[Bug 1207] timeval struct not according to posix

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Tue Jan 9 07:14:46 UTC 2007


------- Comment #3 from ralf.corsepius at rtems.org  2007-01-09 01:14 -------
(In reply to comment #2)
> This will not be addressed in the context of RTEMS 4.6.
> The timeval structure in newlib 1.14 is not conformant. 
> The timeval structure in newlib 1.15 is conformant.
> We were already using a newlib-cvs snapshot on 4.7.
Not quite. We were using a newlib-1.14.0 with some hand-selected backported
bug-fixes from newlib-1.15.0 applied. 

>  Is there any reason not to
> switch to newlib 1.15 and close some of these odd POSIX issues?

Well, the primary difference between RTEMS-4.7's newlib-1.14.0 and 
newlib-1.15.0 is 
a) The barrier stuff
b) POSIX-related API changes (Note: These are not bug fixes, these are
c) newlib-1.15.0 has hardly seen any testing.

Apart of these, there isn't much difference between the current
rtems-4.8/newlib-1.15.0 toolchains and the rtems-4.7/newlib-1.14.0+ toolchains.

In other words: If you really want to, it isn't too late to make the current
rtems4.8/newlib-1.15.0 toolchains the nominal rtems4.7 toolchains.

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