[rtems-central commit] specdoc: Fix typo

Sebastian Huber sebh at rtems.org
Thu Nov 19 10:18:49 UTC 2020

Module:    rtems-central
Branch:    master
Commit:    e0079d0ea8edd1ba4796999c39f691d9d2d264dd
Changeset: http://git.rtems.org/rtems-central/commit/?id=e0079d0ea8edd1ba4796999c39f691d9d2d264dd

Author:    Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber at embedded-brains.de>
Date:      Thu Nov 19 11:18:24 2020 +0100

specdoc: Fix typo


 rtemsspec/specdoc.py            | 2 +-
 rtemsspec/tests/test_specdoc.py | 6 +++---
 2 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/rtemsspec/specdoc.py b/rtemsspec/specdoc.py
index b2dab6e..9d6d4f6 100644
--- a/rtemsspec/specdoc.py
+++ b/rtemsspec/specdoc.py
@@ -417,7 +417,7 @@ class _Documenter:
     def _add_description(self, content: SphinxContent) -> None:
         refines = [
-            f"{documenter.get_section_reference()} though the "
+            f"{documenter.get_section_reference()} through the "
             f"``{key}`` attribute if the value is ``{value}``"
             for documenter, key, value in self.refines()
diff --git a/rtemsspec/tests/test_specdoc.py b/rtemsspec/tests/test_specdoc.py
index 393ed8e..192c714 100644
--- a/rtemsspec/tests/test_specdoc.py
+++ b/rtemsspec/tests/test_specdoc.py
@@ -221,7 +221,7 @@ This type is used by the following types:
-This type refines the :ref:`SpecTypeRoot` though the ``type`` attribute if the
+This type refines the :ref:`SpecTypeRoot` through the ``type`` attribute if the
 value is ``spec``. A description.
 The explicit attributes for this type are:
@@ -246,9 +246,9 @@ B
 This type refines the following types:
-* :ref:`SpecTypeD` though the ``d1`` attribute if the value is ``b``
+* :ref:`SpecTypeD` through the ``d1`` attribute if the value is ``b``
-* :ref:`SpecTypeRoot` though the ``type`` attribute if the value is ``b``
+* :ref:`SpecTypeRoot` through the ``type`` attribute if the value is ``b``
 Generic attributes may be specified. Each generic attribute key shall be a
 :ref:`SpecTypeName`. Each generic attribute value shall be a list. Each list

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