[rtems-docs commit] user: Add i.MX 7D MMC/SDCard driver

Sebastian Huber sebh at rtems.org
Tue Sep 25 08:14:06 UTC 2018

Module:    rtems-docs
Branch:    master
Commit:    bd25da88057e9a4435e49a04df1c9e89ff0dfdf2
Changeset: http://git.rtems.org/rtems-docs/commit/?id=bd25da88057e9a4435e49a04df1c9e89ff0dfdf2

Author:    Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber at embedded-brains.de>
Date:      Tue Sep 25 10:13:19 2018 +0200

user: Add i.MX 7D MMC/SDCard driver

Close #3525.


 user/bsps/bsps-arm.rst | 8 ++++++++
 1 file changed, 8 insertions(+)

diff --git a/user/bsps/bsps-arm.rst b/user/bsps/bsps-arm.rst
index 70a6162..f261db1 100644
--- a/user/bsps/bsps-arm.rst
+++ b/user/bsps/bsps-arm.rst
@@ -130,6 +130,14 @@ system controls:
 A value of zero for the time or count disables the interrupt coalescing in the
 corresponding direction.
+MMC/SDCard Driver
+The MMC/SDCard driver (uSDHC module) is provided by the `libbsd`.  It is
+initialized according to the device tree.  Pin re-configuration according to
+the serial clock frequency is not supported.  Data transfers are extremely
+slow.  This is probably due to the missing DMA support.

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