl: loading: 1: .ARM.exidx.text._ZN16dl_test_throw_meD2Ev -> 0x13dc10 (s:8 f:4410 l:14)
+rtl: loading: 2: .ARM.exidx.text._ZNK16dl_test_throw_me4whatEv -> 0x13dc18 (s:8 f:4410 l:18)
+rtl: loading: 3: .ARM.exidx.text.exception_dl -> 0x13dc20 (s:8 f:4410 l:23)
+rtl: alloc: new: SYMBOL addr=0x13dc50 size=592
+rtl: alloc: new: SYMBOL addr=0x13dec8 size=357
+rtl: sym:add:6  name:11:$d                   bind:0  type:0  val:0x13daa8 sect:9 size:0
+rtl: sym:add:7  name:14:_ZStL19piecewise_construct bind:0  type:1  val:0x13daa8 sect:9 size:1
+rtl: sym:add:9  name:41:$t                   bind:0  type:0  val:0x13d8d8 sect:10 size:0
+rtl: sym:add:12 name:11:$d                   bind:0  type:0  val:0x13dc08 sect:12 size:0
+rtl: sym:add:14 name:41:$t                   bind:0  type:0  val:0x13d8f6 sect:14 size:0
+rtl: sym:add:17 name:11:$d                   bind:0  type:0  val:0x13dc10 sect:16 size:0
+rtl: sym:add:19 name:41:$t                   bind:0  type:0  val:0x13d90c sect:18 size:0
+rtl: sym:add:22 name:11:$d                   bind:0  type:0  val:0x13dc18 sect:20 size:0
+rtl: sym:add:24 name:11:$d                   bind:0  type:0  val:0x13daa9 sect:22 size:0
+rtl: sym:add:25 name:44:.LC0                 bind:0  type:0  val:0x13daa9 sect:22 size:0
+rtl: sym:add:26 name:49:.LC1                 bind:0  type:0  val:0x13dabd sect:22 size:0
+rtl: sym:add:27 name:54:.LC2                 bind:0  type:0  val:0x13dad9 sect:22 size:0
+rtl: sym:add:28 name:59:.LC3                 bind:0  type:0  val:0x13daf9 sect:22 size:0
+rtl: sym:add:29 name:64:.LC4                 bind:0  type:0  val:0x13db19 sect:22 size:0
+rtl: sym:add:30 name:69:.LC5                 bind:0  type:0  val:0x13db2d sect:22 size:0
+rtl: sym:add:31 name:74:.LC6                 bind:0  type:0  val:0x13db3d sect:22 size:0
+rtl: sym:add:33 name:41:$t                   bind:0  type:0  val:0x13d924 sect:23 size:0
+rtl: sym:add:34 name:79:_ZZ12exception_dlE8__func__ bind:0  type:1  val:0x13dbc5 sect:32 size:13
+rtl: sym:add:36 name:11:$d                   bind:0  type:0  val:0x13db52 sect:25 size:0
+rtl: sym:add:38 name:11:$d                   bind:0  type:0  val:0x13dc20 sect:27 size:0
+rtl: sym:add:40 name:11:$d                   bind:0  type:0  val:0x13dbaa sect:29 size:0
+rtl: sym:add:42 name:11:$d                   bind:0  type:0  val:0x13dbb2 sect:31 size:0
+rtl: sym:add:44 name:11:$d                   bind:0  type:0  val:0x13dbc5 sect:32 size:0
+rtl: sym:add:62 name:161:_ZN16dl_test_throw_meC2EPKc bind:2  type:2  val:0x13d8d9 sect:10 size:30
+rtl: sym:add:63 name:189:_ZN16dl_test_throw_meC1EPKc bind:2  type:2  val:0x13d8d9 sect:10 size:30
+rtl: sym:add:64 name:217:_ZN16dl_test_throw_meD2Ev bind:2  type:2  val:0x13d8f7 sect:14 size:22
+rtl: sym:add:65 name:243:_ZN16dl_test_throw_meD1Ev bind:2  type:2  val:0x13d8f7 sect:14 size:22
+rtl: sym:add:66 name:269:_ZNK16dl_test_throw_me4whatEv bind:2  type:2  val:0x13d90d sect:18 size:24
+rtl: sym:add:67 name:299:exception_dl         bind:1  type:2  val:0x13d925 sect:23 size:342
+rtl: sym:add:75 name:449:_ZTI16dl_test_throw_me bind:2  type:1  val:0x13dbaa sect:29 size:8
+rtl: sym:add:83 name:607:_ZTS16dl_test_throw_me bind:2  type:1  val:0x13dbb2 sect:31 size:19
 rtl: relocation: .rel.ARM.exidx.text._ZN16dl_test_throw_meC2EPKc, syms:.symtab
-rtl: rel: sym:(null)(8)=0013d850 type:42 off:00000000
-rtl: REL32/ABS32/GLOB_DAT/PREL31/TARGET2 0x7ffffcd0 @ 0x13db80 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:(null)(8)=0013d8d8 type:42 off:00000000
+rtl: REL32/ABS32/GLOB_DAT/PREL31/TARGET2 0x7ffffcd0 @ 0x13dc08 in /dl-o5.o
 rtl: relocation: .rel.ARM.exidx.text._ZN16dl_test_throw_meD2Ev, syms:.symtab
-rtl: rel: sym:(null)(13)=0013d86e type:42 off:00000000
-rtl: REL32/ABS32/GLOB_DAT/PREL31/TARGET2 0x7ffffce6 @ 0x13db88 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:(null)(13)=0013d8f6 type:42 off:00000000
+rtl: REL32/ABS32/GLOB_DAT/PREL31/TARGET2 0x7ffffce6 @ 0x13dc10 in /dl-o5.o
 rtl: relocation: .rel.ARM.exidx.text._ZNK16dl_test_throw_me4whatEv, syms:.symtab
-rtl: rel: sym:(null)(18)=0013d884 type:42 off:00000000
-rtl: REL32/ABS32/GLOB_DAT/PREL31/TARGET2 0x7ffffcf4 @ 0x13db90 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:(null)(18)=0013d90c type:42 off:00000000
+rtl: REL32/ABS32/GLOB_DAT/PREL31/TARGET2 0x7ffffcf4 @ 0x13dc18 in /dl-o5.o
 rtl: relocation: .rel.text.exception_dl, syms:.symtab
-rtl: rel: sym:.LC0(25)=0013da24 type:47 off:0000000a
-rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x2024f64d @ 0x13d8a6 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:.LC0(25)=0013da24 type:48 off:0000000e
-rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x13f2c0 @ 0x13d8aa in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:puts(69)=00036f6d type:10 off:00000012
-rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfb5df6f9 @ 0x13d8ae in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:.LC1(26)=0013da38 type:47 off:00000016
-rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x2038f64d @ 0x13d8b2 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:.LC1(26)=0013da38 type:48 off:0000001a
-rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x13f2c0 @ 0x13d8b6 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:puts(69)=00036f6d type:10 off:0000001e
-rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfb57f6f9 @ 0x13d8ba in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_allocate_exception(70)=000011e9 type:10 off:0000002a
-rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfc8ff6c3 @ 0x13d8c6 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:.LC2(27)=0013da54 type:47 off:00000032
-rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x2154f64d @ 0x13d8ce in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:.LC2(27)=0013da54 type:48 off:00000036
-rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x113f2c0 @ 0x13d8d2 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:_ZNSt13runtime_errorC1EPKc(71)=00008c0d type:10 off:0000003c
-rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xf998f6cb @ 0x13d8d8 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:_ZNSt13runtime_errorD1Ev(72)=00008b69 type:47 off:00000040
-rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x3269f648 @ 0x13d8dc in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:_ZNSt13runtime_errorD1Ev(72)=00008b69 type:48 off:00000044
-rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x200f2c0 @ 0x13d8e0 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:_ZTISt13runtime_error(73)=0004fd7c type:47 off:00000048
-rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x517cf64f @ 0x13d8e4 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:_ZTISt13runtime_error(73)=0004fd7c type:48 off:0000004c
-rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x104f2c0 @ 0x13d8e8 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_throw(74)=00001e7d type:10 off:00000052
-rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfac5f6c4 @ 0x13d8ee in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_allocate_exception(70)=000011e9 type:10 off:00000058
-rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfc78f6c3 @ 0x13d8f4 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:.LC3(28)=0013da74 type:47 off:00000060
-rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x2174f64d @ 0x13d8fc in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:.LC3(28)=0013da74 type:48 off:00000064
-rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x113f2c0 @ 0x13d900 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:(null)(63)=0013d851 type:10 off:0000006a
-rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xffa3f7ff @ 0x13d906 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:(null)(65)=0013d86f type:47 off:0000006e
-rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x26ff64d @ 0x13d90a in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:(null)(65)=0013d86f type:48 off:00000072
-rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x213f2c0 @ 0x13d90e in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:(null)(75)=0013db28 type:47 off:00000076
-rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x3128f64d @ 0x13d912 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:(null)(75)=0013db28 type:48 off:0000007a
-rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x113f2c0 @ 0x13d916 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_throw(74)=00001e7d type:10 off:00000080
-rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfaaef6c4 @ 0x13d91c in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:.LC4(29)=0013da94 type:47 off:00000084
-rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x2094f64d @ 0x13d920 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:.LC4(29)=0013da94 type:48 off:00000088
-rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x13f2c0 @ 0x13d924 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:puts(69)=00036f6d type:10 off:0000008c
-rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfb20f6f9 @ 0x13d928 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_free_exception(76)=00001219 type:10 off:00000098
-rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfc70f6c3 @ 0x13d934 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_begin_catch(77)=0000155d type:10 off:000000b4
-rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfe04f6c3 @ 0x13d950 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:(null)(66)=0013d885 type:10 off:000000be
-rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xff93f7ff @ 0x13d95a in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:(null)(34)=0013db44 type:47 off:000000c6
-rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x3144f64d @ 0x13d962 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:(null)(34)=0013db44 type:48 off:000000ca
-rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x113f2c0 @ 0x13d966 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:.LC5(30)=0013daa8 type:47 off:000000ce
-rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x20a8f64d @ 0x13d96a in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:.LC5(30)=0013daa8 type:48 off:000000d2
-rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x13f2c0 @ 0x13d96e in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:printf(78)=00036db1 type:10 off:000000d6
-rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfa1df6f9 @ 0x13d972 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_end_catch(79)=000015e1 type:10 off:000000da
-rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfe33f6c3 @ 0x13d976 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_begin_catch(77)=0000155d type:10 off:000000e4
-rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfdecf6c3 @ 0x13d980 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:(null)(34)=0013db44 type:47 off:000000fc
-rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x3144f64d @ 0x13d998 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:(null)(34)=0013db44 type:48 off:00000100
-rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x113f2c0 @ 0x13d99c in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:.LC5(30)=0013daa8 type:47 off:00000104
-rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x20a8f64d @ 0x13d9a0 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:.LC5(30)=0013daa8 type:48 off:00000108
-rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x13f2c0 @ 0x13d9a4 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:printf(78)=00036db1 type:10 off:0000010c
-rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfa02f6f9 @ 0x13d9a8 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_end_catch(79)=000015e1 type:10 off:00000110
-rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfe18f6c3 @ 0x13d9ac in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_begin_catch(77)=0000155d type:10 off:0000011a
-rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfdd1f6c3 @ 0x13d9b6 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:(null)(34)=0013db44 type:47 off:0000011e
-rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x3144f64d @ 0x13d9ba in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:(null)(34)=0013db44 type:48 off:00000122
-rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x113f2c0 @ 0x13d9be in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:.LC6(31)=0013dab8 type:47 off:00000126
-rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x20b8f64d @ 0x13d9c2 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:.LC6(31)=0013dab8 type:48 off:0000012a
-rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x13f2c0 @ 0x13d9c6 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:printf(78)=00036db1 type:10 off:0000012e
-rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xf9f1f6f9 @ 0x13d9ca in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_end_catch(79)=000015e1 type:10 off:00000132
-rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfe07f6c3 @ 0x13d9ce in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_end_catch(79)=000015e1 type:10 off:00000138
-rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfe04f6c3 @ 0x13d9d4 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_end_cleanup(80)=0000126d type:10 off:0000013c
-rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfc48f6c3 @ 0x13d9d8 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_end_catch(79)=000015e1 type:10 off:00000140
-rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfe00f6c3 @ 0x13d9dc in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_end_cleanup(80)=0000126d type:10 off:00000144
-rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfc44f6c3 @ 0x13d9e0 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_end_catch(79)=000015e1 type:10 off:00000148
-rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfdfcf6c3 @ 0x13d9e4 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_end_cleanup(80)=0000126d type:10 off:0000014c
-rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfc40f6c3 @ 0x13d9e8 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:.LC0(25)=0013daa9 type:47 off:0000000a
+rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x20a9f64d @ 0x13d92e in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:.LC0(25)=0013daa9 type:48 off:0000000e
+rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x13f2c0 @ 0x13d932 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:puts(69)=0003822d type:10 off:00000012
+rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfc79f6fa @ 0x13d936 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:.LC1(26)=0013dabd type:47 off:00000016
+rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x20bdf64d @ 0x13d93a in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:.LC1(26)=0013dabd type:48 off:0000001a
+rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x13f2c0 @ 0x13d93e in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:puts(69)=0003822d type:10 off:0000001e
+rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfc73f6fa @ 0x13d942 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_allocate_exception(70)=00008b41 type:10 off:0000002a
+rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xf8f7f6cb @ 0x13d94e in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:.LC2(27)=0013dad9 type:47 off:00000032
+rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x21d9f64d @ 0x13d956 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:.LC2(27)=0013dad9 type:48 off:00000036
+rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x113f2c0 @ 0x13d95a in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:_ZNSt13runtime_errorC1EPKc(71)=0000916d type:10 off:0000003c
+rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfc04f6cb @ 0x13d960 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:_ZNSt13runtime_errorD1Ev(72)=00008c79 type:47 off:00000040
+rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x4279f648 @ 0x13d964 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:_ZNSt13runtime_errorD1Ev(72)=00008c79 type:48 off:00000044
+rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x200f2c0 @ 0x13d968 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:_ZTISt13runtime_error(73)=00051144 type:47 off:00000048
+rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x1144f241 @ 0x13d96c in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:_ZTISt13runtime_error(73)=00051144 type:48 off:0000004c
+rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x105f2c0 @ 0x13d970 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_throw(74)=0000136d type:10 off:00000052
+rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfcf9f6c3 @ 0x13d976 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_allocate_exception(70)=00008b41 type:10 off:00000058
+rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xf8e0f6cb @ 0x13d97c in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:.LC3(28)=0013daf9 type:47 off:00000060
+rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x21f9f64d @ 0x13d984 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:.LC3(28)=0013daf9 type:48 off:00000064
+rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x113f2c0 @ 0x13d988 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:(null)(63)=0013d8d9 type:10 off:0000006a
+rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xffa3f7ff @ 0x13d98e in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:(null)(65)=0013d8f7 type:47 off:0000006e
+rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x2f7f64d @ 0x13d992 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:(null)(65)=0013d8f7 type:48 off:00000072
+rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x213f2c0 @ 0x13d996 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:(null)(75)=0013dbaa type:47 off:00000076
+rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x31aaf64d @ 0x13d99a in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:(null)(75)=0013dbaa type:48 off:0000007a
+rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x113f2c0 @ 0x13d99e in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_throw(74)=0000136d type:10 off:00000080
+rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfce2f6c3 @ 0x13d9a4 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:.LC4(29)=0013db19 type:47 off:00000084
+rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x3019f64d @ 0x13d9a8 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:.LC4(29)=0013db19 type:48 off:00000088
+rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x13f2c0 @ 0x13d9ac in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:puts(69)=0003822d type:10 off:0000008c
+rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfc3cf6fa @ 0x13d9b0 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_free_exception(76)=00008b71 type:10 off:00000098
+rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xf8d8f6cb @ 0x13d9bc in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_begin_catch(77)=00008561 type:10 off:000000b4
+rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfdc2f6ca @ 0x13d9d8 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:(null)(66)=0013d90d type:10 off:000000be
+rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xff93f7ff @ 0x13d9e2 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:(null)(34)=0013dbc5 type:47 off:000000c6
+rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x31c5f64d @ 0x13d9ea in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:(null)(34)=0013dbc5 type:48 off:000000ca
+rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x113f2c0 @ 0x13d9ee in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:.LC5(30)=0013db2d type:47 off:000000ce
+rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x302df64d @ 0x13d9f2 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:.LC5(30)=0013db2d type:48 off:000000d2
+rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x13f2c0 @ 0x13d9f6 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:printf(78)=00038071 type:10 off:000000d6
+rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfb39f6fa @ 0x13d9fa in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_end_catch(79)=000085e5 type:10 off:000000da
+rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfdf1f6ca @ 0x13d9fe in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_begin_catch(77)=00008561 type:10 off:000000e4
+rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfdaaf6ca @ 0x13da08 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:(null)(34)=0013dbc5 type:47 off:000000fc
+rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x31c5f64d @ 0x13da20 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:(null)(34)=0013dbc5 type:48 off:00000100
+rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x113f2c0 @ 0x13da24 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:.LC5(30)=0013db2d type:47 off:00000104
+rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x302df64d @ 0x13da28 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:.LC5(30)=0013db2d type:48 off:00000108
+rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x13f2c0 @ 0x13da2c in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:printf(78)=00038071 type:10 off:0000010c
+rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfb1ef6fa @ 0x13da30 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_end_catch(79)=000085e5 type:10 off:00000110
+rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfdd6f6ca @ 0x13da34 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_begin_catch(77)=00008561 type:10 off:0000011a
+rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfd8ff6ca @ 0x13da3e in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:(null)(34)=0013dbc5 type:47 off:0000011e
+rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x31c5f64d @ 0x13da42 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:(null)(34)=0013dbc5 type:48 off:00000122
+rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x113f2c0 @ 0x13da46 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:.LC6(31)=0013db3d type:47 off:00000126
+rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x303df64d @ 0x13da4a in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:.LC6(31)=0013db3d type:48 off:0000012a
+rtl: THM_MOVT_ABS/THM_MOVW_ABS_NC 0x13f2c0 @ 0x13da4e in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:printf(78)=00038071 type:10 off:0000012e
+rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfb0df6fa @ 0x13da52 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_end_catch(79)=000085e5 type:10 off:00000132
+rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfdc5f6ca @ 0x13da56 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_end_catch(79)=000085e5 type:10 off:00000138
+rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfdc2f6ca @ 0x13da5c in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_end_cleanup(80)=00008675 type:10 off:0000013c
+rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfe08f6ca @ 0x13da60 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_end_catch(79)=000085e5 type:10 off:00000140
+rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfdbef6ca @ 0x13da64 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_end_cleanup(80)=00008675 type:10 off:00000144
+rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfe04f6ca @ 0x13da68 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_end_catch(79)=000085e5 type:10 off:00000148
+rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfdbaf6ca @ 0x13da6c in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:__cxa_end_cleanup(80)=00008675 type:10 off:0000014c
+rtl: THM_CALL/JUMP24 0xfe00f6ca @ 0x13da70 in /dl-o5.o
 rtl: relocation: .rel.ARM.extab.text.exception_dl, syms:.symtab
-rtl: rel: sym:__gxx_personality_v0(68)=000018fd type:42 off:00000000
-rtl: REL32/ABS32/GLOB_DAT/PREL31/TARGET2 0x7fec3e2d @ 0x13dad0 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:_ZTISt9exception(81)=0004ec10 type:41 off:00000050
-rtl: REL32/ABS32/GLOB_DAT/PREL31/TARGET2 0xfff110f0 @ 0x13db20 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:(null)(75)=0013db28 type:41 off:00000054
-rtl: REL32/ABS32/GLOB_DAT/PREL31/TARGET2 0x4 @ 0x13db24 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:__gxx_personality_v0(68)=0000809d type:42 off:00000000
+rtl: REL32/ABS32/GLOB_DAT/PREL31/TARGET2 0x7feca54b @ 0x13db52 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:_ZTISt9exception(81)=0004ff3c type:41 off:00000050
+rtl: REL32/ABS32/GLOB_DAT/PREL31/TARGET2 0xfff1239a @ 0x13dba2 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:(null)(75)=0013dbaa type:41 off:00000054
+rtl: REL32/ABS32/GLOB_DAT/PREL31/TARGET2 0x4 @ 0x13dba6 in /dl-o5.o
 rtl: relocation: .rel.ARM.exidx.text.exception_dl, syms:.symtab
-rtl: rel: sym:(null)(32)=0013d89c type:42 off:00000000
-rtl: REL32/ABS32/GLOB_DAT/PREL31/TARGET2 0x7ffffd04 @ 0x13db98 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:(null)(35)=0013dad0 type:42 off:00000004
-rtl: REL32/ABS32/GLOB_DAT/PREL31/TARGET2 0x7fffff34 @ 0x13db9c in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:(null)(32)=0013d924 type:42 off:00000000
+rtl: REL32/ABS32/GLOB_DAT/PREL31/TARGET2 0x7ffffd04 @ 0x13dc20 in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:(null)(35)=0013db52 type:42 off:00000004
+rtl: REL32/ABS32/GLOB_DAT/PREL31/TARGET2 0x7fffff2e @ 0x13dc24 in /dl-o5.o
 rtl: relocation: .rel.rodata._ZTI16dl_test_throw_me, syms:.symtab
-rtl: rel: sym:_ZTVN10__cxxabiv117__class_type_infoE(82)=0004ebb4 type:2 off:00000000
-rtl: REL32/ABS32/GLOB_DAT/PREL31/TARGET2 0x4ebbc @ 0x13db28 in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: rel: sym:(null)(83)=0013db30 type:2 off:00000004
-rtl: REL32/ABS32/GLOB_DAT/PREL31/TARGET2 0x13db30 @ 0x13db2c in /dl-o5.o
-rtl: alloc: del: SYMBOL addr=0x13dbc8
-rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13dfd0 size=212
+rtl: rel: sym:_ZTVN10__cxxabiv117__class_type_infoE(82)=000500c4 type:2 off:00000000
+rtl: REL32/ABS32/GLOB_DAT/PREL31/TARGET2 0x500cc @ 0x13dbaa in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: rel: sym:(null)(83)=0013dbb2 type:2 off:00000004
+rtl: REL32/ABS32/GLOB_DAT/PREL31/TARGET2 0x13dbb2 @ 0x13dbae in /dl-o5.o
+rtl: alloc: del: SYMBOL addr=0x13dc50
+rtl: alloc: new: OBJECT addr=0x13e058 size=212
 rtl: linkmap_add
 rtl: unresolv: global resolve
 exception_base: begin
@@ -1457,12 +1509,12 @@ exception_dl: end
 rtl: unloading '/dl-o5.o'
 rtl: alloc: del: READ_WRITE addr=0x0
 rtl: alloc: del: READ_WRITE addr=0x0
-rtl: alloc: del: READ addr=0x13db80
-rtl: alloc: del: READ addr=0x13da20
-rtl: alloc: del: READ_EXEC addr=0x13d850
-rtl: alloc: del: SYMBOL addr=0x13de40
-rtl: alloc: del: OBJECT addr=0x13c560
-rtl: alloc: del: OBJECT addr=0x13c590
-rtl: alloc: del: OBJECT addr=0x13dfd0
-rtl: alloc: del: OBJECT addr=0x13c4a8
+rtl: alloc: del: READ addr=0x13dc08
+rtl: alloc: del: READ addr=0x13daa8
+rtl: alloc: del: READ_EXEC addr=0x13d8d8
+rtl: alloc: del: SYMBOL addr=0x13dec8
+rtl: alloc: del: OBJECT addr=0x13c5e8
+rtl: alloc: del: OBJECT addr=0x13c618
+rtl: alloc: del: OBJECT addr=0x13e058
+rtl: alloc: del: OBJECT addr=0x13c530
 *** END OF TEST libdl (RTL) 5 ***

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